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3 July 2021 Taylor Swift vs Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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Posted by Fates on July 3, 2021, 3:48am



Taylor Swift vs. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Body Saddle on the Beach)

Results: Lookout
Words: Fates

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: 34 years old, 5’9”, 16-12 since 2011, Fates Boxing

Taylor Swift: 31 years old, 5’11” 58-28 since 2009, Fates Boxing


While Fates is no stranger to having stablemates fight each other, this fight has more on the line. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Taylor Swift are not only representing their countries on the beach, but are also vying for the spot of top blonde at Fates. To make the stakes even higher, this fight is a body saddle fight. After both blondes had a somewhat disappointing June against Lookout girls, with Rosie losing to Yvonne Strahovski and Taylor Swift losing the battle for Alpha Blonde to Kate Upton, both will be wanting to bounce back. For Rosie, she’s already beaten Emily DiDonato, and beating Swift tonight would guarantee that she’s the top lightweight at Fates. For Taylor, who’s lost to Emily, a win would prevent her from being viewed as the punching bag of the stable. And if Taylor didn’t have enough motivation to win, Alexis Ren has told her to defeat and saddle an opponent if she wants a crack at becoming the Mistress of the Body Saddle.

“Taylor was doing great until she lost to Emily.” Rosie says, referencing Swift’s loss to stablemate Emily DiDonato when the singer lost the lightweight title. “I mean, at least I beat the C list model.”

Taylor fires back, “At least I’ve won the title, unlike you, and I have the record for most consecutive title defenses at nine, along with a stint as Queen of the Ice Hotel. So don’t try to tell me you can compete with me, because you can’t.”

“Oh please,” Rosie fires back, “once I finish with you tonight you’ll have no choice but to acknowledge me as the best lightweight here. Not to mention that this is on a beach. I’m three years older than you are but everyone knows that you just can’t compete with me in a bikini. You should give up before I embarrass you.”

“We’ll see what you say when you’ve been saddled at the end of the night.” Swift responds.

The press interview ends, with both girls being escorted out of separate doors. They may be from the same stable, but they will certainly be bitter enemies in the ring.

The beach is illuminated by torches and lights, brightening up the sand in the dark. The crowd is noisy, ready for the body saddle fight.

Rosie is the first girl to make her way to the ring, the British girl showing off her envious model body in a small bikini with the Union Jack on it, the Brit opting for blue gloves for the fight. She paces around the ring, waving to the crowd and getting plenty of cheers and boos alike. Once she’s settled into the ring, Taylor enters to a warmer welcome, the singer wearing an American flag bikini with red gloves, the singer showing off her leggy frame. Rosie gets right up in Taylor’s face and the two girls stare at each other.

“You ready to be saddled?” Both girls ask the other at the same time. The referee steps in to separate them and calls for the bell for ten rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
The two blondes warily circle each other, delicately moving across the sand as they both know the other girl is dangerous. Swift is the first girl to strike, faking a right before using a left jab to catch Huntington-Whiteley in her mouth. The Brit stands her ground and smacks Swift back in her mouth, but instantly takes a right to her ribs and the model protects her head just in time to block a right from the singer. Rosie is quick on the counter, smashing two shots into Taylor’s chest that make the singer recoil, and now it’s Rosie who’s moving forward. The Brit steps forward and shoots out a right that hits the American in her guard, but Swift is ready for it and absolutely drills Rosie in her chin. The Brit kicks up sand as she retreats into the ropes where her stablemate drills body blows into her as the round expires. Swift gives RHW a shove as she leaves for her corner, having won the round on points, wide, thanks to her late surge.

Round 2:
Rosie is quick to get out of her corner, feints right, and clocks Taylor with a left hook. Swift counters with a right, but she misses as the quicker Huntington-Whiteley is able to reposition herself and stick Swift again, this time in her nose, and the Brit is having her way with the American here. Taylor giving up ground and protecting her head as Rosie darts around her, the model driving a right or left into the singer’s flank before retreating out of the taller girl’s range. Tay backs into the ropes and waits for RHW’s next strike. Rosie shoots out a right into Taylor’s ribs, but she’s not expecting Swift to stride right after her, putting her long legs to use and working the model back to the center of the ring. Swift fakes right – and gets her head snapped backwards by a lightning-quick right from the model – and the bell rings before she can take advantage. RHW takes the second as she shows she’s not the fighter she used to be, but is much better.

