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28 May 2021 Title Ch Emily Ratajkowski vs Sydney Sweeney

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 28, 2021 at 3:55pm


Emily Ratajkowski vs Sydney Sweeney (JMD Title)

(29, 5’7, 43:16 FCBA, VIXENs, 32C)

(23, 5’3, 9:2 FCBA, Global Boxing Syndicate, 34D)

It all comes down to this, doesn’t it? Emily Ratajkowski, having put away Samantha Hoopes, then Bella Thorne, finally earns her title shot against current JMD champ, Sydney Sweeney. Some would say the Vixen’s finally got her shot at glory, and while it ain’t no Unified Bantamweight title, it’s still a well-deserved reward after close to five years in the quest for the diamond-crested bralette.

“The only title opportunity I ever received was against Thorne in 2018,” Emily says first at the pre-fight press conference. “I may have bungled that shot, and I sure did avenge myself last month. So it’s now or never. Sydney’s good, but she ain’t great. Not yet, at least. I’ve watched her fights - all 11 of them - and think I know how to beat her. Sydney, you’ve had a lovely run, but when I smother you out at the end of the night, there’s no hard feelings, m’kay?”

“Hmph. None taken, Emily. We’ve both beaten top girls in the division, and so it’s only natural we get to do this. I’ve jugged out Demi Rose and Bella Thorne, and think about that - I only entered the ring last year! Honestly, I can’t wait to add Emily Ratajkowski to my list of accomplishments!”

Ladies chest up on stage and it’s clear Ratajkowski ain’t happy with the champion’s remarks, thrusting her body forward as both girls’ assets engage in the first round of battle, their breasts squished together, pancaked over each other in a test of womanly strength. Sydney with the advantage here, smirking wide as her 34Ds threaten to overwhelm Emily’s 32Cs, but Ratajkowski still battles back, fierce and determined, shoving her chest into the blonde’s. Before the girls can lunge back at each other to start a catfight, the ring officials are already pulling them back to the safety of their corners, then herd them backstage for their final prep.

Fight night and Emily walks down to the ring looking focused, her forehead draped over by a white hoodie, the rest of her body swaying about in a clean black bikini, red gloves on either hand. Sydney goes for opposite colours, a white cotton bra for a top and red boxing trunks for bottoms, with the JMD champ also wearing the diamond-encrusted bralette over her chest, which contains her massive assets.

Referee calls the match to order, and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of JMD action! This here’s for the JMD Title!

Some bad blood on the cards as blonde and brunette fly forth at each other, immediately swinging for the other woman’s chest in mutual bruising action! Emily and Sydney are just GOING at it at the same time, taking turns burying gloves into the other’s breasts, Sydney taking swipes across Emily’s orbs, Emily then pounding straight punches into her tit flesh. It’s the very first minute of the round and already they’re going full at it, adrenaline pumping as they ignore the sharp pangs of pain coursing through their bodies. Sydney, the champ herself, is growling as she tries to put the challenger in her place early, but Ratajkowski comes into this fight with far more experience, powers a right hook across the blonde’s face for good measure, which sends the champ reeling back on occasion, further disrupting her offense. In this way, Emily succeeds in dominating the action for the remainder of the round, taking easy shots across Sweeney’s undefended chin to push the champ back to the bell.

Sydney snarls with rage, the younger blonde not used to getting bullied around the ring like this, especially this early on. Emily’s caught smirking as she comes in to brawl, which further enrages the champ. First few flurries are rapid and furious as ladies target each other’s assets once more, Sydney this time burying her gloves into the middle of Emily’s chest and belly, which stun the challenger to the spot, priming her for yet another uppercut to the chin for payback. Emily gets a taste of her own strategy as her head gets snapped upwards, her upper torso now left vulnerable as Sydney’s power is observed first-hand. Sweeney gives chase, racking up points as she sends strapping blows in and aimed at Emily’s chest, and suddenly, the Vixen’s in trouble! Ratajkowski groans as her arms get battered and bruised, the brunette protecting her breasts but taking another shot across the chin as the champ evens out the score this round!

Wild, stomping action from Sweeney as she looks to impose her champion-like will on her challenger. Emily’s forced on the defensive early on, absorbing a good deal of punishment as Sweeney flies in close and wails away on her body and arms. Ratajkowski gets rocked to the tummy with low hooks, then sent bouncing into the ropes when Sydney slams another haymaker off the top of her head. Dirty blonde goes for broke as she crowds into Emily’s space along the ropes, helps herself to scoops of tummy flesh and enjoying the sensation of Ratajkowski’s trembling midsection off her gloves, her orbs rocked left and right until finally, another fist is sent across the chin to SEND THE VIXEN DOWN! This title fight could be over before the tenth minute, with Emily left groaning down on her side, holding onto her head with one hand as Sydney parades around her accomplishment back to her corner, both her arms arched high in the air! It’s a big achievement for the champ as she she scores a dominant KNOCKDOWN in minute two of the third, even helping herself to some air kisses from her corner and blatant jiggling of her chest in Emily’s direction, even as the Vixen glares back at her on the road to her own recovery.

