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25 June 2021 Halle Berry vs Charlize Theron

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Posted by Lookout! on 25 June 2021 at 6:19pm


Halle Berry vs Charlize Theron

Results Lookout: Story Tractorpull


Halle Berry

Age 54

Height 5’6”


1 Unified Lightweight title

1 Reebox Bantamweight title

1 Maxim Bantamweight title

1 Paramount Bantamweight title

Charlize Theron

Age 45

Height 5’9 1/2”


7 Unified Lightweight titles

8 Unified Welterweight titles

1 Unified Middleweight Title

3 Maxim Lightweight Titles

2 Paramount Lightweight titles

1 Reebox Lightweight title

2 Reebox Welterweight titles

2 Paramount Welterweight titles

Initial member of the Tractorpull Hall Of Fame


Halle Berry is at the podium. I have the greatest respect for Charlize. I got to know her quite well when we were in Ginny’s Academy for a couple years. I wish I could say, as some have, that I knocked her out. I can’t I wish I could say as some have, that I beat her to a pulp in the tenth round, but referee wouldn’t stop the fight and she got a decision. I won’t say that either. What I can say is that I gave her a couple of good fights. The height difference never bothered me. We all knew that Charlize has problems with shorter girls. All that welterweight and middleweight action was a fallacy. She was always a lightweight. When she won the middleweight title, she didn’t revert back to welter, she reverted back to lightweight. When I heard she was going on a long cougar tour, I jumped at the chance and threw my name into the pot and she accepted. I think I can beat her. I watched her spar at Ginny’s..I know how she thinks. She been in 420 fights. She’s taken unbelievable punishment. I know that every fighter she fights says that. Ergo, they are going to punch her out. I’m not a big puncher, but one of these nights, she’s finally going to cave in. Everybody remembers the recent Krupa fight, Maybe tonights the another night like that

As usual Charlize refuses the mic, but in a rare bit of emotion she greets Halle as she is leaving the podium and give her a big hug

THE FIGHT Berry enters the ring wearing a black bikini, black gloves and black boxing boot. Her hair is cut short. Theron is wearing the blood red bikini with red gloves, and boots.Her blonde hair is in corn rows. Kate Upton is noticed sitting ringside close to Theron’s corner, casually dressed in a track suit

Round 1 They meet in the center of the ring, touch gloves and back off. Berry makes the first move. She surprises Theron by going right at her. She fakes a left and then come up with a right hook to Charlize’s chin that snaps the blondes head back. Theron recovers quickly and uses her reach advantage to land a right jab and then another as she has Berry back at a distance. Berry attempts to move in the again but there is that right jab again as Theron seems to be taking over command of the fight. Charlize is watching as Berry moves one way then the other looking for an opening. Charlize moves in throwing a right cross that sails over Berry’s head and she moves in. She’s inside Therons guard as she pumps in left and rights to Theron’s body. Berry is in tight with her head down against Theron’s chest as she goes to town on Theron’s midsection. She’s in close, Charlize doesn’t have punching room. Finally, Charlize manages to get her hands on Berry’s shoulders and pushes her away. As Halle stumbles back, Theron hands a right cross upside Berry’s head and comes back with a left cross. Berry is in trouble as Charlize lands an overhead right to Halle’s forehead. Another straight right slides past Berry’s head as she dips and comes up with an uppercut to the blondes chin that stops the assault. Berry follows up with a right cross to Theron’s jaw. Charlize comes back with a right cross that turns Berry to her right side. Another Theron right slams into her right ear. Berry is hurt. Theron’s going for the KO as she sets and drives a right into Berry cheek. Berry, in desperation tries a wide swing left cross that Theron easily avoids, but before she respond the bell calls an end to the round

Round 2 Berry doesn’t seem the worse for ware as she is out of her corner quickly, Holding her hands before her face to barrels into Charlize. Theron drops her hands expecting a body attack, when Berry straightens up and lands a right hook to Theron’s chin. Charlize drops back a couple steps more surprised than hurt. Theron steps in to engage in a slugfest, but Berry is already out of punching range. Berry is moving, eyes on her opponent. Charlize steps in ready to throw a couple fight ending hooks, but Berry is already charging her head down. Theron knows what is happening, but she is too late as Berry’s head rams into Theron’s breasts. The blonde winces in pain as she is driven back into ropes. A Berry left cross smacks across Theron’s face and a right hook sinks into her belly button. Theron sinks back into the ropes and Berry moves in for the kill, but Charlize comes up with right that slops upside Berry head. Theron takes over driving Halle back across the ring landing lefts and

rights. Theron has Berry on the ropes and sets up to end the fight with a blockbuster, which she doesn’t throw as a Berry right-left clobbers her breasts. Theron is stopped, just looking as the bell rings

