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4 July 2021 Alexis Ren vs Alyssa Lynch

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 4, 2021, 8:01 pm



(23, 5’8, VIXENs)

(24, 5’7, 120, VIXENs)

“It’s a good day to kick ASS-lyssa’s ASS,” Ren grinning from ear-to-ear as she waves to the fans in the rafters.

The FCBA 4th of July event is in full swing and we’re just kicking things off on another stretch of the beach. Alexis is drawing hoots and whistles from the fans seated on the makeshift steel seats set up on one edge of the beach, a large swath of beach in the middle reserved for the action.
Alexis Ren strutting across the front row of the cordoned off audience members, showing off a turquoise bikini top and a multi-coloured beach towel wrapped around her waistline.

“I make it a point to smack dear Alyssa around at least one a year,” she continues, speaking to reporters. “The little b*tch is getting a little full of herself again, and needs to be taken down a notch.”

Up next strides Alyssa Lynch, flanked by Co-head Trainer Corey Saucier. The VIX Bantamweight looks toned, her oiled skin glistening in the afternoon sun. She makes her way barefoot across the hot white sands, dressed in a dark amber bikini, a patterned head scarf wrapped loosely around her head for personality. She too gives a short wave to the sudden chorus of cheers.

“It was a pleasure seeing Ren humiliated and humbled. First, by Eden, and then by Taylor. She’s in a slump, and I intend to take advantage of that.”

Today’s contest isn’t a regular boxing one though. A small-sized pit has been dug out in the center of the arena, about 10x10-feet in diameter and length, and neck-high, meaning both fighters will have to be slowly lowered in later by helping hands.

It’s your classic belly-punching contest, with two girls facing off in close proximity, with no room for stunts or escape. The rules are simple: ladies will give and take three punches to the body at one time. The winner struts away when the loser simply can’t continue. If one of the girls sinks down to her knees, her attacker gets another three free punches in.

This fight ain’t going on either girl’s record, but there’s more than a professional victory on hand: Lynch and Ren posing from opposite sides, giving each other the stink eye before the referee signals for them to be lowered down into the pit.

Pride on the line and not wanting to disappoint their respective fans the referee flips the coin into the air. Alyssa calls ‘Heads’, Ren for ‘Tails’.

It looks like Ren will start first!

HERE WE GO! It’s Alexis Ren facing off against Alyssa Lynch in the Belly Punching Pit!

Ren comes sauntering in, smirking wide as she teases, “I’m gonna enjoy this…” whilst Alyssa is giving her the stink eye, daring the blonde to do her worst. Lynch moves back towards the wall, resting her frame up against it and already bracing for the first attack with both her hands planted flat on it.

Ren takes her time, circling in, mocking her old rival as she pokes a finger into Alyssa’s tummy, just above the belly button, before laughing. “You want me to bust you right here?”

“Shut up, b*tch. Just get it over w-AAAGHHHH!”

Sneaky Ren not waiting for Lynch to finish her sentence, knows those abs are most vulnerable when they’re relaxed mid-speech. Alyssa gets caught by the first snap uppercut right to the belly, Ren’s fist drilled in just above the belly button without remorse.

“Obviously, you don’t get a freakin’ choice,” Ren sneers in her face, her opening attack on point.

She quickly follows up, shoving Alyssa’s hands away from her tummy before powering two more punches straight in, Lynch already hunched over from the impact somewhat. This time, however, Alyssa properly braces her body against the back wall, and the punches harmlessly bounce off with a double grunts of exhaled air.

Ren’s still grinning, thinking this might be the easiest fight for her to win with her opponent’s tummy open for business, cockily struts in to take Alyssa’s place against the wall, daring her fellow Vixen to do her worst.

“Let’s see what ya got, ASS-HHHAUUGHH!!”

Lynch returns the favour with a balled fist shoved up into Ren’s solar plexus, enjoying the feeling of the blonde’s body lurching forward and into her arms.

“F-f*cking b*tch!!” Ren spits, but is powerless to do anything but wait for the other two strikes to land.

