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11 June 2021 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley vs Yvonne Strahovski

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Posted by Girls Friday on 11 June 2021 at 7:47pm


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Yvonne Strahovski:

Tale of the Tape:
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:
Age: 34
Height: 5'9
16-23 (16KOs)
Yvonne Strahovski:
Age: 38
Height: 5'8
73-37 (59KOs)
Five time FCBA lightweight champion.

(Fates Boxing vs Lookout! Boxing)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

It's now main event time! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Yvonne Strahovski takes center stage here in Las Vegas's MGM Grand, will the rejuvenated Rosie take possibly her biggest scalp of her career against the legend Yvonne or will the Aussie actress take down Huntington-Whiteley?

Before the fight a press event took place with both fighters meeting on the stage, sharing a smile as they come on with dresses, Rosie looking stunning in a white dress that shows off her impressive legs to Yvonne wearing a green dress that goes under her kneecaps, the fighters pose with a fist under each others chin for the cameras, then retreating to opposite sides of the stage as the podium is set up at the center.

Rosie is waved first to speak, she smiles as she says "it is an honour to main event this card, to think before the Fates stable put their faith in me I was seen as easy pickings, I always said if someone signed me I would give them a great fighter, hard to argue against that fact now" winking with a chuckle.

She then says "the fact this is against Yvonne is even more interesting, I looked up to her at one point in my career, the all conquering blonde of the lightweights, I idolized her till well... I became the best blonde in the FCBA" that makes Yvonne chuckle to herself, Rosie looking at her with a look that says "what's so funny?" She leaves the podium staring hard at her opponent.

Yvonne grips either side of the podium as she says "that was some funny stuff Rosie, fact is you have some a long way from the curtain jerker on cards to sharing the spotlight with me, I will give you credit for that, calling yourself the best blonde is a joke right? I mean I am still fighting, my stablemate Kate is better then you, I should have written a list down if I knew you'd say that" making Rosie blush, eyes narrowing as she glares at Yvonne.

"Hey I showed you respect! I should have known you are as big a bully as the rest of your stinking stable" Rosie says as she crosses her arms, in a huff over being insulted, Yvonne rolling her eyes in reply as she just turns her back on Rosie.

"No comeback Yvonne!" Yells Rosie as she puts her arms out to her side, Yvonne just says "I don't argue with moaning bytches" then steps off the stage as Rosie looks ready to charge across the stage, looking at the cameras she shakes her head furiously then stamps off the stage.

Fight night, Rosie struts out through the curtain down the aisle with coach Ana Beatriz Barros, she is wearing a white robe with gold trim, taking it off at the ring steps to reveal a white sports bra with gold trim, matching trunks and shoes, white gloves with white thumbs, her hair tied into a ponytail.

She climbs into the ring then does a lap inside, getting cheered from her supporters, the English beauty blowing kisses to them before settling into her corner, where she hugs Ana as she is told that she has got this tonight, for all her confidence Rosie still takes a deep breath to calm any nerves she has.

Now here comes Yvonne as she marches down the aisle, her supporters are chanting as she has Julie Benz working her corner, bouncing on her toes when she gets to the bottom of the aisle, eyes locked onto Rosie as she wears a camouflage green and black sports bra, matching trunks and shoes, dark green gloves as her hair is tied into a ponytail too.

Getting into the ring, Yvonne mounts the bottom ropes of her corner, pounding her chest with her right glove, then hops down as she looks up for this, Julie fist bumping with her before Yvonne goes through her warm up routine.

The fighters then step to the center of the ring, neither saying a word but if looks could kill then there would be two bodies in that ring, bumping their fists hard into their opponent's when told to touch them up, they jog back to their corners as the duelling chants begin, once all is ready the bell rings to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
"Ding!" Dancing out their corners on their toes, the fighters exchange probing punches in the opening twenty seconds, trying to get a feel for their opponent, before Yvonne steps in with a jab/right cross combo knock Rosie's head to the side, getting the fight out of neutral as Rosie pounds a straight into Yvonne's face to stop her charging in closer.

More leather flying now as they are building up the punches, Rosie moving more back to dodge then step back in with a counter to the face of Yvonne, showing the massive improvement she has made in the past two years as she relies on her speed along with more precise punching to score points.

After the opening minute Yvonne moves inside with bang in two left hooks to the body, then a right as she tries to cut down the leggy blonde, pressing her towards the ropes, with Huntington-Whiteley needing to push her back to open back up the gap between them, catching Strahovski to the top of her head with a double jab when the Aussie goes to dip down to move in closer.

