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27 October 2021 Shannon Singh vs Neelam Gill

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Posted by Girls Friday on October 27, 2021, 6:13 pm



Tale of the Tape:
Shannon Singh:
Age: 22
Height: 5'6
W/L: 1-0 (1KO)
Neelam Gill:
Age: 26
Height: 5'10
W/L: 0-2

(This is Glamour vs Free Agent)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

We kick off tonights PPV with a battle of young models hoping to make their mark in the division, the Scottish Page Three model Shannon Singh and English model Neelam Gill both have their countries pride on the line, who will emerge on top?

Heading into the bout both put their thoughts on the contest on their social media, Shannon telling her fans "come see me beat up Neelam what's her name? To think Neelam you have modelled long then me but nobody knows who you are, I am a much bigger star and you'll see soon enough I am going to be the new face of the lightweight division around here" showing the confidence she has had since entering celebrity boxing.

While Neelam posted in reply "you talk a lot don't you Shannon, you failed miserably on Love Island, I'll happily give you a reality check in the ring" not short of confidence, even if she lacks any form after losing her first two fights in the BBU.

Fight night, out first comes Shannon with her new coach Melinda Messenger, she struts to the ring wearing a gold coloured sports bra, matching trunks with her surname in silver letters on the waistband, gold coloured shoes and gloves, her hair tied into a ponytail, stepping into the ring with a smile as she fist bumps Melinda before getting into her warm up routine.

Here comes Neelam with her coach, she thuds her light blue gloves together as she jogs down the aisle, she has a light blue sports bra, matching trunks and shoes, her hair is braided, she climbs into the ring with a nod to her coach to show she is ready for this fight.

Referee brings the fighters back to the center of the ring, they bounce on their toes looking each other over, Neelam scowling as Shannon smirks at her, when told to touch gloves, they thud their gloves into their opponent's set, returning to their corners with coaches giving final pieces of advice, the bell then rings to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
Out they come eyeing each other up as Shannon is more flat footed of the two, Neelam moving up on her toes trying to use her reach advantage early on, Shannon to her credit from her first fight is using her own jab more, edging in closer wanting to unload her power punches.

The opening minute though is mostly Neelam acting like a matador, making Shannon miss as the Page Three star just keeps pulling the trigger a little too early on her right hand, instead the shots from Gill are peppering the cheeks of Singh, getting her fans excited as they cheer her on with each clean hit she lands.

But Shannon shows how dangerous she can be, deflecting a straight as she lands a right hook to the body, getting in closer with more body shots following up when Neelam tries to move back to create space, Neelam finding herself in a power struggle now as she tries to force back her opponent, instead she gets clocked across her face with two short cross punches.

Shannon now dominating the center of the ring, pressing Neelam around near the ropes, the heavy hands of Shannon as she really twists her hips into her punches are turning Neelam's head around, the older fighter not enjoying those clean hits, forced to shell up with under twenty seconds to go.

When the round comes to an end, Neelam is kicking herself for letting Shannon off the leash after a strong start to proceedings, Shannon being praised off Melinda, who also tells her where to tighten some things up in her technique, Shannon listening intently to the page three legend.

Round 2:
Back out they come with Shannon leading from the front with several body shots digging around the abs of Neelam, who backs off towards the ropes and sidesteps Shannon when she sees the Scottish lass swing in a right hook that had some venom behind it.

Several counter punches start to catch Shannon as she shows a little of the temperament she had in her debut fight, rushing with her power punches as clearly she wants to really impress her coach, instead it's allowing Neelam to show off her boxing skills, for not having won a fight yet, Neelam has good technique and hand speed.

A counter right catches Shannon on her left cheek, Neelam grinning as she is marking up the face of her opponent, taking the center of the ring herself as Shannon is forced to take a step back when a one-two combo smacks into her face, Gill is in full flow now.

Heading into the final forty seconds, Shannon dips under a left cross to land an uppercut that knocks Neelam onto her heels, all that hard work looks to being undone as Neelam finds herself driven into a neutral corner by a well drilled body assault, Neelam grabbing onto her opponent to force the referee to break them up.

At the bell Neelam looks more relaxed but her coach is warning her to protect herself better, Shannon meanwhile looks upset as she sits on her stool, Melinda reminding her it's just one bad round, Shannon taking a breath to keep cool, nodding to her coach her thanks.

Round 3:
Back out they come with eyes locked behind their gloves, Shannon closes the distance enough to land two short hooks to the body to make Neelam groan out, a left cross to the top of Shannon's head is then followed by a straight as Neelam shows she won't be bullied so easily.

Both fighters letting their hands go more, Neelam outworking Shannon in the first minute with swift combination punching, smacking back the head of the Page Three girl when Shannon misses, Gill's coach roaring praise each time she lands flush, making Neelam look more confident.

A short right though catches her on the jaw, Shannon starting to muscle back Neelam to the ropes, pounding away on the inside till Neelam can hold onto her, there's a little dirty boxing from Neelam as she rabbit punches Shannon, earning a warning from the referee when they are pushed apart.

Trading as they fight around the ring, Shannon not wanting to take a backwards step, though she is having to when Neelam is jamming one-two combos through her guard into her face, Shannon keeps catching Neelam in response with overhand shots as it is close to call whose winning, if you like power shots then Singh is looking great, workout then Gill is your girl right now.

At the bell both beauties stare each other down as Shannon doesn't look one bit happy still about the rabbit punches, Neelam looking like she wants Shannon to lose her cool, both return to their corners after being ordered twice by the referee, where they get washed down as the crowd is cheering and whistling for both fighters.

Round 4:
Trading stiff shots out the gates, Neelam is landing some nice jabs but Shannon is moving her head a little more, a feint from Shannon causes Neelam to take the bait, missing with a straight as Neelam crouches under it, INSTEAD AN UPPERCUT LANDS FLUSH ON THE CHIN OF NEELAM, WHOSE LEGS GIVE WAY AS DOWN ON HER FRONT GOES GILL!

What a punch! Shannon walks to the neutral corner smiling before kissing her right fist, 1...2...3... Neelam can be heard groaning as she lays face down, 4...5....6... Neelam's head turns to her right side, gumshield hanging out as her eyes are shut, 7...8...9...10 in under thirty seconds of the fourth, Shannon has laid out Neelam for the count!

Winner Shannon Singh KO Round 4

Shannon has certainly shown she has the power at this weight to be troublesome in the division, she jogs over to Neelam, crouching in front of her as she says "I guess you got the reality check darling" laughing as she stands up straight, arms in the air as the crowd cheer her.

Returning to her corner once the ringside doctor is in to check on Neelam, Shannon gets a pat on her back from Melinda with praise, Melinda saying "that's my girl! Nobody can handle you in the lightweight division" making Shannon grin ear to ear at that.

Neelam on the other hand is brought around, holding her jaw as she still looks dazed, her coach kneeling beside her as they look worried for her, it's not long before the doctor and her coach help her up and out the ring, Neelam stopped again tonight, she has to be wondering where her first win (if any) will come.

In the ring Shannon heads to the center, getting her right hand raised by the referee, she flexes her left arm with a big smile as the crowd applaud her, looking to the cameras as she says "who doesn't love a winner?" Giving a cheeky wink as she shows a more playful side then she has so far tonight.

Heading out the ring with Melinda, both talking about Shannon's stablemate Bethany Lily April fighting later tonight, Shannon saying "when Bethany wins remind her since she is the former champion she buys the champagne" to a chuckle from Melinda, who replies "you two can fight over that" both joking all the way to the back, whose next for Shannon as she builds her career.



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