Lynch’s turn to grin wide, pull that right fist back for her follow-up, but not before planting her knuckles square on Ren’s navel, as though using it for target practice. It’s clear that one of these girls has a strategy coming into this fight, whilst the other does not. Ren bracing herself, sucking in a deep gulp of air just as Alyssa pulls back her arm - the second uppercut lands square on the button, but doesn’t hurt as much as the first shock to the system. Lynch targets the same area a third time, the final try with a step in for extra power to bury her fist into Ren’s abs, earning a final grunt from the blonde’s lips before they morph once again into a smirk.

“My turn, b*tch..” Ren says, quickly lunging at Alyssa’s hair to tug her inwards.

Lynch immediately growls to protest, but has to remember the rules of this contest: it’s Alexis’ turn and she has to comply. For now. Ren’s still gripping and pulling on her brown hair, shoving her head into the wall to give her leverage over the rest of her opponent’s squirming body.

Ren landing one, two, three punches into Alyssa’s body without much hesitation, her overeagerness to punish meaning her shots land all over the brunette’s torso, which earn her a few low grunts from Lynch but nothing more.

Ren scowling as she instinctively pulls back an arm to deliver a fourth, but has to stop herself when Alyssa lunges outwards to grab her strawberry blonde hair to the side, the two arch-rivals forced to exchange positions against the wall but neither really wanting to do so, would much prefer to beat the snot out of the other girl with no strings attached.

This time, Alyssa adds insult to injury, shoves an elbow into Ren’s throat to pin her squirming body to the wall of sand. Ren gurgles, her torso squirming as she’s about to let loose another tirade of insults when Lynch draws her fist back and DRILLS it into the area right below Ren’s navel.

Ren lets out an URRKK as her eyes go wide, lips parted mid-vulgarity, but quickly gets her hands pushed away from the impact zone as Lynch powers another fist into her body, in the exact same spot. This time, Ren almost crumples over, her body folded in half over Alyssa’s taped fist.

“Ready to give up, Ren?” Alyssa huffs with a smirk.

“BIITCHHH!!” Ren hisses, forcing her body to straighten back up, before she lets out another HNNNNNNGGGH as Alyssa completes the trifecta of punches into her belly.

“Guess that’s a no,” Alyssa grins, before stepping away, thinking that Ren is about to go down to her knees, meaning she’ll get another three strikes, free-of-charge. “I guess there’s where Eden shoved her fist into your tummy, huh?”

Ren, shivering, takes a moment to compose herself, but when she straightens up once more, there’s a hard glare in her eyes, lit by a renewed fire. Without warning, Ren pushes herself off the wall and lunges at Alyssa, digging both hands into her hair and roughly shoving her back into the opposite hard surface.

Lynch has barely enough time to retaliate before she takes a hard SLAAP across the face, followed by a right hand that’s driven into her gut. HUUURRKKK! Lynch definitely felt that one, her lithe body folded over Ren’s fist, as the blonde spits down at her from above.


Just as Alyssa props herself back up (using Ren’s shoulders for support) another fist slams into her ribcage, Ren really battering any target she can find, looking for the sweet spot to bring her opponent down. The second punch hurt more than stung, and amidst the searing pain through her torso, Alyssa tells herself she only has to endure one more punch before it’s her turn…

Ren however knows just the place to exert her dominance, roughly shoves Alyssa back up and against the wall, eyeing her pulsing tummy fighting for air, before she swings her third punch in and low.

AAAARRRRKK!! Alyssa’s body shudders as Ren opted for a low blow - quite literally - slamming her fist WAY too south of the belly button, her knuckles bunching up pink bikini briefs instead!

And Alyssa has no choice - she sinks to the ground, her legs curled up as her hands cradle her womanhood! Nowhere in the rules say it’s illegal, but even then, Ren playing coy, covering her ‘shocked’ expression with three fingers before immediately shouting at the ring officials above:

“Means I get three more hits, RIGHT?”

When the worried official nods, a look of malice floods Alexis’ face. She strides back over to the fallen Alyssa before plunging her fingers into her hair from above. Alyssa groans as she’s pulled back up and pinned against the wall, still panting hard as she shakes the pain from her crotch.

“One for being a b*tch…” Ren shouts in her face, before drilling another balled fist into her belly.

