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30 June 2021 Jill Wagner vs Anna Tatangelo

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Posted by IBB on 30 June 2021 at 8:54pm


Jill Wagner 41yo 5'8 (17W-20L 10 Ko's) vs Anna Tatangelo 34yo 5'8 (Debut) Lightweight Fight


The match is important for both, Anna is at her debut and therefore obviously would like to start her career with a victory, while for Jill it is probably the last chance to revive a career destined for oblivion.

Fight Night
The first to enter is the American she is wearing a black bikini with gloves and white boots her hair is in a ponytail, then it is the turn of the Italian she is wearing an orange bikini with red gloves and boots, her long hair is loose.

.The Match
Round 1
The match starts very slowly and both appear fearful, circling each other firing a few sporadic jabs, after two minutes of this, Anna gathers courage, and she goes inside throwing a one-two to the stomach, which catches Jill by surprise. she stumbles in astonishment, so Anna lets go of her hands repeatedly hitting the American's jaw, slamming her face left and right, but before it can do any more damage, the gong comes.

Round 2
The round is a shoutout, Jill does not give Anna breath by repeatedly hammering the body of the Italian who is forced to the ropes, where Jills administers a hard dose of punishment, Anna moans and is hit over and over in the last few seconds Jill bursts into Anna's Juggs slamming them up and down with tremendous uppercuts.

Round 3
In this round Anna is defensive spending most of the time in the clinch, trying to limit the damage, but Jill gives several upprcuts to the body and Juggs, Anna is pushed into the corner where Jill hits her chin with numerous uppercuts, then repeatedly hit his stomach until the gong

Round 4
Anna, despite the lesson she suffered in the previous two rounds, comes out of the corner like a splinter and she hits Jill's right face with jabs and left jabs hit her nose which starts to bleed, then Anna begins to alternate her body shots to the Juggs and the face, cornering Jill, raging more and more violently on her helpless face, Jill's face is swollen and red.

Round 5
Anna dominates Jill who appears hollowed out, so Anna hits her with brutal two-handed hooks, now Jill is Ko on her feet, and Anna shoots tremendous uppercuts in the chin that make poor Jill go limp to the mat completely out, the referee declares victory for Ko at 0:56 minutes of the fifth round for Anna Tatangelo 



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