But recover she does, with Emily looking stunned but not counted out just yet after getting back to her feet by 8. And the referee waves for the round to continue! There’s one minute left on the clock, and as predicted, Sydney sails in, hoping to nip this would-be challenger in the bud. Wide swings swung at Emily’s head, hoping to catch the dazed princess on her chin and send her down for good this time... Ratajkowski just a little too nimble and fresh for any of that nonsense, however, keeps skirting the ropes and locking her arms in place, even manages to score a couple of combos back to Sydney’s face to end the round. Those punches aren’t enough to salvage that kiss to canvas in the second minute, but it’s more than sufficient to piss the blonde off going forward.

Emily with an early, surprise attack, stunning Sweeney with a sudden rush at the bell and then poking her hands on that nose, lips and chest. Sydney’s stunned by the sudden flurry of punches but then quickly growls and fires back, almost taking Emily’s head off with a ringer to the face of her own. Ladies go back-and-forth like this for the first two minutes, Emily relying on her agility to land shots whilst Sweeney’s targeting the lean girl’s body, before snagging her bikini top whenever she can. Emily left wincing as an errant swipe across her boobs stings hard - she didn’t move out of the way quite in time there - and Sweeney ROARS in after her, more wild hooks and crosses aimed but missing the Vixen’s vulnerable chest, still swaying about from the force of the earlier intrusions. Emily re-focused for the last couple of seconds, steady jab combos making short work of the champion’s haphazard movements as she pounds and pounds away top and bottom, drawing gurgles and grunts from Sydney as her cheek gets bunched in, but what’s worst: her jugs take a beating from being left exposed.

Rip and tear as Sweeney takes a painful swipe across her jugs early in the fifth, drawing a yelp of surprise from her lips but even that’s quickly stifled as Emily shoots another fist right into her lower jaw, which sends her reeling. Ratajkowski’s giving no fucks here as she chases after the beleaguered champ, Sweeney suddenly having to cover up even as more and more powerful hooks slam into her body and seek those coveted assets of hers, Emily stalking in close, but not too close, mindful of Sydney’s power even in her wounded state. True enough, Sydney takes sordid swipes back at the Vixen’s head in intermittent fashion, but fails to catch the slippery brunette, with Emily swerving or absorbing the attacks before burying her own fists up into the blonde’s midsection, once or twice landing another uppercut into the bottom of the champion’s massive assets, further threatening to snap that thin fabric and humiliate the blonde further. End of the round and Sweeney’s barely left standing, having received a constant pounding to her body this round, with Emily crowding in and stuffing her gloves into her body at every opportunity, getting her hands in between the blonde’s arms in close quarters before drilling in her leather as hard into the champ’s massive balloons. Sydney’s on the verge of breaking down from this shutout performance against her, but at least the bell saves her at the end of three minutes!

Things aren’t looking swell for the champ as she starts the sixth already sputtering and stumbling out of the corner. Emily, not giving her any breathing space as the Vixen strides out of her own, rocks a left hand into her arms before PLANTING another fast overhand right between her eyes! OUCH! Sydney gets lost in the shuffle as she goes stumbling backwards, her arms all loose and wavery in the face of overwhelming attack, as Emily bashes her gloves into every opening available: left hand slammed into right boob, a right uppercut landing smack on the belly button, making the blonde lurch forward precariously. Sydney gasping for air, trying to clinch up, but that loose hold on Emily’s shoulders merely means the Vixen has free access to her chest cavity, Ratajkowski gleefully pounding and pummeling her melons in close quarters, earning more grunts and groans of hot breath on her skin. Final PUNT inwards is aimed straight for Sydney’s chin, and the champ goes flying backwards a couple of steps, before landing square on her back, spreadeagled and knocked out COLD!! Referee starts the count but Sweeney’s barely moving that drooling chin of hers left and right, her lips parted slightly as she barely lifts her head off the ground by the count of 10!! It’s OVER!

Official Decision: Emily Ratajkowski defeats Sydney Sweeney via KO6! Emily Ratajkowski is the NEW JMD Champion!

Emily, sinking down to her knees, has been waiting for this moment for quite a while ever since making her debut on the VIX roster five years ago. Secondary title or not, it’s still an impressive achievement for the girl constantly ridiculed for flaunting her curves. Well, those curves proved superior tonight as Emily removes those velcro straps around each hand with a zzzzziiiiipppp, allowing both gloves to fall to the floor as she strides over to claim her long-awaited prize.

Sweeney groans as she’s raised to her knees by her blonde hair for some more taunting, then backhanded by Emily to the ground, where she continues squirming on her bruised chest. Emily waltzes over to the blonde’s head before dropping down to her knees again, then onto all fours, quickly lowering her chest down into the former champ’s face in a reverse jug smother position! The Vixen’s well-practiced with this move by this point of time, having patented the signature finishing move at the end of her JMD conquests, securing Sydney’s neck with a looping chokehold before letting her chest do the rest of the work, her breasts pressed down and buried into the blonde’s face so that only strands of dirty blonde hair can be seen hanging down from both sides.

And oh - did we forget to mention Emily removed her bikini top moments earlier? Sweeney certainly will remember this humiliating moment for the rest of her life, as the blonde finally sputters and goes limp under the pressure of her air supply cut off, losing consciousness in the center of the ring, getting knocked out from the vicious combination of boxing match and post-humiliation.

Later, Emily returns to her feet, still grinning proudly as she hoists her new diamond-studded bralette above her shoulders to the rest of the arena. Already, there are plenty of girls who are lined up at her door, hoping to take what she’s worked to earn these past few years! 



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