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29 September 2021 Title Ch Damaris Lewis vs Alexina Graham

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Posted by Girls Friday on September 29, 2021, 2:21 pm



Tale of the Tape:
Alexina Graham:
Age: 31
Height: 5'11 ½
W/L: 7-1 (7KOs)
Damaris Lewis:
Age: 30
Height: 5'10
W/L: 12-9 (12KOs)
Current BBU welterweight champion.

(Free Agent vs Garnet Gunners UK)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

Here now we have the BBU welterweight title on the line, Alexina Graham hopes to turn her unbeaten run through the BBU ranks into a title win, standing in her way is the formidable punching champion Damaris Lewis, who will leave the BBU Arena with the belt around their waist?

Form wise Alexina has only lost one fight and that was to the BBU lightweight champion Miranda Kerr in the FCBA's Victoria Secret tournament, Damaris on the other hand took a gamble in the Diamond Boxing tournament in the FCBA trying to earn her way to an FCBA welterweight title fight, instead she only won two of the seven round robin fights she had there.

They faced off at the press conference, with both fighters coming to the center of the stage, Alexina wearing a white dress, Damaris wearing a black mini dress, they square up nose to nose, Damaris the one doing the talking as she tells Alexina "I can't wait to have you licking my boots little ginger girl" Alexina smirks at that considering she is taller of the two.

Heading to sit on their stools as the BBU welterweight title is brought onto the stage on a navy blue pillow and placed on a podium at the center, Alexina is given the chance to speak first, she stands up waving to the press, then says "wow to think I really am getting a title shot, all the hard work I have put in for this moment, it will be worth it when I lift up that title" pointing to the podium.

Damaris seeing that shakes her head as she stands up, marching to the podium to grab the belt in her right hand, lifting it as she points it towards her challenger, yelling "this is as close as you get to this! I am not going to lose to a soft little bytch that is lucky I chose her" Alexina's eyes narrow as she stares intensely at the champion.

"I have had enough of the doubters, plenty of them in this room I bet, all you are Alexina is someone for me to use as a punch bag, maybe I'll collar you and drag you around the ring by a leash, you will suffer at my hands bytch" adds Damaris, almost snarling as she speaks.

Alexina replies "talk is cheap like you Damaris, I'll save my talking for in the ring" turning her back on Damaris, who scowls as she can't believe the disrespect, mouthing "bytch" as this has certainly gotten personal between them.

Fight night, out first comes Alexina wearing a red hooded robe, her coach following as she jogs to the ring, getting a loud cheer as she stands on the ring steps facing the crowd with her arms in the air, the robe gets dropped as she reveals she is wearing a red sports bra, matching trunks and shoes, white gloves, while her hair is in a braid, she climbs into the ring looking cool as she nods to her coach she is ready.

Here comes the champion through the curtain with her coach holding up the title belt, she walks with purpose down the aisle wearing a black robe with gold trim, once at the side of the ring she drops the robe while staring at Alexina, revealing she has a black sports bra on, black trunks with her surname in gold letters on her waistband, black shoes with gold trim, golden gloves and her hair is braided too, she steps into the ring banging her gloves together looking intense.

The title belt is held by the referee as both fighters come to the middle of the ring, eyes locked as the crowd is whistling and cheering already, the tension between the fighters clear to see, when told to touch gloves they simply turn on their heels back to their corners, once everything is ready the bell rings to start 10 rounds of BBU welterweight title action.

Round 1:
"Ding!" Out the gates they come trading single punches, trying to get the range where they want it, it's not long before Damaris swings in her first power punch, a left hook that Alexina sees in time as she steps back out of range, landing a double jab in response to the chin of the champion.

Maybe the bad start to the year is squarely on Damaris's mind or she wants to make an example of her opponent, she keeps swinging in power punches without properly setting it up, missing as Alexina can see them coming, countering with punches square into the face of Lewis to knock her back a step.

By the half way stage of the round Damaris is on the outside part of the ring as the challenger controls the center, punches landing between the fighter's more now as Damaris listens to her coach and actually uses a jab to set up her follow up punches, problem is by now she is letting Alexina outwork her with beautiful combination punching.

