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11 June 2021 Priyanka Chopra vs Minka Kelly

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Posted by Girls Friday on 11 June 2021 at 7:51pm



Priyanka Chopra:
Minka Kelly:

Tale of the Tape:
Priyanka Chopra:
Age: 38
Height: 5'6 ½
20-17 (20KOs)
Minka Kelly:
Age: 40
Height: 5'5
62-26-1 (60KOs)
Former FCBA bantamweight champion.

(Hawkeye International Sports Consortium vs Lioness Club of America)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

For the second time in their careers Priyanka "Choppie" Chopra and Minka Kelly share a ring once again, this time in Las Vegas's MGM Grand, the first time Priyanka knocked out Minka after nine rounds of hard fought action in December 2018, does history repeat itself or will Minka get revenge?

Since then both have been continuing to be top contenders in the crowded bantamweight division, so it was only a matter of time before they circled back towards each other, this time with Minka hoping to take another step towards the FCBA Hall of Fame as this is her 88th bout in the FCBA.

Prior to the bout both women met face to face on the FCBA Network, Priyanka wearing a white dress with matching heels, as Minka wears a black tank top with jeans and brown shoes, they shook hands before posing with fists raised for the cameras, then go to their stools either side of the shows host Lucy Liu wearing a red dress with black heels.

Lucy says "welcome to our wonderful FCBA viewers, tonight we have two women who have gotten a taste of each others skills, now they want more as we head into the next Fight Night Live card, let's start with you Priyanka, what is your view of Minka going into this fight?" Priyanka grinning as Minka looks more serious.

"Thanks for having me here Lucy, my views of Minka are I respect her, she is a tough fighter, we went to war that first fight and I won, this won't be any different" says Priyanka as a matter of fact that she will win this time too, making Minka narrow her eyes as she stares at her.

Minka replies to Priyanka "look I respect you too and you did beat me our first go around, this time I am after blood, you just had enough to beat me, tomorrow I even the score up" which makes Chopra's grin grow, she turns to face Minka as Lucy looks nervous being between them.

"Look Minka you impressed me but once I worked you out it was downhill for you, maybe you forgot with the fight being a few years ago, last I checked I out worked you, out fought you and knocked you out at my feet" Priyanka tells her opponent, with Minka clenching her fists as she looks ready to go now.

Standing up as Lucy urges her to keep it civil, Minka says "don't worry Lucy I won't punch her lights out here, I don't want Priyanka to have excuses why she lost, but I promise her that smug look she has right now, when the fight is over that look will never be back because she'll know that she isn't better then me" Priyanka slips off her heels to show she is happy to go too, but Minka heads off the set, making Lucy breath a sigh of relief, Priyanka just laughs as she puts her heels back on.

Fight night, out first comes Priyanka with her coach, she jogs down the aisle with a white robe with her nickname on the back in black letters, she looks assured of herself as she walks, no hint of worry since she knows she can handle her opponent tonight if history is anything to go off.

The robe is taken off when Chopra reaches the ring steps, heading up them and climbing into the ring, the Indian actress is wearing a white sports bra, white trunks with black stripes down the side, matching shoes, black gloves with white thumbs, she bounces on her toes stretching as she awaits her opponent.

Out comes Minka now with her coach Eva Mendes, she marches down the aisle wearing a black robe with her name on the back in green letters over a four leaf clover, proud of the Irish heritage part of her background, she drops the robe at the ring steps to reveal a black sports bra with emerald green trim, matching trunks and shoes, with emerald coloured gloves.

Stepping inside the ring, Minka bangs her gloves together as she stares across the ring at her opponent, Eva telling her that tonight she gets the revenge she has been owed over the last few years, Minka nodding to Eva in response to say she is ready for it.

Now the fighters come to the center of the ring, an intense stare down begins as the referee makes sure to tell both to obey their orders, when told to touch gloves, they bang theirs into their opponent's set, show no love lost between them as they return to their corners, the bell rings to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
Classic orthodox versus southpaw stance feeling out to start, toes getting stood on when they try to get in closer, throwing jabs into abs and cheeks, looking for a big shot that both just miss in the opening thirty seconds.

Feinting with her left, Priyanka is able to close the gap to land a left hook to the body and a clipping right across the top of Minka's head to make her take a step back, the Indian beauty then ups the tempo as she looks happy to have found her range, both letting their hands go but Minka is being forced to backpedal.

Pushed onto the ropes by Chopra, Kelly covers up as her body is being tested by one of the best body punchers around, needing to clinch up when Priyanka swings in two rights near the kidney, referee stepped in to split them up, warning Priyanka to watch where she is landing.

