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23 October 2021 Danielle Lineker vs Fiona Wade

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Posted by Vassago on October 23, 2021, 8:25 am



Danielle Lineker vs Fiona Wade
(Wales vs England)
(9-10, 8 KO vs 7-11, 7 KO)
Results: BBU: Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Promotional slam dunk in the cougar division as two stunning brunettes are ready to lock horns in the Main Event with local favorite Danielle Lineker coming off a good win over Sandy Moelling to boost her career revival. However Emmerdale's Fiona Wade stopped the notorious Geri Halliwell on the Lioness Club anniversary card few weeks ago and claims she will send Danielle back to the basement with room to spare:

"Okay, so Danielle has the Cardiff support and thinks she's back. Yeah, right. She should be mud wrestling for all it's worth! This boxing thing is too much for anymore! Just because she beat up some washed up blonde bimbo it doesn't mean she's any good! It's my job to expose that fraud tonight!"

Danielle Lineker wears a red bikini set & neon green gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a half-up ponytail. Fiona Wade wears a purple bikini set & silver gloves. Long raven-black hair loose & straight. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Local support counts for a lot and helps Danielle to build a quick jabbing storm that catches Fiona straight up! The Welsh models plugs heavy leather into the fellow brunette's face and tees off from both flanks to enjoy a dominant spell in the center of the ring. Fiona fails to embrace the heat and bails out into mid-range instead of maybe finding a proper response which only fuels Lineker's attacks. Fiona survives the rush through some nifty footwork but spends the final minute in a desperate retreat which has Kate Abdo lost for words in the BBU TV booth. Huge roar from the Cardiff audience at the bell as Wade avoids eye contact with her opponent.

Round 2:
Fiona drops the jabbing hammer and silences the Welsh audience with some quick work that exposes Danielle's guard but the model manages to stick her mitts into her opponent's chest and stymies her attack down the stretch. Both women clash in the center of the ring as Fiona restores order when she blasts Lineker in the navel and works her to the body during the second minute. Danielle refuses to back off however bounces off the forearms in response too often to shelve Wade's progress and has to seek respite in mid-distance. Fiona still clocks her with a right hook on the eye and backs her onto the turnbuckle where she pounds away to the body much to the crowd's anger.

Round 3:
Danielle storms back into contention and slams a left/right combo up the middle before looping a vicious cross on the nose that makes Fiona yelp in pain. The response swings over the model's head and allows her to slam another double from the inside; Fiona gets caught on the chin and wobbles to her heels where she struggles to embrace a furious jabbing charge that picks her off in comfortable fashion. Danielle keeps her foot on the throttle and traps the Emmerdale actress on the ropes where she plugs her in the boobs to cave Wade behind a desperate earmuff. Huh! She belts her several times in the ribcage late but gets clinched into safety before she can really chop the subdued foe in half. Fiona strikes a dejected pose at the bell as she keeps shaking her head during the interval as well.

Round 4:
What can go wrong for the Cardiff faithful? How about Fiona blasting a left/right cross into Danielle's nose and spilling some blood early in the fourth! The Emmerdale stalwart shocks the arena by slugging the local favorite off the bat and hurting her with a powerful delivery! The bleeding isn't big but affects Lineker for remainder of the round to the point Wade just bashes her at will and traps on the turnbuckle half-way through! Ugh! Danielle finds the counter-punching response but only matches the fellow brunette's intensity and really comes second best with that nasal injury which has Fiona thumping more leather to further extend it as well. A late clinch finally stalls the action with the cards tied.

Round 5:
Danielle gets her nostrils patched up but she knows Fiona will be all over her soon... sure enough, here comes the Emmerdale babe who WALKS into a huge right hand before a looping left cross nails her on the jaw. Uh-oh! Danielle flicks another chin-checker and slumps Wade on jelly knees however she still has time to unload a true power punch that slams the actress on the ear and DROPS HER ON HER BACKSIDE amid a wild ovation from the Cardiff audience! Fiona can't quite believe how she ended up on the deck and recovers back to her feet at six alas Danielle smells blood and leaps into immediate assault blowing punches straight into her opponent's face. Fiona doesn't establish a proper defense in time and gets bulldozed back to the ropes where she gets hammered from both flanks until Lineker whacks her on the ear again and DROPS ON ALL FOURS to walk away with a huge KO5 victory! Ref doesn't even bother with the count as Fiona quickly rolls into embrional position and waves the proverbial white flag on the spot.

AFTER: Several BBU pundits wrote the Cardiff model off few years ago but she's won the last three fights on the bounce and claims she's by no means done: "Hey, I'm on frickin' roll again! Don't tell me I should get lost! Wales still loves me and I'm always money! It's about time I get another shot at the PPV or what! (...) Neah, she didn't really hurt my nose all that much. Okay, so I took one punch too many. Who cares! She's the one who needs assistance while leaving the ring!" (giggles).

Official Result: Danielle Lineker def. Fiona Wade KO5.



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