Into the final forty five seconds, Damaris lands her best punch of the round as she deflects a straight with her left, countering with a right cross to the cheek of Alexina, then a short left follows to the body, finished by an uppercut that knocks Alexina back onto her heels, Damaris motors forwards but the bell rings with the champ looking to the lights cursing herself for being so reckless to start, handing the round to Alexina.

Round 2:
Again it's Alexina off the mark the quickly opening up more as she doubles up her jab, Damaris stalking her more behind her own jab, grazing the cheeks of Alexina when she steps in with more harder thrown shots, the challenger showing the speed that got her to this stage.

Seeing an opening though after dodging a jab, Damaris uses her left to punch into the chest of Alexina, who grunts out before a right cross hits her across the cheek, Damaris now steps in to force the issue as Graham's weakness is now on show, she lacks the raw power of most of the other welters, getting knocked back onto her heels by a left hook followed by a straight.

Alexina lashes out and lands a left cross as she tries to fight away from the ropes, getting clocked with a right cross as she moves in that direction, soon enough finding herself herded back to the ropes, where she shells up when the heavy artillery starts to come her way, especially the uppercuts with some steam behind them.

After holding onto Lewis to force the referee to split them up, Alexina gets back into comfortable space, working behind her jab as she moves side to side in the final minute, till Damaris catches her with a jab square on her lips, followed by a right cross to the jaw that stops her in her tracks, the round comes to an end with Damaris raising her arms in the air strutting to her corner, so sure of herself as she evens the score up.

Round 3:
Going at it with harder shots to start off, Alexina looks to try to stand her ground more to earn the respect of Damaris, showing a little lack of experience at this level as she plays into Damaris's game, a right hook lands to the side of her head to make her stumble a step to the side, Damaris digs in two left hooks to the body to follow up.

Backwards goes Alexina as she is being worked around the outside of the ring, she is landing some good single punches but is predominantly being smacked back by Damaris, who looks right in her comfort zone bullying the redhead, swinging in more body shots to make Graham groan out more.

Pulling Damaris into another tight clinch, Alexina has some redness forming around her cheeks, she looks annoyed to say the least how things are going, referee breaks them up after a little trash talk from the champion, who tries to quickly pounce on Alexina, missing with a right cross as Alexina sees it coming and reacts.

A one-two combo catches Damaris on the chin now, with Alexina following up with two hooks of her own to the body, getting shoved back by a left forearm, Alexina is starting to put her punches back together as they head towards the final moments of the round, keeping away from where she can be trapped till the bell dings to end the round, another good solid round for the champion.

Round 4:
Working around the center of the ring, Alexina starting to move her upper body more, letting Damaris come to her then countering with some beautiful shots onto the face and even the chest of her opponent, with Damaris landing a few good body shots in response.

As the first thirty seconds goes by, an annoyed looking Damaris swings in a left hook that finds thin air, a counter uppercut catches the champion on her chin, now she is finding herself being swarmed back onto the ropes, Alexina catching her with several clean shots that gets the crowd roaring, leading to Damaris grabbing onto her in a headlock till the referee can break them up.

When they resume Damaris doesn't look as keen to let her hands go, Alexina using the extra freedom to pick her punches better, drilling as many into the body of the New Yorker as she does between her mitts into her face, getting caught though more as she plants her feet.

With a left cross late on smacking Alexina on her jaw, a straight lands on her nose to knock her back a step, with Damaris rushing her challenger into a neutral corner, Alexina covering up as the final forty seconds sees Damaris swinging in hooks, most don't land clean as Alexina takes them on her forearms, at the end of the round Damaris thuds her gloves together showing her frustration, temperament has never been her strong suit, while Alexina gets a pat on her back from her coach.

Round 5:
Trading more stiff punches through opponent's mitts as they open up, Alexina marking up the cheeks of Damaris as she moves side to side, not wanting to be in the firing line of the power puncher, Damaris showing flashes of frustration throwing in haymakers that find thin air.

After the opening minute of Damaris getting outboxed, she slowly begins to use her footwork to cut off the ring more, Alexina getting caught with a straight to her lips, a follow up left cross turns the challengers head as she tries to fight her way out of the neutral corner she is being boxed into.

A left cross lands across the nose of Alexina, making the redhead cry out as her nose starts to trickle blood, Damaris grinning as she swings in short hooks, trying to knock out the challenger, who grabs onto the right arm of Alexina, both fighters digging in small punches to the others kidneys as they bump chest till they can be broken apart.

