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20 June 2021 Title Ch Courtney Tailor vs Anllela Sagra

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Posted by OddMan on 21 June 2021 at 11:33am


Anllela Sagra vs Courtney Tailor 



Before: Battle of the Queens to kick off Courtney’s reign tonight. Two of the hottest, most in-demand lightweights on the planet, both knocked off course by losses last month, they both need this win to stay in title contention for the second half of the year. Anllela shrugs off comparisons to her loss to the similarly statured Samantha Hoopes, “She got lucky. Courtney is not going to get the chance to get lucky.” Courtney’s nostrils flaring, “So it was lucky when I went last-woman-standing with Kate and SHE was the one hauled out! I’m not here because I’m lucky, I’m here because I’m good! And when she realizes that, she’ll be waking up in the back of a limo, just like Kate!”

Anllela doffing her robe to reveal a Kelly Brook style white fur bikini and mukluks, hair long and loose and flowing over her back and breasts. Courtney opting for a black leather bra and loincloth getup, hair flowing over her back and breasts, brushing her butt when she arches to go through the ropes. Small sealskin mitts for both fighters means they’ve agreed to not spare each other the bruising the fur gloves prevent. They both need this win at any costs.

R1: Anllela shows off her mobility this round, scouting out her opponent from the perimeter of the ring. Nice and loose, rangy limbs low and relaxed, Sagra pivots and dances to her left, touching Tailor with the jab, occasionally jumping in with the sniping right hand. Courtney turning, hands up and out - she's getting dictated to but does business with a licking half uppercut/half hook to keep the round competitive.

R2: Feeling-out period over, Queens go to war. Anllela not moving her head much when she punches - Courtney's lining her up as the girls trade right hands and blonde’s power proves decisive. Sagra lit up over and over again in a series of blistering exchanges during the first minute, punched wobbly butt she starts to push her punches. Bleeding from the nostrils, Anllela falters, looks to back away and Courtney steps with her, slapping the left and bending in and down behind a slashing right to PUT HER ON THE ROPES! Sagra hammered onto the strands, damaged goods as Tailor wades in, lowering her gloves to sling from the hips. Anllela with her right at her cheek, left hand low, leans her right side into the ropes, just giving Courtney the left shoulder to shoot at and a wild give and take develops. Tailor wide with crashing lefts and rights, long arms licking, fists bouncing hard off Sagra's body and guard, challenger trying to punch in between, snapping her left hand off her hip as the girls get moving in a dangerous side to side rhythm. Shattering left hand explodes off Courtney's chin and SHE”S ROCKED! Buxom blonde sprawled over the ropes - it's HER turn to suck it up as she barely avoids a knockdown on sheer guts. Anllela with a few seconds left, walks into Courtney and goes to work with lashing hooks, keeping that right hand on her face as she turns her torso and gets her legs into whipping left hands to the head and body. Both women vibrating with hurt at the bell as they stare in groggy awe at one another.

R3: Anllela showing nice variety - staying one step ahead on the chessboard. First minute a leggy Sagra picks her battlegrounds, keeping Tailor at bay with the jab. Second minute: Anllela trades
 toe to toe, lashing her longer-limbed punches up against Courtney's sweaty-glossy flanks, but using nice shoulder rolls and blocking in close to minimize the return damage. Final minute, Sagra sets down on punches and backs Tailor up with clanging lefts and rights, punches splattering up and down Texan's sides and surprising her jaw from outwide. Satisfying contact puts a grin on Anllela's lips, Courtney grimacing on the way to her corner

R4: Courtney getting back on top, stepping over to prevent Anllela from getting to her side, forcing her to retreat until the ropes get in the way. Tailor biting into Sagra's side and midriff with vicious licking hooks, getting her left shoulder into play and jostling her back - it's rough, effective play from the Texan. Anllela rope-a-doping more this round, lolling back, trying to turn her body to absorb punches, but Courtney shakes her up late with some ZESTY JUG MUGGAGE, putting a scowl of hurt on the challenger's face at the bell.