Now heading to the second minute of a back and forth round, Yvonne starts to push back Rosie towards the ropes but again the English lass shows her impressive footwork off to sidestep to the left of Yvonne, pounding a counter right across her face, followed by a right hook as Yvonne is knocked onto her heels, Rosie landing a flurry of punches into the face of her opponent, who covers up as the seconds tick away in the round.

At the bell they hold off as the crowd cheers and whistles the fighters, Rosie jogging back to her corner to a smiling Ana, a good solid opener for her, while Yvonne looks relaxed even as she nods when Julie is telling her what she needs to be wary of, that's the experience level of Yvonne at this elite status showing.

Round 2:
Rosie is looking confident after that round, starting to put two punch combos together as she comes inside then moves to range again, Yvonne maybe slowing down a little as she lands single punches in return, being out worked by the younger blonde as she looks to be thinking.

After the opening forty seconds, Yvonne deflects a jab to pound in one of her own to the chest of Rosie, who hisses before an overhand right smacks her across the jaw, now here's classic Yvonne as she strikes like a shark, getting into her opponent's face as she lands a jab/right cross/left cross up top to turn Rosie's head side to side while backing her up to the ropes.

First clinch of the fight comes from Huntington-Whiteley, once her back touches the ropes she is quick to stop Yvonne laying in groundwork to victory, referee needed to split them apart as they wrestle on the ropes, once apart Rosie double jabs Yvonne through her mitts to her face as if to warn her not to try getting in closer again.

Which of course Yvonne pays no attention to, she is starting to read Rosie's movements more successfully, dipping under punches to rifle in her own clean counters to the body, along with some overhand shots that are knocking back Rosie to her heels as Strahovski is looking fully warmed up now to the test.

When the round ends Yvonne raises her right arm in the air as she turns to her corner, making sure everyone including her opponent knows who won that round, Julie looking more happier as Yvonne sits on her stool, Ana and Rosie showing how far they have come as they keep calm, in the past they might have been flustered already.

Round 3:
Boxing around the middle of the ring as they now open up more, furious fists exchange as both tries to get an early foothold on the action, barks of effort ringing out as the crowd cheer and whistles the fighters on as they mark up beautifully cheeks with straight shots.

Parrying aside a left cross Yvonne lands a left uppercut to the body, Rosie groans out before a right cross turns her head, this time Strahovski powers her into the ropes with pounding hooks to the body that is making Rosie hiss out with each clean hit her arms down protect her.

Again forced to hang onto Yvonne to stop her really building up a rhythm as the duelling chants ring out around the impressive arena, foreheads grind together in the clinch as Yvonne tries to make it uncomfortable for her opponent, referee steps in to pry them apart.

Rosie quick off the mark again with a one-two combo into the forehead of Yvonne, dancing back out the way of a right cross before landing a straight back into the legends face to knock her head back, Huntington-Whiteley starting to rebuilt her own momentum as they head into the final minute.

Where things start to even back out again as Yvonne has some success with her pounding body shots, Rosie sticking to headhunting as sweat starts to form over their impressive bodies, it is an evenly fought round when the bell rings, some giving it to Rosie, most giving it to Yvonne due to that strong first half to the round.

Round 4:
Being told to double up her jab more, Rosie is doing so early on as she steps back more when Yvonne comes at her, focusing on her basics to land more flush punches into the beautiful face of the actress, who is landing more clipping punches in response.

After the opening moments Yvonne does get inside to pound in a left/right hook combo under the ribs of Rosie, who snarls as she pushes back Yvonne with her left forearm, landing two clubbing rights to the side of the former champions head as things seem to be heating up with more power punches being landed in exchanges.

Nudging Strahovski back, Rosie lands a left/right cross combo across the brows of her opponent, making Yvonne cover up as a straight then pounds the Aussie into her face, taking the center of the ring for herself, Rosie is working hard to keep her opponent aimed to the ropes.

Yvonne is still finding holes to move in to strike but is being nudged back by Rosie, who is controlling the middle of the ring quite well, starting to give Yvonne's cheeks a pink hue as she pounds them with straight shots, the coaches are yelling at their fighters to knock the others block off, the atmosphere is electric as the crowd chants their favourites.

The round comes to an end with Rosie telling herself "that's it" as she returns to her stool, happier with herself after two bad rounds, Yvonne meanwhile shows a little frustration by tapping her cheeks as she jogs to her own corner, not being able to keep on top of her younger foe, Julie telling her plenty of time to knockout the model.

Round 5:
Rosie is definitely looking more pumped as she steps out her corner, lashing in more punches to the face of Yvonne, who looks a little caught off caught by this more aggressive Rosie, she is landing a few good solid shots, mostly grazing punches as she is knocked back.

