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26 August 2021 Cheryl Cole vs Cher Lloyd

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Posted by Vassago on August 26, 2021, 1:01 pm



"X Factor" Throwback Fight
Cheryl Cole vs Cher Lloyd
(Lioness Club vs BBU Independent)
(27-25, 22 KO vs 11-5, 11 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: It's time to roll back time again as the highly anticipated boxing bout between former "X Factor" mentor Cheryl Cole and her TV show minion Cher Lloyd is finally about to take place. They first met on "X Factor" back in 2010 but a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then! Cheryl remains the post-Spice Girls singing bechmark around the area (just don't tell Nadine Coyle that) but Cher has the brash arrogance to claim she was always the best singer anyway. Add the natural born Gypsy attitude and we've got ourselves a problem!

Over to Cheryl: "Enough with this nonsense! I see nobody could silence this wannabe witch so I'll have to do it myself! Grr... I was paid to be nice to her on X Factor... she was on my team after all but those days are over, pet! Get ready to go back to Worcester or whatever caravan they kicked you out of!"

Cheryl Cole wears a leopard print bikini top, black hotpants & red gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a curled ponytail. Cher Lloyd wears a red crop top, matching hotpants & silver gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Cher wants to show her former mentor how far she has come in the last decade and cranks up the jabbing heat to force the older singer into a hectic retreat once the first series crashes into her face! It's usually Cheryl who applies the immediate pressure but Cher has other ideas tonight and makes the Geordie brunette learn it the hard way as she sends more punches upstairs that find the target much easier than anyone inside the KO Club anticipated. The slugging charge thumps Cheryl onto the ropes where she finally finds her response but that doesn't throw Lloyd off her game at all and both brunettes engage in a furious leather dispute come the final minute. Cheryl does enough to match the fellow singer's intensity but the early burst still allows Cher to take the round on points.

Round 2:
Cheryl gets more aggressive early and stays in the quick exchange as Cher keeps coming at her regardless. Both brunettes engage in a furious dust-up that remains too close to call until a left hook from the older singer smacks her opponent on the mouth and drops her onto her heels. Cher tries to push off to meet Cole in the slugging tangle but gets nailed across the lips again and drops back onto the ropes. She ducks underneath the initial attack but then Chezza harpoons her on the stomach and keeps pinned onto the ropes. Lloyd tries to punch herself out of the hole but eats more licks up the middle and has to clinch the Geordie stunner to avoid more trouble in the closing stages.

Round 3:
Cher just doesn't show much poise when it comes to working her mentor over and wants to knock her head off ASAP. She manages to stick a meaningful leather in the early stages of the third but Cheryl reads through this plan and outboxes the fellow brunette down the stretch. Lloyd's slugging ideas fail to overwhelm the Geordie rival and that's enough to make her look desperate when she keeps bouncing off Cole's forearms down the stretch. Cheryl doesn't quite drop the younger singer into deep trouble but does enough to back her onto the ropes where she splits her mitts and knocks her head backwards to raise more ovations from the KO Club audience.

Round 4:
Cheryl fires back over the top and sticks her mitts into Cher's face before the younger singer finds a proper harpoon downstairs to make the Geordie rival gurgle in anger. Another wild swing over the top tears a small gash under Cole's left eye and really makes her upset which triggers a hectic bash in the center of the ring. Cher keeps working upstairs and leaves Cole's lips visibly swollen during the furious push but it's the older brunette who lands the best punch as she blasts into Lloyd's chin and spins her to the side before thumping her onto the ropes where she adds more leather up the middle. Cher tries to punch herself out of this difficult spot but gets smashed on the lips herself and slumps into spasms right at the bell.

Round 5:
The hard-slugging affair continues in the fifth as Cher works on the gash under Cheryl's eye but shoots over her head that allows the Geordie singer to dig a vicious uppercut from the inside which opens the phone booth floodgates: "U little bytch!", Chezza gets vocal as she drives another series into the Gyspy brunette's chin and sucks her into a jabbing vacuum which allows her to pound her onto the ropes come the second minute. Cher gets desperate and tries to punch right back instead of maybe stalling the action and eats a brutal left/right combo before another booming hook on the lips bellows her on top of the ropes. Cheryl whacks the exposed midriff moments later and DROPS CHER ONTO HER KNEES with another shot on the temple moments later! Uh-oh!!! The clock expires during the count and Cher is saved at the last moment but she looks rattled when heading towards her corner!

Round 6:
Cheryl wastes no time to blow into Cher's face who isn't moving fast enough to avoid the slugging rush! The younger brunette gets glued to the spot and hangs on only as long as she manages to keep her high guard in tact but Cole still hammers it away and lands a brutal one-two combo on each temple that wobbles Lloyd into a thumping uppercut on the jaw... that punch LIFTS Cher off the canvas and sends her crashing down in dead meat fashion with eyes closed. And that's all she wrote, folks!!! KO6 Cheryl Cole who takes the 'X Factor' Throwback fight in style!!!

AFTER: Poor Cher has been knocked senseless and doesn't quite register all the dance moves Cheryl performs over her slumped body! Whatever! Cheryl orders her former understudy escorted backstage but Christine Bleakley intercepts the dazed brunette and lets her join the whiskey drinking contest instead. Cheryl is ready to hand out all the interviews but is reminded there's one rather important fight left on the Anniversary card so has to take one last backseat for the time being: "Geez, I know Ewelina is the new craze but c'mon! I did her a favor stepping away from the BBU title picture! Where is my glass anyway?"

Official Result: Cheryl Cole def. Cher Lloyd KO6.



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