Round 3:
RHW continues where she left off in the second, circling around Taylor and dipping and diving around the singer’s defenses. Huntington-Whiteley lands a short right jab into Taylor’s chin early and the singer stumbles backwards into the ropes. Swift gets her gloves up just in time to block a hammer blow to her head, but her troubles don’t end as her stablemate slams two rights into her chest, knowing the singer’s disdain for those blows. Taylor recoils and wraps her arms around Rosie, forcing a break. When the action resumes, Swift meets Huntington-Whiteley’s aggression, landing a quick right into her torso and forcing the smaller blonde backwards. Taylor lines up a follow-up into the slimmer girl’s ribs, and Rosie quickly gets out of Taylor’s range, knowing the damage Swift can unleash. The two girls cautiously circle each other to the bell, when they go back to their own corners. Rosie again takes the round on points, this time close.

Round 4:
Swift seemingly gave herself the pep talk she needed to start the fourth because she looks like a different fighter, not afraid to put her long legs to use and chase after the smaller blonde. Rosie tags Taylor in her ribs, but instantly gets her head snapped back in response. Huntington-Whiteley kicks up sand as she backpedals across the beach, but she can’t escape her stablemate as Swift chases and connects with a vicious one-two combo that swivels Rosie’s head right, then left before she model falls backwards into the sand. Swift has the first knockdown of the fight in the fourth round, and she quickly gets out of the ref’s way as he counts over Huntington-Whiteley. The Brit lifts her head up and sees the ref counting, and scrambles around on the ground to get herself to all fours before picking herself up, some sand falling off of her back as she stands. The referee checks in on the Brit who merely pushes him aside, and he waves the American back in.

Taylor unleashes a flurry of strikes into Rosie’s guard, but the older blonde holds her own and hits Taylor in her mouth when the singer lunges. Rosie quickly finds Taylor’s body, but the younger blonde is quick on the clinch, wrapping up the smaller girl as time expires.

“Still think you’re the top blonde?” Taylor taunts Rosie as they go to their separate corners, the American girl winning the round on points, wide.

Round 5:
Rosie keeping her distance as Taylor chases after her stablemate, throwing jab after jab at the smaller blonde’s head. Swift crashes a right off of Huntington-Whiteley’s guard and the model steps backwards. Taylor follows and throws a big right – but she lunges and exposed herself, her eyes growing wide a second too late as Rosie has already sidestepped Taylor’s strike and crushes a right into Taylor’s mouth, opening her upper lip before crashing a left into the singer’s nose. Swift is briefly stunned and Huntington-Whiteley unleashes two straight rights into the American girl’s chin and down goes Swift! Huntington-Whiteley takes a second to look at Taylor before stepping over the singer’s body, glaring down at Swift. The referee starts to count as Swift moves her arms around underneath her, forcing herself to all fours, shaking her head as the ref counts out five. She gets to one knee, then stands up at the count of eight. The referee now checks in on Taylor, and satisfied with her answer, waves Rosie back in.

Huntington-Whiteley puts her speed to use, hitting Swift in her ribs as she dances around the singer, making sure to go for the occasional blow to Taylor’s chest and midriff too. Swift counterpunches when she can, but Huntington-Whiteley is too fast until Taylor predicts a right strike from Rosie and drills the model off of her cheek. The Brit backs off before Taylor can connect with another blow, and the singer strings together a few body blows. The two girls start circling each other and the bell rings, this time with Rosie winning the round on points with a knockdown, and she makes sure Taylor hears about it.

“What was that you were saying?” Huntington-Whiteley taunts. “You’ll end up just like Emily was when I was finished with her.”

Round 6:
Rosie comfortably takes control of the sixth, putting her experience modeling on the beach to use as she works Taylor’s body, driving blows into her fellow blonde’s torso. Swift groans as Huntington-Whiteley buries leather into her midriff, and the taller girl is quick to clinch Rosie to force a break. Once the action resumes, Rosie continues to work Taylor’s body until Swift connects with a right haymaker to Huntington-Whiteley’s face! Rosie is briefly stunned and that’s all Taylor needs to turn the tables, spinning Rosie’s head to the right with a hook before the model covers her head just in time to block the follow-up. Taylor’s gloves bounce off of Rosie’s, but the singer instantly goes to the smaller girl’s body, returning the favor from earlier in the round as she drives Rosie into the ropes where the smaller girl clinches. The bell rings as they are wrapped up, and both give the other a quick shove away. Taylor takes the sixth on points thanks to her late surge, as these blondes are still going after six rounds and two knockdowns.

Round 7:
Rosie winces getting out of her corner and Taylor sees it, prompting the singer to charge her fellow blonde stablemate. Rosie shoots out a right that clips off of Taylor’s ear before the singer slams a right into Rosie’s mouth, drawing a trickle of blood. RHW stays up but gets drilled by a follow-up left to her body, and the Brit is clinching early. Swift tries to get out of the clinch and go back to working the model’s body, but the ref breaks the two apart. Rosie keeping her distance after the break, counterpunching as Taylor keeps up the offensive. Swift bobs to her right and sticks Huntington-Whiteley with two quick lefts to her body, but the model comes back with a swipe across Swift’s chest before clinching again. Taylor is able to get loose this time and drills Rosie’s torso with a blow just before the bell, and the model’s doubled-up as she goes to her corner. Swift again takes the round on points, and is looking to be in good position to finish off Huntington-Whiteley.

