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28 July 2021 Nicole Harrison vs Natalie Jayne Roser

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Posted by Girls Friday on July 28, 2021, 8:35 am



(Results: Vassago, Words: Caspian)

(26, 5’9, 3:0 BBU, SIRENs)

(31, 5’11, 0:1 BBU, Free Agent)

A battle of two big Aussie models is up next, with Natalie Jayne Roser first losing to Danielle Robertson in the past, now facing another Siren on her way up the Welterweight rankings. 

“They keep sending these girls over. Who do they think they are, exactly?” the big blonde says at the press conference with a thick Aussie accent. “Then, they go and fire Robertson for no reason. As far as I’m concerned, Harrison’s just a carbon copy of the previous brunette.”

“A carbon-copy that’s about to kick your arse, honey,” Nicole retorts from across the table, which draws some gasps and oooohs from the audience. “I can’t speak for management, but there’s a reason Danielle’s gone and I’ve taken her place. As far as I’m concerned, you’re just another hurdle made to test me.”

“Oh, I’ll test you alright. I’ve gone up against Taylor Hill, the former Lightweight champion. I think I’ll do alright hangin’ and bangin’ with a nobody bitch like you.”

Both ladies meet at the podium and their big frames immediately validate their Welterweight status. Even though Harrison suffers from a two-inch height disadvantage, their bodies are packing muscle and power, evident from the flexed biceps and fists trained to each other’s faces before the ring official forces them to separate.

Fight night and Harrison enters the arena first, wearing a dark red bikini that’s complementing her long, golden blonde hair. She waves a pair of white gloves to the audience, later tying up her luscious locks into a ponytail. Up next is Nicole Harrison, who struts onto stage wearing a white bikini and black gloves, her long black hair braided and hanging out back to complete that sporty look. 

Eyes on the prize here as both ladies look to exert dominance on the Welterweight scene. Referee gets the nod from both corners and waves his arm to start! HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Welterweight action!

Oh my! Natalie makes Nicole eat those words early as both big ladies stride in with confidence but Nicole takes the very first PASTING to the face when Roser winds up a haymaker and delivers it straight to her forehead! OUCH for the new Aussie model, and it’s all downhill from then on! Nicole blasting away at first, refusing to retreat, but Natalie’s first blood attack means she still has the good sense and awareness to cover up and absorb most of the attacks. Nicole on the other hand is immediately groggy and wobbled by eating the first punch to the face, her own swings lacking precision and flying off in random directions as Natalie punishes her with tight shots to the body and chest, chin and cheek, to finally SWIVEL the Siren’s head to the side with yet another right hook! OUCH! Nicole’s fairytale opening is anything but as the big brunette goes stumbling off to the side, looking flabbergasted as Roser continues to chase after her. Natalie ends the round with confident jab combos that are targeting the head, and Nicole’s opening round is in complete shambles by the time the bell rings.

Natalie’s superior reach means she’s both packing power and initiative, continuing to score punches off Nicole’s face and body before the Siren can rush in to punish her back. Nicole tries just that, without much success, dipping her head and locking her arms before rushing inwards with combos, some of her punches tagging the blonde’s belly and chest, but not much else. Instead, Roser’s relying on her opponent’s recklessness to damage her back, another tight hook catching Harrison on the cheek before a one-two straight combo is sent into her body, which earns a low grunt and growl. Third minute ain’t no better, with Nicole sweeping in for another rush attempt only to get caught between the eyes by another haymaker, and ALL OF A SUDDEN SHE’S FLOORED to her back!! OUCH!! Roser with absolute power in those mitts of hers as she sends Nicole crashing down to the canvas this early!! What a KNOCKDOWN!! Harrison’s corner is up in arms at the latest development, immediately shouting out in shock or tearing their hair in frustration. Nicole blinks rapidly up at the lights, her mouth working, but soon, manages to pry herself off her back and slowly begin the recovery process to her feet. Meanwhile, in the corner, Natalie is all smiles, cocky gestures sent forth as she grins at her fans, shakes her ass at the boos from the rest of the arena. Bad news indeed if this is Natalie’s trajectory for the rest of the fight!

Both women clash heads early on, getting into the good swing of things as Natalie tries to put the Siren away and Nicole refuses to go down a second time. Ladies meet in the center and SLAM into each other with heavy swings to the body, mutual grunting as gloves are stuffed into the tummy and occasionally crashing into the side of the head or arms. If Natalie was expecting a quick win here, she’s in for a rude awakening, getting folded in half as Harrison smashes a hook into her side, another uppercut planted on her breast, which knocks the wind out of her sails early. Roser growling, fighting back of course, manages to land a shot of her own into the side of the chin, which dazes Nicole somewhat but doesn’t put her away like the last round. Just as Nicole recovers to swing back, she’s forced to cover up from yet another haymaker that connects with the middle of her arms, throwing her into a defensive pattern. She’s still having trouble dealing with Roser’s immense power, and it shows! Round ends with a draw, with both blonde and brunette cursing and gesturing at each other on their way back to corners, wanting the round to last another three minutes if it means getting their hands on one another.

