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25 June 2021 Diletta Leotta vs Robyn Lawley

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Posted by Lookout! on 25 June 2021 at 6:20pm


Robin Lawley 32Yo 6'2 (12W-12L 12KO's) vs Diletta Leotta 30Yo 5'9 (4W-1L 4KO's) Welterweight match

Robin after a bad period seems to have restarted to conquer the FCBA, her obstacle is the Italian white Diletta Leotta who comes from four consecutive victories, the first to be interviewed is the Italian, certainly she has great power and is very high, but I will crush her on speed, Robin replies, this Italian girl does not know what she will face after my punches she will need a plastic surgeon to be recognized.


The fight night


The first to arrive in the ring is the Italian, she wears a multicolored bikini with gloves and green boots her long blond hair is down, then robin arrives she looks statuesque in her multicolored bikini, she wears white gloves and boots, her long brown hair is in a ponytail, then the referee calls them to the center of the ring for the last instructions, Diletta looks intimidated while Robin is very confident, before returning to their corners Robin pushes Diletta away in contempt, before further trouble the two boxers are returned to their corners, ready for 10 rounds of welterweight action.


The Match


Round 1
Diletta perhaps angry about the prematch, immediately attacks Robin passing under the slow jabs of the Australian, Diletta savagely hits Robin's abs with furious upercuts, who is pushed to the ropes, where Diletta gives her a savage lesson, with powerful uppercuts and hooks to the chin, Robin tries to defend herself, but Diletta hits her with powerful uppercuts to the spleen, which make the Australian spit blood, then Diletta repeatedly hits her chin until the end of the round


Round 2
Robin is furious, and from the first second she hits poor Diletta with terrible hooks in both hands, soon Diletta's face is swollen like a balloon, she starts spraying blood, but Robin rages on her face, Diletta's eyes are half closed she is unable to defend herself and Robin mercilessly demolishes her nose with furious hooks that make her nose explode only the gong stops the slaughter.


Round 3
Robin immediately pushes Diletta into her snug where she bursts into the Juggse with a few furious uppercuts makes Diletta topless, so Robin savagely squeezes those boobs with devastating two-handed hooks, not content Robin completely closes Diletta's eyes with an infinite series of two-handed hooks which is stopped only by the gong.


Round 4
Diletta is practically knocked out on her feet, but Robin decides she doesn't want to finish her, so Diletta is pushed into her corner where under the eyes of her trainers she undergoes the worst lesson of her life, every inch of her body is savagely slaughtered, white gloves Robin's footprints are red with blood, Diletta's face is unrecognizable and her tits are purple from the blows taken, in the last seconds Robin unloads all his power on Diletta's defenseless body


Round 5 Round 5
The referee warns Robin to finish the match quickly, Robin wastes no time and immediately starts wildly hitting Diletta's helpless face after a savage minute of massacre Robin finishes poor Diletta with a combination of 10 two-handed uppercuts to the chin that they collapse to the mat completely massacred Diletta, decreeing the victory by ko in the 1.34 minute of the fifth round by KO




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