“Two for shits and giggles,” she continues, landing another uppercut into Alyssa’s chest, her balled fist flattening Lynch’s right breast.

“And three for the road…” Ren giggles, before again ramming her fist into Alyssa’s bikini briefs, grinding her knuckles in as she hisses into Alyssa’s ear. “Give it up, Lynch. You know who’s the better woman.”

But Lynch merely growls back, her body shuddering as she reaches up and grabs Ren by her own hair, earning a squeal from the blonde as the brunette slowly straightens herself up against the wall. If Ren was hoping this fight was done and dusted, that if Lynch went down once, she would just go down quietly again, she was wrong.

Without bothering to exchange their places, Lynch holds Ren in position before drilling a fist into her body, the unexpected attack drawing a loud URRRKKK! From Ren’s lips before she knows what’s happening. Those lips twisting once more in malice as Ren looks back up, but they’re quickly parted once more when Alyssa’s second punch is shoved into her tummy, further driving the air from her lungs.

Both girls are panting hard now, having been at this battle for about ten minutes, and counting. Ren’s body is shaking as she tries to stop herself from going down. But a final step-in BLAST right to the midsection FOLDS her over in half with a half-groan, half-moan, with Ren’s feet leaving the sand for a brief second before the Vixen has no choice but to CRASH down to the ground, her arms clutching at her body.

Up above, Alyssa reigning supreme, taking a couple of stumbling steps around her fallen adversary whilst draping one arm around her tortured torso.

“Ready for more, Alex?” Alyssa smirks, before hauling the hurting blonde back up to her knees, making sure to rest her panting lips just below her pulsing navel.

Just before Alyssa can pull Ren back up for three more punches, however, Ren decides to win by hook or by crook, taking a swing at Alyssa’s body when it’s clearly not her turn to go. The hook takes Alyssa by surprise, however, bending her over as well with a loud swear word.

The crowd is of course in uproar as the rules break down completely, with Ren not giving a rat’s ass if it’s her turn to go at all - more important to not get humiliated for the second time in a row and secure her dominance over an old foe. Another shot to the stomach has Lynch backing away, cradling her midsection, before she too drops down to her knees from the overwhelming pain.

Ren takes the opportunity to LUNGE forward, the match continuing on their knees instead, descending into an all-out catfight as they pull and tug on each other’s hair, free hands SHOVED into the other’s body and taking turns folding the other girl over with mutual grunts.

Alyssa somewhat furious but expected nothing less from a woman of Ren’s stature. She’s keeping her cool as the two gals scuffle over each other on the sand dunes, the small confines of the pit meaning her back is slowly pushed upwards against the wall, allowing her to drape her legs around Alexis’ body and over her thighs. Ren squeals, thrashing as she suddenly finds herself in an all-too familiar position, her face pressed into the thin fabric of Alyssa’s bikini top, the brunette holding her in place with both arms snaked tight around her neck and head.

Ren’s busy trying to pry herself free, but the rest of her beaten body groans with every last exertion. In particular, Alyssa continuing to beat fist after fist into her tummy not helping, Lynch in the perfect position to reach down and shove her fist into trembling tummy flesh over and over, breaking down Ren’s last resolve with every punch.

Soon enough, Alexis has to concede, her lips parted on the nook of Alyssa’s neck, still letting out dull grunts of expelled air as Alyssa breaks down her abs, now rearranging her internal organs with each tummy-churning uppercut.

She finally lets out a whimper.

“What’s that? Couldn’t hear ya…” Alyssa says, hissing into her ear.

“I give… Leggoofme…” Ren whispers back, her body aching with every word.

That seems to be it! Upon Ren’s admission of defeat, the ring officials are blowing their whistles and waving arms from above!

Official Decision: Alyssa Lynch defeats Alexis Ren via Belly Punch KO @ 12:15

A grin lights up Alyssa’s face - she’s prevailed this time. She delivers a final punch to Ren’s body, just because she can, before allowing the broken blonde to crumple over to her side. Not a good look for Alexis, for sure, curled up and shivering unde the hot sun, whilst Alyssa poses over her with a foot planted into her chest.


(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)



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