Natalie sweeps in early, eager to show up the younger brunette. Nicole almost gets caught by another overhand swing that would have landed square between her eyes if she wasn’t more cautious of her foe. Natalie punishes her thick torso regardless, scoring a one-two chugging combo to the body before again taking a swing at her chin. Nicole’s getting herself harassed and backed into a corner, just like last time, but soon finds her own groove as she checks one of Roser’s hooks and then returns with a tight swish across the blonde’s face to earn herself some payback! Roser looks more than a little stunned, mouth hanging open as she defends her head from yet another rocking cross that almost scores straight to the nose. And suddenly, the tables have turned! Nicole shows off some of her own power as she bashes another right hand straight into that tanned belly, almost folding Roser over in half before the bell rings to end the fourth!

Nicole saw some light at the end of tunnel last round but that light is threatened to get snuffed out early when the two ladies stride back into the fray and start swinging at each other’s head, but Natalie blocks an early hook with a raised arm before ROCKING a nice uppercut straight up into Nicole’s chin! OUCH! Harrison’S seeing stars, immediately disorientated as she stumbles backwards a couple of steps. HERE COMES NATALIE, hoping to finish her off! The big blonde’s swinging away at the head, leaping in and going to town on her fellow Aussie! Crowd’s on their feet, sensing the end here, but apart from getting knocked about left and right, Nicole manages to stay afloat and keep moving, keeping her head hidden between her arms as she scampers to get away for now. Soon enough, Roser runs out of steam herself, her swings growing more and more laborious, and Nicole senses the opportunity to fight back with fast but equally painful one-two combos that stun the blonde to the nose and lips. Ladies end up in each other’s arms multiple times this round, hands cupping and shoving against biceps, lips parted on shoulders, each using their free hands to drill shots into the tummy. Big girls have to be separated by the referee when the bell officially rings, and from the looks on their faces, neither was in the mood to be interrupted!

Nicole’s shorter stature means she’s centering her gravity before letting RIIIIP heavy crosses right down the center of the incoming Natalie, who’s still sluggish and refusing to get out of range before the next big hand slams into the middle of her arms or body, threatening to end the fight if one of those bombs actually gets through to her face. Roser still thinks she’s got the advantage, taking swings at Nicole’s head, assuming that her opponent is about ready to go down for good this time. But Nicole is easily weaving or blocking her attacks, bracing her head for a hook before slapping her own right hook clean across the blonde’s face, drawing a gasp and grunt from her lips. Natalie’s in trouble all of a sudden, getting shoved into the ropes and pinned down by her fellow Aussie big girl, Nicole staying close and destructive as she dips her shoulders and goes to work on the tummy and breasts, folding a groaning Roser over in her arms repeatedly with gloves buried in and out, in and out, till Natalie has no choice but to clinch up to stop the wanton abuse. End of the round and Nicole is STILL going at it, refusing to get off her prey and seen and heard taunting the big blonde with her lips pressed into the side of her ear: “YOU WANT SOMEMORE, BITCH?!?” before burying one of her gloves into her breasts. Natalie is lucky not to go down this round, but it might be due to her opponent’s insistence on punishing her on her feet!

No more luck, however, when Roser looks burnt out in the seventh, barely manages to get her arms up before Nicole’s back in her face and squeezing combos into her face, before a big overhand catches the blonde on the forehead, which sends her careening once more into the ropes! Roser just hanging on to the top rope, refusing to go down, even as Nicole struts in and BASHES her with a straight shot to the nostrils, another and another big cross throwing her head backwards and over the ropes before Roser FINALLY succumbs and COLLAPSES DOWN TO HER SIDE!! Took her long enough, especially for the big Siren, with Harrison continuing to taunt her from above and shove her own fist up into the base of her chin for good measure. Referee herds Nicole away, before starting the count for Nat! 3… 4… Roser stirring, panting hard, that grin long gone from her pretty face. 5… 6… Roser slowly rising, first to all fours, then using the ropes to pull herself back up. 7… 8… 9… Natalie finally recovers! Just in time! She straightens up on the ropes, but with wavering arms in front of her face. Nicole meanwhile is smirking from across the ring, already squaring up into a renewed fighting stance, ready to exploit the final two minutes of this round. There goes the bell again, and HERE COMES NICOLE! Natalie gets BLASTED to the head as Nicole shows ZERO quarter or hesitation, striding in and then taking the first big swing at the blonde’s head! Natalie grunting, tries walking down the ropes and away from the madness, but Harrison’s pinning her to the ropes still with her big frame, left hand buried into her tummy over and over again, trying to fold her in half or pin her to the spot. But it’s not much needed, with Roser taking a big hit to the nose when another hook slams in hard, throwing her back and sending her barreling back into Harrison’s arms. All the brunette has left to do is SHOVE her rival off her and SMASH an uppercut clean into the base of her chin, and THAT’S IT - Natalie GOES CRUMPLING DOWN ONCE MORE!! This time, the referee doesn’t bother with the 10-count, waving his arms over the fallen girl and declaring the rest of this fight over!!

Official Decision: Nicole Harrison defeats Natalie Jayne Roser via KO7!

Some would say this fight should have ended LONG sooner than it went on for, and the end result is a KO’ed Natalie Roser looking like she might have suffered some damage as she lies face-first on the cold floor. Not as though Harrison cares, of course, the big brunette immediately shedding her gloves with a loud zzzzzziiipppp of double-velcro, mounting the blonde’s back before digging her fingernails into the back of dishevelled blonde hair. 

Natalie still out COLD as her head is lifted from the canvas, eyelids fluttering and mouth hanging wide open in shock, barely registering the taunts and hisses coming from Harrison’s own lips which are pressed into her cheek. Nicole faced some trouble early on, but she’s definitely ended this fight in style!



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