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25 September 2021 Holly Peers vs Elisabetta Canalis

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Posted by Vassago on September 25, 2021, 9:21 pm



Holly Peers vs Elisabetta Canalis
(This Is Glamour vs BBU Independent)
(6-5, 5 KO vs 7-12, 6 KO)
Results: BBU: Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Glamour model Holly Peers scored an impressive beach victory over Esti Ginzburg back in March and hopes to emerge as regular title contender beyond the obvious JMDD genre. She targets former Italian lightweight champion Elisabetta Canalis as perfect victim to elevate her status however the Mediterranean model vows to spoil the Mancunian party and claims Holly is "another overrated bimbo with zero talent." That's a bold statement given Elisabetta's recent struggles; she's won just one of her last seven fights but words are cheap after all.

Holly arrives in the Wembley Arena ring flanked by coach Melinda Messenger who tells BBU TV's Georgie Thompson a Knockout of the Month is very much on the cards as Holly eyes Ryder Cup selection for the upcoming showpiece event next month. Now that is another bold statement as well!

Holly Peers wears a navy blue bikini set & red gloves. Long dark brown hair loose & straight. Elisabetta Canalis wears a silver bikini set with purple trim & purple gloves. Long dark brown hair in loose waves. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Holly gets aggressive early on and smacks the older brunette up the middle but Elisabetta realizes she can't allow the glamour model to stretch her wings and responds in equally slugging manner which leads into a hectic exchange in the center of the ring. Elisabetta doesn't target Holly's rack and tries to dissect her high-guard but gets picked off with superior power supply and wobbles to her heels while the Brit whacks her on each temple before booming a left cross on the nose at the two-minute mark. Canalis has to yield real estate and triggers a late push from the Mancunian brunette who clobbers her onto the ropes where she piles on additional leather to the body which leaves the Italian scrambling for an earmuff cover in the closing seconds.

Round 2:
Elisabetta lands the better punches at the start of the round but then Holly scythes her across the nose and raises the jabbing stakes down the stretch. She gradually outworks the Italian veteran as both women keep sending the aerial assault before a left cross tags Canalis on the nose and makes her gurgle in discomfort. Huh! Holly unloads more hooking prowess and bangs superior leather up the middle; Elisabetta tries to hang in the series but eats too many of these head shots and gets thumped onto the ropes where it's earmuff cover time again as the clock expires.

Round 3:
Holly looks in supreme form here as she keeps blasting her opponent into a complete standstill much to the crowd's delight. Elisabetta gets frustrated when most of her hooks bounce off the younger brunette's forearms and issues a verbal tirade in her native language. Peers quickly shuts her down though as she bangs a left hook on the temple and drives a gut-checking hammer moments later. Canalis gets stuffed on her heels and fails to react when Holly NAILS her with a vicious uppercut on the jaw. Uh-uh!!! DOWN GOES ELISABETTA!!! The lanky Italian crashes down flat on her back and can't stop swearing in her native tongue even when she beats the count at seven. Holly really wants that Ryder Cup spot and charges into another jabbing blast however runs out of time to blow Canalis away and has to be pulled away by the ref at the bell.

Round 4:
Elisabetta in pure desperation mode, she tries to whack Holly with a classic haymaker but shoots over her head and gets quickly run over by another uppercut combo. Peers dismantles her guard with ease and bangs another double on the mouth before a looping hook on the ear SENDS CANALIS DOWN ON HER KNEES!!! Ugh! The Italian veteran looks downright rattled by that last shot and sits down on her heels unable to fend off the vertigo daze anymore. It's all over! KO4 Holly Peers in highly-impressive fashion!!!

AFTER: Majority of these glamour models struggle for sustained success but Holly Peers is ready for big time exposure. She might just be the best lightweight BBU hasn't unleashed into true stardom yet! Will she get the crack at the Ryder Cup based on this performance? The selection commitee's hand might have been forced here according to BBU TV's Georgie Thompson. Watch this space!

Official Result: Holly Peers def. Elisabetta Canalis KO4.



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