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25 June 2021 Dove Cameron vs Victoria Justice

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on 25 June 2021 at 6:55pm



Dove Cameron vs. Victoria Justice

(HISC vs Kear's Kats)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Front Street


Battle of a pair of girls who've had up and down FCBA careers. Justice has shown flashes, but she's sitting well below .500 career and is on her third stable. Cameron looked headed for "opponent" status before HISC came riding in on a white charger and scooped her up. Since then? She looks a lot more like the fire breathing dragon than the damsel in distress. But. Victoria? Not impressed. "Dove's the same girl who lost to fighters like Grande," Victoria says, dismissively. "Her management can hand-pick opponents to build her record, but that's not going to change the fact that she's nothing special. As I'm about to prove."

"Justice," says a hard-eyed Dove, "Is who she is, a mediocre fighter living on a fading name. And, tonight, she's going to suck canvas at my feet."


Length the key early. Victoria has a nice reach advantage, and she makes good use of it, snapping out the long jab, stopping the blonde with it, and then following up with hard right hands. Dove trying to work to spots, but can't get there with the brunette's left in her face again and again. Blonde getting frustrated as the round goes on. She's working very, very hard and getting very, very few results. Instead, Justice controls the proceedings with her left hand. Again and again she finds the mark, and, just as importantly, quickly follows on with accurate right hands. Final thirty seconds sees Victoria land a NASTY combination that shakes the blonde, followed by a solid flurry that backs her up. Before any further damage can be done, the bell rings. But, it's Justice and wide in the first, with Victoria grabbing the 10-9 lead.


Better round for the blonde. She's finding ways to avoid that jab now, getting to her spots and getting off. Justice responding by restoring distance whenever she can. Round becomes a battle to negotiate terms, with both fighters getting some, but not enough, of what they want. When Dove can get inside Victoria's guard, she's getting the better of things, showing excellent speed and a willingness to commit on punches. But, just as often, Justice is able to enforce distance, and, when she can, it's the brunette who gets the better of things. There's not a lot in it most of the way, but those last 30 seconds prove a problem for Dove again, as Justice turns up the heat, forces the blonde to cover up, give ground. Dove's not buzzed this time, but the brunette rally is enough for her to claim the points and push her lead to 20-18.


Justice wants to work the jab early, but Cameron slips inside, lands a nice combination then STAGGERS VICTORIA WITH A RIGHT HOOK! Just like that, the brunette is HURT and the blonde is ALL IN! Cameron letting the hands go in a BIG way, battering the taller girl back into the ropes and then having a FEAST on those ribs and that midsection! Dove going all Neve Campbell on Justice as Victoria covers up in a high guard, just DIGGING away like Dani Fishel in there until Justice tries to tie up. Blonde shoves her off, goes upstairs, STAGGERS Victoria with that hook AGAIN! Ref looking in closely as the clock ticks down. Dove trying to finish, but Justice doing just enough to deny the blonde. At the bell, Cameron pushes up off her rival, earning a GLARE from the brunette. Dove only smirks, then turns back to her corner. She's pitched a shutout and cut Justice's lead to 29-28.


Cameron all OVER Justice as we start the fourth. Blonde clearly sensing victory as she steps to, backs up Justice again and again with heavy shot. Brunette trying to manage, jabbing, trying to slow her rival down, but, Cameron isn't bothered. She just keeps coming, keeps throwing the hard shot, looking for the one that will hit the "off" button. Soon enough, Victoria's backed to the ropes again and BOOM! Right hook, Dove CUTS THE POWER TO VICTORIA'S LEGS! Cameron actually has to step aside as the brunette drops past her left shoulder and crashes face first to the canvas. Blonde takes her time going to a neutral corner, smiling all the while, because she knows what she's done. There's no movement at all from Justice as the count passes her by. It's OVER! And your winner by KO4 in IMPRESSIVE fashion is Dove Cameron!


Dove matter-of-fact in the post-fight. "As I said, this girl is just a mediocre fighter. I'm working with GREAT flyweights every day, girls like Michelle and Natalie. I'm learning a lot. And, I know how to deal with girls who lack QUALITY, girls like Victoria." 



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