Throwing an overhand right that finds air as Rosie dances back, Yvonne is made to pay as a left counter punch to her jaw turns her head, then an uppercut pounds it back as Yvonne's legs wobbled! Back to a neutral corner goes Yvonne as a three punch flurry slams into her face to rock her backwards.

Looking a little desperate as she clinches up with Rosie, Yvonne shakes blinks to clear her head, Rosie trying to break free but needs to wait for the referee to step in to break them apart, Rosie stepping in with a straight as Yvonne backs off, covering up as Rosie is looking to knock her head off.

Strahovski is struggling to get off any punches, getting pushed around the outside part of the ring, Huntington-Whiteley is stalking after her, trying to knock her head off but is just missing as Yvonne is hanging onto her when she gets into her face, both dirty boxing when they clinch up.

At the bell it is a shutout for Rosie, a great statement round to show how far she has come, sitting on her stool as she is tapping her legs, wanting to come back quickly at Yvonne, who has some swelling around her right cheek, Julie and her corner team working to get her right as she tells Yvonne to show Rosie who the boss in that ring is.

Round 6:
As you can guess Rosie is off her stool quickly looking to get back where she left off, landing a one-two to the top of Yvonne's head to knock it back, Rosie being more aggressive as clearly she smells blood in the water judging by her throwing more hooks in, Yvonne doing a good job blocking most of them as she needs to dig into all her experience to survive this early onslaught.

After a minute of Rosie basically bullying Yvonne around the ring, she swings in a left hook that Yvonne ducks under, with a jab landing to the belly button of Rosie to make her groan out, then after a nudge back on the model, an uppercut splits her gloves as Huntington-Whiteley head is rocked back and she is knocked to her heels.

On comes Yvonne now as she lashes out with her own hard punches across the face of her opponent, sweat flying with each clean hit as Julie is yelling "go on!" To her fighter, who is held onto when she pins Rosie to the ropes, the English lass needing a moment now to shake off Yvonne's assault, both hissing a few heated words as they are broken up.

This time Yvonne pulls the trigger first in the quick fire draw by slipping a straight, landing one of her own to the chest of Rosie, then a clubbing left to her jaw as the tide is definitely turning towards Strahovski's side, the beautiful Aussie legend bullying Rosie around the ring in the dying moments as Rosie goes into her shell.

At the bell Yvonne looks hyped up as she turns back to her corner, banging her gloves together as she jogs to her stool, Rosie being told off Ana to go back to what worked, tapping her left glove as she says her footwork and jab is too much for Yvonne, Rosie nodding as she now has a fat lip from some of the cross punches landing across them.

Round 7:
A loud cheer erupts as they resume fighting, Rosie back to doubling and even tripling her jab now, bashing Yvonne to her face as she dances around her, causing a little more swelling to form around Yvonne's right cheek as the actress is grimacing when hit flush there.

Yvonne is thinking more again as Rosie moves more side to side, back and forwards to make it harder to read where to strike, with Yvonne banging her gloves together at one point to show her frustration as Julie is yelling at her to be patient.

Heading to the half way point of the round, Yvonne dips under a jab to hammer in two right hooks on the ribs, Rosie groaning as an overhand left smacks her on the chin, sending sweat flying as her head turns to the side, now it's Strahovski powering forwards as she drives Huntington-Whiteley into her own corner, where Ana is yelling at her to hold as the body assault continues, Yvonne wanting to take those legs out from her mobile opponent.

Grabbing onto Yvonne in a sweaty embrace, both fighters bodies grind together as Yvonne pressed Rosie right into the turnbuckles with her body, referee gets them apart with scowls on both women's faces aimed at their opponent, when they resume they give the fans a grandstand finish to the round going toe to toe, not all punches land but the ones that do are knocking back heads with sweat flying off like mist.

At the end of the round they split apart, Yvonne has a little swelling around her right eye now, Rosie's bottom lip is cut as they sit on their stools glaring at their opponent, chests rising faster as the pace and punishment they have taken starts to show.

Round 8:
Banging away at each others with straight shots, Rosie slamming a double jab into the face, leaning out the way of a left cross she lands a straight to push back Yvonne onto her heels, pushing forwards as she has the Aussie covering up.

Yvonne digs in several counters to the body, is getting caught with some clubbing left to make her retreat back, Rosie keeps pushing her around the outside of the ring, with Rosie controlling the center of the ring, digging punches into the cheeks of Yvonne to cause her to groan out.

As they head to the middle of the round, Rosie is getting a little wild again as she tries to club down Yvonne, missing with a left cross as a right pounds into her breadbasket to make her groan out as Yvonne then pounds a left hook into her jaw.

