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26 August 2021 Rhiannon Fish vs Lucy Fallon

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Posted by Vassago on August 26, 2021, 1:08 pm



Rhiannon Fish vs Lucy Fallon
(Lioness Club vs Beever's Babes)
(9-12, 6 KO vs 6-3, 6 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: It's bad enough when you get knocked out by Samia Ghadie in four rounds only to last less than three against Vanessa White on the follow up. Those are some bad losses for Rhiannon Fish amid her lenghty losing streak. The Australian actress simply has to win one of these fights soon or else she might find herself going back to ACB - without management support anymore.

Meanwhile Lucy Fallon hopes to take full advantage of Rhiannon's losing streak and emerge as a significant player for the legendary Beever's Babes stable. BBU TV's Denise van Outen claims the UK fans will never get tired of Samia Ghadie in first place but Lucy has curious tools to work with - even if she's best suited for genuine strawweight action.

Rhiannon Fish wears a blue bandeau bikini set & silver gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a curled ponytail. Lucy Fallon wears a red bikini set & black gloves. Long blonde hair pulled back into a fancy braid. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Lucy gets a quick jump on her opponent but most of her punches bounce off Rhiannon's high-guard and prevent her from securing the early profits. Meanwhile the Aussie actress responds over the top and lands several shots into the blonde's face that force the Brit backwards and allow the older babe to pursue the follow up assault. Lucy is quick on her feet but still gets exposed by the brunette's superior reach before wobbling onto the ropes where Fish laces her from both flanks and applies a sustained body assault in the final minute. Lucy slumps into loud spasms and shakes her head in frustration when the bell finally interrupts the Aussie charge.

Round 2:
Rhiannon goes for another head-hunting attack but Lucy's improved footwork allows her to escape the upstairs heat and she bangs several shots into the brunette's exposed midriff instead. Lucy enters the Duracell bunny mode and crashes so many hits on target even Denise van Outen loses the count while Rhiannon gets swiftly backed onto the ropes where she tries to clinch the Brit but still succumbs to the high-octane blast. She slumps into loud spasms herself while Fallon gets vocal and traps the older girl on the turnbuckle where she completes the power drive and leaves Fish with visible swollen marks on each side come the bell.

Round 3:
Lucy jumps into another speedy attack and targets the brunette's midsection but gets caught by one of her overhand response swings and stumbles to her heels with a sudden whimper. Rhiannon earns a rare opportunity to plug easy leather into the blonde's face and Fallon has to use her lithe footwork to escape the heat. She stumbles onto the ropes where Fish blows up her chimney regardless. The Barnet audience celebrates the Beevers' girl struggling to answer the heat and the fight takes another quick turn when Rhiannon lands a low blow into the Brit's groin. Ugh! That looked like a clear foul but the referee lets it go and Lucy cannot avoid getting pancaked from both flanks as a furious jabbing run leaves her wrapped behind a tight earmuff at the bell.

Round 4:
Rhiannon cranks up the jabbing heat but Lucy is ready for this and both girls jump into a vintage flyweight bash indeed. Mind over matter slugs make Rhiannon look desperate in particular but she keeps landing those head shots until she hands Fallon a visibly swollen lower lip. Ugh! Lucy cries out but rises through the attrition to hammer a quick series on the mouth before tearing into the brunette's guts as well. Fish spins out of contact and makes an ill-advised choice to reach out from her heels which Lucy counters on the spot and bangs a left hook on the chin that FLOORS THE AUSSIE ACTRESS in the closing stages of the round. Uh-oh!!! All that good work undone by a foolish move! Lucy struts back to coach Denise Lewis while Rhiannon sits down on her heels looking helluva upset indeed! She beats the count at eight and the clock expires moments later but she really fumbled all that advantage against a rival who would be better off fighting at strawweight!

Round 5:
Lucy smells blood and lets it fly from both flanks while Rhiannon must be on her last strike when it comes to Lioness patience and she goes all-in with her response. She's fortunate enough to bang a right hook on the brow ridge that Fallon ignores at first until she realizes there's a lot of swelling suddenly on display. Fish keeps working on the wounded area and assumes command when she spins Lucy to the side before a booming hook tears another small gash under the left eye again. Huh! Lucy tries to battle back with another Duracell bunny effort but the Aussie tourist keeps her at bay drilling more leather upstairs until Fallon breaks down in tears at the bell with her left eye completely swollen shut now! Uh-oh!!! That doesn't look good at all and the Beevers' entourage face a cruel medical decision.

Round 6:
Lucy refuses to quit over the swollen brow ridge but she can hardly duck underneath the jabbing pings as Rhiannon glues her right glove into the blonde's eye. Ugh! Too much mind over matter and Fallon cuts a subdued figure as she struggles to make her slugging efforts count as she simply gets blasted on the wounded eye with a perfect hit rate. She slumps on the ropes and cries out in visible pain before Fish just creams her on the swollen eye and that's enoug for the referee to halt the fight and call for the doctor. Lucy's left eye is swollen shut and she simply can't see a damn thing through it anymore. Denise Lewis agrees to throw in the towel if the fight is resumed so it's stopped on cuts anyway. TKO6 Rhiannon Fish!!!

AFTER: Lucy is promised a free rematch against any of the Lionesses whenever she recovers from this unfortunate stoppage while Rhiannon celebrates a much-needed victory that probably saved her from getting axed at the end of the season if not sooner! There's usually a lot of bad blood between the Lionesses and Beevers but Denise Lewis is lured away into the drinks bar where Christine Bleakley has set up a whiskey contest of sorts that even makes Denise van Outen curious. Meanwhile Lucy follows her coach with a large ice pack covering the left side of her face and appears to be in much better spirits once the first glass of Irish liquor enters her system!

Official Result: Rhiannon Fish def. Lucy Fallon TKO6.



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