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25 June 2021 Gigi Hadid vs Kaia Gerber

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Posted by Lookout! on 25 June 2021 at 6:33pm


Gigi Hadid vs Kaia Gerber

Gigi wore a white bikini with gold stars and gold gloves with white laces. Her boots were white.

Kaia wore a black bikini with red gloves with black laces. Her boots were black.

Two supermodels were in the ring for the fan’s enjoyment as Gigi Hadid threw gloves with Kaia Gerber. The pre-fight press was contentious and security remained tight before the bout. Gigi was accompanied to the ring by her sister Bella and her corner team. Kaia was accompanied by her mother Cindy Crawford who again green short shorts and white tops with the GBS logo in green across her chest. But Gerber’s corner team is led by Daisy Fuentes who is in sun yellow short shorts with white top with the GBS logo in sun across her chest.

Gigi and Kaia split the first two rounds widely. The third sees Gigi open up on Kaia’s face with some hard golden leather. Gerber’s jaw and chin take some uppercuts and hooks that stun her as fight fans watch. Her gloves go high to protect her face which her corner implores her to do. Gigi then goes into Kaia’s body with shots to her ribs and midsection. Gerber does get into some nice jabs and straights to move Gigi but it is not enough as Hadid did punch around them. The bell rang and Hadid raised her gloves up as she knew she won the round widely. The fourth round began much like the last two had with both boxers coming to punch right away. Fire fight had the fans up and cheering as the two boxers went at each other. Gigi did seem to have the initiative as the fight moved into its first minute. Again Kaia goes to back and circle Hadid. Gigi continues to punch at the body of Gerber as Kaia seems to be taking more hard leather. Hadid seems to be sensing the knockout as she goes to time her punches. But Gerber is ducking and leaning away from punches as the round moves to a close. After a missed combination, Kaia let go with a big right hook and Gigi seems stunned. Gerber let her gloves go and soon Hadid was stumbling back. Fight fans watched as Kaia started to thump Gigi. AND HADID GOES DOWN! Fans are surprised as is Kaia as she is soon walking to a neutral corner. Once there Gigi’s count begins and she rises by seven but the bell rings to end the round. Kaia steals a round thanks to her knockdown.

The bell rang beginning the fifth round and Gerber was now on her feet slashing away at Hadid. Gigi trying to counter punch but Kaia is unleashing some hot and heavy leather to her body and face. Gerber soon has her on the far ropes just pasting punches into her. Hadid goes to clinch up and does get Kaia’s arms together. But when broken apart, Gigi is smacked in her face with a big straight right from Kaia. The punch whipped her head around as Gerber went to add more leather now. Some quick uppercuts strike Hadid before another powerhouse right hits her. GIGI GOES DOWN! She crashes to the canvas on her right side but rolls to her back. Gerber moves to a neutral corner as Hadid lies there as the count begins. Her eyes flutter and the count goes on over her. The number ten goes past Hadid as she lies on the canvas.

Kaia comes out and walk around the ring before she comes to middle of the ring. Her right gloved hand is raised and she smiles and begins to show off for the fans poses wise. She tours the ring again and this time calls for her mother and Daisy to come in between the ropes. The two cougar supermodels do so and she poses with them.

Gigi has already been taken to her corner and has left the ring helped by her corner team. 



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