Just under a minute to go and now it's Minka showing her best feature in the ring, landing several beautiful counters across the cheeks of Priyanka, getting her footwork going to mark up the Consortium fighter as they box around the ring.

At the bell it's a solid start for Priyanka but Minka has something to build off, both women getting some praise and criticism as they sit on their stools eyeballing their opponent across the ring, Minka thudding her gloves together as she stands up for the next round.

Round 2:
Priyanka wanting to push the pace again, getting clipped to her face as Minka steps side to side, the Canadian is showing her impressive footwork that made her a champion in the past, landing straight punches into the jaw of Chopra.

Who dips down to dodge a jab to then land two left uppercuts to the body, Priyanka pressing Minka into the ropes again, head grinding into the chin of Minka as she throws short digging punches into the body, getting Minka to groan out.

Pushing back Priyanka, Minka lands a jab then a short right cross to get her way off the ropes, Minka drilling in double jabs to the chin of her opponent to keep her back, stepping back when Priyanka is trying to close the gap, frustrating the less experienced Chopra.

Less then a minute to go, Priyanka manages to close the ring off, banging away with two hooks to the cheeks of Minka, driving her into the neutral corner, where they exchange hard shots, Minka though struggling to get out of the corner, grabbing onto Priyanka to slow her down.

At the bell Minka getting a nod from Eva, she sits on her stool shaking her arms, Priyanka meanwhile tapping her cheeks to keep herself cool and calm, her coach wiping her brow as she reminds her "you know how to beat her, just keep your head" with Priyanka nodding in return.

Round 3:
Both women step out their corners with eyes firmly locked, double jabs being exchanged as one tries to force the other into a corner, the other proving elusive, Minka ducking under a straight punch to land a one-two into the abs of her opponent before dancing to her right to escape away from the ropes.

Priyanka is closing the gap more quickly, forcing more heated exchanges between the two gorgeous fighters, Minka though is giving her little shoves to get the range back where she wants it, landing stiff jabs into the face of Priyanka when she spots openings.

Halfway point in the round, Priyanka lands a jab into the chest of Minka, she is able to push her back to the ropes again, both landing short digging shots in close, Priyanka getting hit to the side of her head as she tries to break down Minka's body.

Grappling with Priyanka, Minka turns her to the ropes but can't get off any punches as Priyanka tries to force them to switch positions, referee needed to break them apart and warn them to keep this a boxing match, both women staring hard at their opponent as tempers seem to be rising.

They are exchanging more as the round comes towards the end, Priyanka pressing forwards but a right across her lips busts her bottom lip open, at the bell she wipes her lip with her glove, looking furious that she has been bloodied.

Round 4:
As they start off exchanging, Priyanka is using more shoves to keep Minka to keep her off balance, landing an uppercut that pushes Minka onto her heels, keeping her behind her guard early on, herding her around near the ropes as she throes piston like punches.

Slipping a straight, Minka comes firing back with a short left hook under the ribs of Priyanka, getting away from the ropes, but finding Chopra hunting her down, both slamming hard punches into each others faces as they move around the ring.

A straight lands onto the nose of Minka, who finds herself in her own corner as Priyanka rushes her into it, Minka needing to soak up as much punishment as she can on her arms, several slamming into the cheeks of Kelly, sending sweat off her brow as Priyanka barks in effort.

Pushing Priyanka to her face with her left, Minka moves out the corner, problem is she can't get far off the ropes, having to trade with her opponent with the roped near her back, both slamming hard punches through mitts but its Chopra controlling the action right now.

At the bell they step back to their corners with their fans chanting for them, after four it is hard once again for one to really pull away from the other, fists clenched in their corners as they want this win badly, coaches in their ears telling them to push as hard as they can.

Round 5:
Working around the ring again in the classic cat and mouse style, Priyanka getting in some good early punches on the inside, getting clipped to her face though as Minka nudges her back to range, slamming in a double jab to the face of the Indian fighter to reopen the cut on her bottom lip.

Moving around the ring, Minka catches Priyanka coming in by sidestepping to her opponent's left, pounding a right under her eye to make Chopra groan out as she backs up a step, momentum changing as Kelly now gets into her face with short hooks on the inside.

Driving Priyanka now into her corner, Minka throws two uppercuts that send her rivals head back, Priyanka now needing to clinch up, getting broken up by the referee, Priyanka breaking away from the corner into space, banging her gloves together as she shows a moment of annoyance.

Minka trying to keep on top of Priyanka as they head into the final moments of the round, Priyanka standing her ground as they go toe to toe, Priyanka ducks a right cross to land a counter left under the ribs of Minka, then an overhand right to turn her head to the side.

