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3 June 2021 Saaya Irie vs Miri Hanai

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Posted by BenLegend443 on 3 June 2021 at 3:37pm


Saaya Irie vs Miri Hanai
Revolution Boxing vs Revolution Boxing
1-1, 1KO vs 1-1, 1KO
Results by Lookout!

For tonight's bout we have newcomer Saaya Irie and Miri Hanai, who has been absent from the league for a few years. Saaya is 27 years old and three centimeters taller than the 36-year-old Miri, who is 4'11.

Saaya arrives at the ring in a blue bikini while Miri wears black lingerie.

R1 : The match starts off slow, with the two girls not willing to go all out just yet, testing their opponent with probing jabs. The two circle each other, looking at the other threateningly, neither quite willing to commit. It is only until when Miri lands a punch on Saaya's breasts does the match begin in earnest, with the former taking the offense and the latter defending the best she can. Although a few punches do slip through her guard, Saaya holds out rather well, not looking much worse than her opponent at round's end.

R2 : Miri continues her assault, this time around being able to overcome her opponent and send her reeling with shots to the face and belly. Though Saaya tries to fight back, Miri merely shakes off the blows and continues to work her over.

She's resilient, though, and does not allow herself to fall beneath the leather flurry. Saaya bravely takes the strikes that she can't avoid and blocks those she can. A strong uppercut to the chin does nearly send her down, however, signalling that defeat may be near. Fortunately, the bell saves her from further punishment.

R3: Saaya realizes that she may very well lose the match if Miri is allowed to have her way with her, and vows to send the "dwarf" packing - even though she is only a few centimeters taller. She throws a devastating right hook into the side of Miri's head, and follows up with two jabs to the stomach. Miri attempts to counter, throwing a few return punches at her opponent, but is not able to regain control of the match. Saaya is able to take advantage of the fact that Hanai has three targets: head, chest, and belly while only having two arms. Whichever target is open receives her next punch, and this method wins her the round.

R4: She’s gained a steady rhythm now, and rides the momentum from the last round. Saaya’s fast and unceasing blows wear her opponent down, to the point where it feels like Miri’s about to fall, but she stands stalwart. The punches she takes may send her reeling, but they don’t take her down. She holds out until the end of the round, where the bell saves her and grants a short reprieve.

R5: Taking all those punches has allowed Miri to understand how Saaya boxes, and thus formulate a counter-strategy. She slips past Saaya’s guard and knocks the wind out of her with a clean one-two to the belly, following up with more shots in the soft stomach of the newcomer. She tries to trade back, but they’re too weak to be of much use other than make space. However, space is all she needs to last the round. Though Miri now knows how to bring Saaya down, she can’t get close enough to do so. The woman in front of her may have a bruised belly and battered face from taking punches, but she’s not going down just yet, barely able to make enough space to not fall this round.

R6: The girls seem to realize that they’re both badly hurt, and look to end the match this round. The round starts off as a slugfest, Saaya and Miri throwing heavy blows at each other, Saaya aiming for Miri’s head and Miri aiming for Saaya’s stomach. Miri’s taken many blows to the head and Saaya’s stomach is beginning to bruise. It’s a matter of who goes down first as fists are flying, resounding with loud smacks as leather strikes skin. This goes on for a solid two minutes, pain overtaking their faces as the beating continues.

Finally, in the third minute, Miri’s taken one too many, and she falls when a punch strikes her in the head. On her back she remains until the ten count.

Winner: Saaya Irie via KO6!

After: Saaya quickly rolls Miri onto her face and claims her opponent’s bra for herself, one arm clutching her stomach as she does so. The mysterious owner of Revolution Boxing is there at the ringside to give his fighter a pat on the back and a quick embrace in congratulation for her victory. 



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