R5: Even early as both women do business. Courtney with both hands at her cheeks, moving her head, trying to weave in close and punish the ribcage. Anllela with the left hand low, right hand at her chest - she's loping around the blonde, plying her with jabs, trying to keep the fight in the middle of the ring. Cat and mouse ends in the middle minute as Sagra flicks and slaps jabs to get Tailor laying over on the right side, Colombian leaning in and down with a crashing right on the cheek that has Courtney stepping funky. Bruising follow up for Anllela as she measures the jab, rockets over the top with more clapping rights to drive Tailor dazed to the ropes and THE QUEEN GOES DOWN! Courtney trembling, disappointed, beats the count by climbing the ropes.  Classic shove-and-slug, Anllela ripping hooks off the bump, beating Tailor savagely in her body. Courtney crying out, tying up around Anllela's head or elbows, challenger generally able to shrug herself free before ref's breaks can offer Tailor some respite.

R6: Courtney getting rubbed down, slapped awake, shakes off the knockdown, pendulum swings back her way, timing Anllela’s jab, stepping in to the body, then brawling the Colombian back after landing thick combinations to body and head. Nice contrast, Tailor’s lashing, licking strokes versus Sagra's digging, snapping delivery. Anllela retreating much of the round, getting outgunned, but down the stretch she shows her talent: fading Courtney's rights, she rolls with a cross, slings back a vicious right on the mouth and puts Tailor wobbly butt in a heartbeat. Courtney reeling on the spot, covers up hurt as Anllela slashes away with licking lefts and rights to the bell

R7: IT'S ALL ANLLELA! Sagra jumping inside Tailor’s perimeter, HOOKING TIT, HOOKING TIT, jamming over the guard a clubbing right hand, hooking the belly, Courtney in ramshackle retreat as Anllela unleashes punches in bunches. Fight careens to the ropes, Sagra always in position to punch, getting her body behind the licks, ripping her fists into Tailor and snapping 'em back into her high guard for more. Courtney suffering, crying out from the odd body wrap, and clinching more often in desperate bid to slow the punishment. Bell to bell Anllela - she's investing heavily in Tailor’s curves for the latter half.

R8: Courtney fades Anllela’s jab, answers with a quick high hook, slips a right hand, comes back a hook on the chops and SAGRA IS HURT! Anllela coming apart, Courtney on her with short, clubbing blows from her high guard, fists pounding face and driving her ropeside, Queen going immediately to the body--tough two-hand stampede to breadbasket as Sagra folds in to clinch. Tailor getting big on Anllela, shoving out of the clinches, loading up and THUMPING short right hands off the solar plexus, then digging away in combination to the belly, Sagra suffering, riding her arms up around Tailor’s shoulders, trying to tie her up--good come-back round for Courtney puts a lot of mileage on Anllela’s long, strong legs heading into the championship rounds.

R9: Anllela shakes off the pounding, feeds Courtney a strict diet of jabs as she steers the big blonde around the ring, Tailor walking through it, showing no respect for Sagra’s punching power. Chopping right hand lifts Courtney’s lead leg off the canvas and Anllela looks stunned. Tailor stepping into punches - short lefts and rights to the ears and jaw as Sagra staggers backward. Anllela bounces off the ropes, her gloves drooping down and Courtney catches her a perfect right hand on the point of the chin. SAGRA GOES OUT! Stunning blow succeeds in beating Anllela to her knees before pitching forward, cheek on canvas, butt in the air. KO9 for the winner and STILL Queen of the Ice Hotel, Courtney Tailor!

After: Courtney starting her reign where Lima’s ended, forcing Anllela through the ropes, the Colombian’s body thumping to the ground outside. Tailor grabbing handfuls of hair and panties, bunching things up into an impromptu thong as she frogmarches Sagra out of the Hotel. The two stagger out of the hotel like two girlfriends who hit the cerveceria a little too hard, until Courtney brings Anllela to the lip of Lima’s ramp. Here Tailor brings her left shoulder under Sagra’s while bringing her right hand down to Anllela’s right hip as her left gets a good grip on the beaten Queen’s hair. Anllela finds herself in the mother of all abdominal stretches, with Courtney whispering “Remember this?” in her ear. Nine rounds of body-bashing of used up even HER famously deep reserves, and it’s not long before Sagra’s begging to be released. Tailor shoving her forward sending her pinwheeling down to the bottom, where she lands in a heap, to be carted away like the morning’s trash. 



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