Getting back to boxing on the back foot, Alexina slams in her jab to the top of the head of the champion, the fighter's trade stiff punches into each others face, Alexina groaning out as more blood starts to run from her nostrils, Damaris just misses a right hook as Alexina leans out the way then lands a counter uppercut, she now rushes the Garnets fighter onto the ropes.

At the bell both fighters stare intensely at their opponent, then jogs back to their corners to be cleaned up, Damaris is being warned to keep her focus as her coach can see that trigger is close to being pulled on the grenade that is her temper, Alexina meanwhile has her nose worked by her coach, told to keep her gloves up and use her smarts that got her this far.

Round 6:
Moving around the center of the ring trading as Alexina allows Damaris to come at her, dipping under a straight to bury a left/right into the abs of the champion, getting clipped to the top of the head as she gets pushed back a step, getting out the way of a follow up left cross to get into space.

Alexina boxing well on the move, digging several counters into the chin of Damaris, a left cross catching the champion as she finds herself being pressed towards the ropes, with Lewis pushing her back to create space, with both landing hard shots as they fight around the ring.

A left hook catches Alexina into her body, with a straight catching the redhead onto her nose to start it bleeding again, while Graham started off brilliant, she is being herded around the ring near the ropes, where now it's Damaris landing the better shots, the crowd on it's feet as both women let their hands go, drilling each other square into their opponent's face.

Late in the round Alexina slips a right cross to counter with a short left hook onto the jaw of the American, an uppercut follows to send Lewis onto her heels as now she is being driven back under a flurry towards the ropes, the round comes to a close with both women covered in sweat, there's a little puffiness forming on Damaris's left cheek, Alexina has a little trickle of blood running from her nose onto her bust as neither is worried about a battle scar if it means they take home the title.

Round 7:
Clashing around the center of the ring, Alexina is trying to bait in Damaris, she gets caught on her nose with a straight, Damaris then clocks a left hook onto the temple that rocks back the challenger, DAMARIS DEFLECTS A LEFT TO COUNTER WITH AN UPPERCUT THAT SENDS ALEXINA ONTO HER BACK!

What a way to kick off the round! Damaris jogs to the neutral corner, 1...2...3... Alexina looks up with half open eyes, groaning as 4...5...6.. Alexina's head goes back down to the canvas, 7...8... The redhead's coach banging on the apron to try to get her stand, 9...10 it's over! Damaris with the stunning knockout!

Winner and still BBU welterweight champion! Damaris Lewis KO Round 7

The winner bouncing on her toes grinning as she raises her arms in the air, Damaris marching over to the downed Alexina, putting her right foot on the chest of the beaten woman, grinding it in as she says "I told you I'd get you ginger s**t" moving her foot up the chest to the lips of Alexina.

"Lick and kiss my toes! Show the world whose the better woman!" Damaris orders Alexina, who at first tries to turn her head away, but cruelly Damaris presses her foot into the bloody nose of Alexina, who cries out before she starts to kiss the feet of Damaris, eyes full of tears as her cheeks redden up in embarrassment at having to do this.

Once Damaris is satisfied she has made her point, she slips off her gloves then grabs Alexina by her hair to lift her up to her knees, pointing into her face as she says "now you better not dare look at me the wrong way again or I will whip you like the bytch you are!" Giving her a slap to rub the point in.

The winner marching towards her corner, getting a fist bump from her coach, Damaris smiling for the first time in months, getting a big win to show she is still elite, when a camera goes near her she tells the world "any bytches want to take this title from me, they better bring their lunch because I will f**king break you" giving a middle fingered salute to her rivals.

Alexina on the other hand is helped out the ring by her coach, she has her head down as she looks ashamed that she was beaten and humiliated, her coach looks to be hoping that this won't have crushed her confidence, telling her "you can come back stronger from this, don't let that nasty bytch get to you" making Alexina nod as she wipes tears from her cheers.

Someone who doesn't care about her now is Damaris, who gets the title belt placed around her waist, the winner posing with her arms flexed for the cameras, she soon steps out the ring with her coach, waving for fans to cheer for her as her confidence seems to be firmly back.



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