When the bell rings they share a hard look before returning to their corners pass each other, Minka looking the more relaxed of the two, Priyanka nodding as she chats to her coach about what she needs to change up, bouncing on her toes as she stands up giving Minka a death stare.

Round 6:
Again it's an early struggle to find the range they want, with Minka starting off quickly with those quick fire punches, but getting caught with a right hook as Priyanka slips a jab to move in closer to work, the Consortium fighter bullying back Minka onto the ropes with hooks to the body that are making Minka's sides redden up.

Pushing back Priyanka, Minka lands a double jab to those bloody lips, with blood dripping onto the boobs of Chopra, the first minute is an evenly fought affair with control shifting between them throughout it.

Then Priyanka feints with a straight after she sees Minka move to her left, a left hook lands on the Lioness fighters chin to turn her head and make her stumble two steps to the side, Chopra bullying her into a corner with a flurry of punches, with Eva looking worried for the first time this fight.

Hanging onto Priyanka to stop the assault, Minka taking a moment to shake her head as Priyanka tries to break free, referee stepping in to break the two sweat soaked fighters apart, with Minka moving away from the crowd.

Problem again is that Priyanka has the center of the ring, she is keeping Minka close to the ropes, forcing heated exchanges where she is landing the cleaner shots to knock back Kelly, at the bell Priyanka jogs back to her corner pumping her right fist into the air to cheers from her supporters, much stronger round for her as that tension in her arms seems to be gone.

Round 7:
Coming out with a renewed vigor, Priyanka is banging in more punches around the chest of Minka to make her hiss out, taking the ring center early on as Minka decides to back out of a firefight this early with her in the round.

Relying on those counter punching skills, Minka slowly is starting to get her rhythm going as she is reading Priyanka's attacks better, landing a counter right to her chin after sidestepping a left cross, a left hook around the temple of Chopra wobbles her! FINALLY THE UPPERCUT SENDS HER TO HER BACK!

Crowd goes wild as Minka yells "come on!" As she jogs to the neutral corner, 1...2...3.. Priyanka slowly turning to her front, 4...5...6.. Getting to all fours as she groans, 7...8....9.. She is up with a wobble, Minka looks stunned that didn't end it, referee gets a nod from Chopra that she can fight on.

In the second minute now and Priyanka still looks shaky, Minka more easily slipping her punches as there doesn't seem the sting behind them, a clubbing right to the chin has Priyanka reeling onto the ropes, WHERE MINKA POUNDS AWAY THROUGH THE GUARD OF PRIYANKA, WHOSE HEADS IS FLYING AROUND LIKE A PINBALL, REFEREE HAS SEEN ENOUGH! STEPPING IN TO STOP THE FIGHT! SAYING PRIYANKA IS DONE!

Winner Minka Kelly TKO Round 7

The future Hall of Famer gets revenge against Priyanka, she shows how much it means by going on a lap inside the ring, tapping her chest with her right glove as her fans chant her name, Eva applauds Minka with a beaming smile.

Once back in her corner, Minka gets a hug from Eva, telling her "I always knew you could beat her, damn did you hurt her!" Making Minka smile, she turns to look at Priyanka with a hard stare as clearly these two won't be friends anytime soon.

Priyanka is arguing with the referee but she can't get off the ropes herself, instead sitting on the middle rope as her coach has to help her to her stool, most pundits agreeing it's better for a fighter to be stopped early then too late but nobody doubts Priyanka was badly hurt there bar herself.

Sitting on her stool with her head down, in basically two weeks Priyanka has lost to two Lioness Club fighters with her loss to Selena Gomez and now Minka, her coach puts their right hand on her back as they tell her she was unlucky, Priyanka shaking her head in disagreement.

When the result is to be announced Priyanka stays on her stool with both her arms on the middle ropes, watching Minka get her right hand raised to make the result official, Priyanka looks disbelieving that she lost this fight, the fighters share a hard glare at one point before Priyanka with help leaves the ring, it's clear someday these two will need a decider.

Heading to the back with help from her coach as she is still a little shaky, Priyanka will need to go back to the drawing board, she is staring ahead with a look of determination that says she will be hard at work on Monday to be ready for her next challenge.

In the ring Minka poses for the cameras with her arms flexed and a winning smile, Eva patting her on the back when she is done for a job well done, only eleven fights to go and she should join the likes of Charlize Theron and Jessica Biel in the Tractorpull Hall of Fame.

Leaving the ring though all Minka can talk about is a glass of whiskey and maybe a few other drinks to celebrate, Eva laughing as she says she will join her tonight, both with an arm around the others back as they walk side by side up the ramp, joking about how wild things are going to get. 



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