Round 3 Punches have landed, but neither looks the worse for wear. Berry knows she can’t slug with Charlize until she has her worn out with body work. Theron is out ready to slug, but Halle just turns her back. Theron is stunned. She doesn’t understand what Halle is doing, but if Berry offering her back, she will punch it. Suddenly Berry swings around with her right slamming into Charlize left cheek A sweeping left sends the big blonde back into the ropes. Berry is on her opponent. Theron’s hands are up protecting her face. Berry goes to work on that Oscar winning torso. Berry is punching all over Chalize’s body rather than concentrating on her lower stomach. Theron’s breasts are being pounded as tears start to trickle down her beautiful face. Berry’s gloves dig into Theron’s side and rip into her midsection. The crowd is on its feet shouting “retire her” “Knock her out” and other unprintable wishes. The shouts enrage the blonde. She is going to put a stop to it, She shoves Berry away and slaps a right upside her head. Theron is off the ropes and start punching away. Berry’s head is being punched back by stinging jabs. Theron then changes and starts working on the body as the bell rings. Charlize is angry with herself by falling for Berry’s opening trick

Round 4 Despite her body being punched red, Theron is out of her corner quickly. They meet with Charlize throwing the first punch that lands on Berry’s head. Berry staggers back, but quickly regains her balance. She needs to get back inside She crouches low and attempt to get inside where Charlize would have to punch down as she pillages the body. It doesn’t work Instead of punching down, Theron dips and comes up with an uppercut that straighten Berry up. Another uppercut sends Berry back to the ropes. Berry’s worst wish is coming true. She’s going to have to slug with the big blonde. Charlize is in no hurry. She has her opponent on the ropes. She starts jabbing her opponents face, then switches to punching Berry’s head back and forth. The punishment is adding up. The referee is watching. Berry doesn’t want to go down without a last stand, so she throws out a punch Charlize’s way. It doesn’t land, but it satisfies the ref. Theron rips hooks into Berry’s bra. After 20 seconds of bust busting, Theron moves back to the punching Berry’s head back and forth at the bell. Berry is a wreck as she sways back to her corner In Theron’s corner. Lawrence is once again in her face. “What are you doing? Why are you just punishing. You could have finished her. That’s not like you and it is disgusting.” Charlize “you’re right. I was still upset by that back turning trick. I got that anger out. Charlize “lets hope they throw in the towel now. But it is not to be as she sees Berry getting up off her stool

Round 5. At the bell, Berry moves out to the middle of the ring. Charlize gets close. She knows Berry has nothing left. Berry throws a right cross that Charlize easily avoids. She launches another that also misses and she loses her balance and almost goes down. Charlize looks at the referee ‘Stop the fight. She’s in no condition to continue” Referee, ‘She the one who is punching. You are the one who is not” Charlize then closes and rips an uppercut that lands solidly on Berry chin. Berry drops straight down to her knees and then pitches forward on her face. The referee counts to five then waves the fight over. Kate Upton is seen clapping. She walks over to Charlize corner. Charlize with her arms over the top rope looks down and the two have a short conversation. Charlize laughs and Kate heads down the aisle to her dressing room as she has a big fight later in the night

AFTER Halle and Charlize are sitting at a table together facing the press.

Berry, “you know before this fight my friends were telling me not to take this fight. They were saying there is no way I’m beating the GOAT. Well, I thought maybe, just maybe I can get lucky and pull of a huge upset. Krupa did it, why can’t I? Well it turns out that my friends were right, but I did have one really good round”

Charlize, “The third, When you turned your back to me. I didn’t know what you were doing”

Halle “it worked. If I could hit like Cat Bell or Jennifer Garner or Kate Upton. you would have been out cold, but I can’t, so you survived. I remember seeing tears in your eyes after a little bust busting”

Charlize “I was angry. You had made a fool of me. So in the fourth, it was all about punishment. My humiliation got the better of me and I just wanted to punish. I want you to know that I got the riot act by Lawrence” I had to admit she was right. As an apology, can I take you to a late dinner?”

Halle: “Yes you can, At least I will be able to say I did some damage. Maybe not to your face or body, but to your bank account. I saw Upton after the fight. Ask her to join us. Maybe she can give me some tips on how to beat you” 



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