Round 8:
Taylor has a grim look of determination in her eyes as Rosie’s hurting even more than she was to start the seventh, and the singer goes straight for Rosie’s head – but the model effortlessly moves out of the way and Taylor ends up lunging for her! RHW faked her exhaustion and now she’s going to town on Taylor, first slamming a right across her jaw, spinning the singer’s head to the left before hammering Taylor in her stomach. Swift lets out a groan as Huntington-Whiteley connects with the blow, but Swift doesn’t get any chance to protect herself from the follow-up uppercut that nearly drops her, the singer’s legs wobbling! Taylor covers up and protects her head as Rosie digs into her, before the taller girl clinches and hangs on to the bell, though it’s Taylor who’s energy’s spent as she returns to her corner, all while Rosie taunts her.

“I hope you’re ready to be saddled by the top Fates blonde.” Rosie taunts.

Round 9:
RHW is a woman on a mission as she gets out of her corner, and takes it to Swift, hammering the singer’s body in a sustained series of strikes. Taylor keeps her gloves up but Rosie just goes around the singer’s guard, striking her in the ribs, the model’s blows audibly thumping the singer’s body. Swift backpedals, her feet kicking up the sand as she desperately hopes to stop Huntington-Whiteley’s barrage. Rosie charges forward as Taylor plants her feet and the Brit connects with a straight right into the American’s chest, but Rosie nearly goes down from Taylor’s vicious haymaker counter! Swift draws on her strength reserves, socking Huntington-Whiteley with a right-left combo that leaves the model staggering backwards. Swift puts those long legs to use as she chases RHW, digging a right into the smaller girl’s solar plexus. Rosie swings back at Taylor but Rosie misses and Taylor pops her right in the chin and down goes Rosie! Swift, drained of her strength, staggers to the corner while the referee counts over a dazed Huntington-Whiteley. The blonde’s limbs move around and she gets to her stomach at the count of five. Rosie reaches out for the ropes, getting her right arm to the bottom rope, but that’s all she does as she can’t lift herself up by the count of ten! Your winner by KO9, Taylor Swift!

Taylor lets out a sigh of relief as the ref hits ten and declares her the winner of the fight. With that win, all of Fates’ lightweights in Rosie, Taylor, and Emily have faced each other with each girl having a 1-1 record for a three way tie, but that’s not the focus right now. Swift takes a breath, leaning on the ringpost, before raising her arms in victory and mounting the turnbuckle, but she doesn’t stay long. Taylor sheds her gloves and returns her attention to Rosie, grabbing the saddle from outside of the ring.

Huntington-Whiteley has pulled herself into a sitting position, her back braced against the ropes, the model breathing heavily after losing the fight. She sees Swift approaching, the body saddle hanging in her right hand, and Rosie’s eyes grow wide as she knows what Swift’s going to do.

“To use some words you said: are you ready to be saddled by the top Fates blonde?” Taylor asks Rosie, but the singer doesn’t wait for a reply. She drops the saddle before pulling off Rosie’s gloves. Rosie tries to slip out of the ring, but Taylor pulls her back in and gets her on all fours before putting on the body saddle.

“Now, Rosie, it’s your time to shine,” Taylor whispers in Rosie’s ear as the singer mounts the saddle.

“You b*tch!” Rosie replies, which merely gets her hair pulled on. RHW realizes she has no choice but to comply, and starts to make her way around the ring. But the 34 year old model is exhausted from her fight, and can barely make a lap before her arms buckle and she ends up face-first in the sand.

“What a pity,” Taylor shakes her head, “maybe the Brit I should have faced was Tamara Ecclestone, maybe she would have gotten further.”

With that, Taylor turns to the camera and looks directly at it.

“Alexis Ren!” Swift bellows, her foot planted on the back of her defeated stablemate. “You said I had to defeat and body saddle another fighter. How about a top ten lightweight? I’m coming for you and the Mistress of the Body Saddle. I’m not going to show you any mercy – are you ready to lose?”

With that, Swift leaves Huntington-Whiteley and returns to the ringpost, climbing up it to the cheers of the crowd, the singer smiling as she finishes with another impressive outing, actually beating one of her stablemates. Depending on how Alexis Ren responds, Taylor may well be getting a chance at that body saddle title she’s wanted all these years. 



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