Back comes Yvonne as she shows that legendary grit, landing several hard overhand shots as Rosie is looking a little flustered, AN UPPERCUT CATCHES ROSIE ON HER CHIN, SENDING HER DOWN TO HER BUM AS THE YVONNE FANS GO WILD!

Heading to the neutral corner, Yvonne bounces on her toes with her eyes locked onto Rosie as the count begins, 1...2...3... The English rose is shaking her head to clear the cobwebs, 4...5...6.. Getting to a knee, she watches the count looking a little worried, 7...8.. Getting up to her feet, she raises her fists as she nods she is OK.

Luckily for her there isn't long left in the round, at the bell Rosie shuts her eyes as she tilts her head back as if to say "god damn it" to herself, Ana needing to give her a rallying speech to stop her going down the dark path of worrying she is throwing this fight away, Yvonne on the other hand is watching keenly from her corner, the Lookout! Crew trying to make sure her right eye doesn't swell shut.

Round 9:
Boxing a little more defensively as she steps out to fight, Rosie is landing some nice counters as Yvonne now isn't being patient enough in the early exchanges of the round, that right eye getting hit makes Yvonne wince as Rosie starts to open up again on her to drive her backwards.

Giving Rosie a shove to her chest to open the space between them again, Yvonne is firing out her own jab as Rosie is looking more aggressive, that early success is breeding confidence again in the model, she is looking great during this opening minute of the round.

Things start to go wrong though as she steps in with a right cross, Yvonne leans out the way before landing a left hook in reply, then a right into the liver area, that makes Rosie cry out as she looks to be hurting, NOW YVONNE LOOKS THE PREDATOR STRIKING AS SHE DRILLS ANOTHER RIGHT IN THE SAME SPOT, AS ROSIE BENDS SLIGHTLY A LEFT LANDS ON HER JAW TO SEND HER TO ALL FOURS!

Yvonne is really making her mark on this fight now with knockdown number two, jogging to a neutral corner as she seems to have a second wind, 1...2...3.. Rosie is breathing harder as she stares at the canvas with a little blood and sweat dripping off her, 4...5...6.. The crowd is mixed as the Rosie fans urge her to get up, Yvonne's roaring for her to stay down, 7...8.. Getting to her right foot, Rosie slips back down as she doesn't seem to have the strength to get up, 9...10 that's it! Yvonne has done it!

Winner Yvonne Strahovski KO Round 9

Wow did anyone doubt Yvonne could pull this comeback off? She turns to the crowd giving a loud roar as she let's out her emotions, furious at Rosie in the build up, behind on scorecards going into the eighth but Yvonne gets another marquee win in a career full of them.

All Rosie can do is spit out her mouthpiece and sob, angry at herself for not being able to finish the job, Ana rushes into the ring with an ice pack, checking over Rosie as she tells her "don't cry OK, you did a hell of a job against one of the greats, look how far you have come to get to this point" with Rosie just shaking her head, too upset to agree with her coach.

Yvonne just stares at Rosie for a moment shaking her head, getting her gloves taken off by Julie, she then marches over to the fallen woman to grab her by her hair to drag her up to her feet, Ana protesting as Yvonne tells her "I earned the right to walk this mouthy English cow" getting an arm around the waist of Rosie to hold her up.

Ana being told by Rosie to let it happen, making Ana fight her urge to ignore her and go for Yvonne, instead with gritted teeth she nods, Yvonne assuring her "I won't hurt her, but the world needs to know I am far from done" then beginning her walk.

The Yvonne fans in joyful spirits as they chant her name, all the while Yvonne tells Rosie "for someone who two years ago I'd have beaten with my left arm behind my back, you sure have come along way" Rosie looking at Yvonne shocked at the compliment.

The winner though makes sure to let her rival know where they stand, saying as they pass the half way point of the lap "don't get me wrong, as I proved tonight, I am better then you or any of those stablemates of yours, I welcome the challenge from you though" finishing up the lap, she hands Rosie to Ana, who nods at Yvonne for keeping her word.

Taking Rosie out the ring, Ana asks her what Yvonne said, Rosie replies "it's something between us, I don't want to share right now OK? Maybe someday" Ana seems to understand that it is something personal for her, not saying anything more as she helps Rosie to the back.

In the ring Yvonne gets her right hand raised to make the result official, she poses for the camera with a grin as she points at her right eye, looks like it will be a hell of a shiner for a few days as Julie puts her arm around the waist of her fighter from Yvonne's left side.

Once that is done Yvonne steps out the ring with her gloves knotted together, carrying them by the string in her right hand as she waves with her left to her adorning fans, all standing cheering and whistling her, Yvonne once again proves she is the yard stick in the lightweight division and maybe someday soon a six time FCBA champion before turning forty. 



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