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30 November 2021 Lottie Moss vs Una Healy

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Posted by Girls Friday on November 30, 2021, 9:51 am



Lottie Moss vs Una Healy
(Lioness Club vs Double A Boxing)
(8-6, 8 KO vs 26-22, 20 KO)
Results: BBU: Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Lioness Club's latest signing Lottie Moss maintains a very busy schedule and she hopes to take down Una Healy to back up her own contending run this past few months. Lottie has set up a plan of fighting these former champions in order to fast track her ambitions but Helen Flanagan proved too much to overcome last month already and some pundits claim Lottie can't afford another hiccup like that anymore. Not when Maisie Smith wants to jump the queque for the "most exciting bantamweight prospect" status! BBU TV's Denise van Outen confirms these two girls have booked a Next Gen clash at the season-ending Boxing Day PPV already and Maisie herself has knocked Una out last month after all.

The Irish singer enters the ring for the 49th time, she promises to book a favorable deal for the half-ton milestone next but claims she can upset the highly touted model from London tonight: "Who are these girls anyway? Lottie is a far cry from her big sister Kate and I had this Maisie lass beat last time around before she fluked one uppercut! Grr... that's bad news for Lottie since I won't make such a mistake twice in a row!"

Lottie Moss wears a white bikini set & light blue gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a half-up ponytail. Una Healy wears a green bikini set & black gloves. Long auburn red hair tied in a high ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Una gets off to a fast start and dominates the early exchange thumping hard leather into the blonde's face. Lotte tries to swing over the top but struggles to match the singer's intensity and eats more quick shots up the middle which drop her into mid-distance coverage. However Una quickly pounces on the retreat and lands a brutal hook on the brow ridge that sends Lottie stumbling onto the ropes where the Irish woman can tee off from both flanks. She buries the subdued model under a hectic barrage before a drilling shot on the navel bends Moss into loud spasms. Uh-oh! Una wants more damage and digs deep into Lottie's exposed midriff carving visible pink patches around the area before the bell finally halts her charge!

Round 2:
Lioness coach Mel B. smells trouble but weathering the Irish storm isn't on the table in the second round either as the former champion gashes the slow-moving prospect with more accurate head shots before she drops down to punish the midsection again. These models are allegedly vulnerable to the body by default and Lottie struggles to land a meaningful punch in response as she only grazes Healy with half-hearted effort over the top. Meanwhile Una thumps more harpoons on target and leaves the blonde clinching her into a stalemate in desperate fashion come the final minute. Lottie gets shoved onto the turnbuckle and can do nothing about Una working on her abs for remainder of the round.

Round 3:
Lottie finally uses her mobility to stay clear of the Irishwoman's attacks but she has to land a proper series to even stick her foot in the door. That becomes a real challenge as the singer keeps blowing through her leaky guard and scores easy punches to impress the judges. Huh! Una is doing all the dirty laundry for Maisie Smith indeed as she traps Moss on the turnbuckle again and beats her to the body until she finally runs out of gas in the final minute. Lottie shakes off the jabbing haze and sticks a couple of punches into the singer's face before a wicked hook on the ear makes Healy yelp in pain for the first time tonight but it's too little too late to change the scoring as the former champion forges ahead 30-27 on the cards!

Round 4:
Rochelle Humes looked all out of sorts during Vanessa White's fight earlier but she has found the groove to urge her other bandmate to flush the Lioness prospect out of the ring! Una steps up to hammer more leather into the blonde's midriff but Lottie yanks one on the ear again and triggers a promising head-rocking dispute where she finally neutralizes the singer's charge and thumps her on the chest to steal the momentum away. A couple of hard uppercuts stuff Healy on her heels and she gets pummelled onto the ropes thereafter when Moss cranks up the volume and lets it rip in meaningful fashion. She outworks the Irish woman in heads up fashion and splits her mitts late to knock her head around before dropping another uppercut on the chest to trigger another yelping cry from the former champ right at the bell.

Round 5:
Una continues to pounce on the slugging route but she's too slow in her execution and gets dragged into a back & forth head-hunting tussle that allows the model to really stretch her elbows during the next three minutes. Lottie finds her range and fires one aerial shot after another while keeping Healy at distance and preventing another gut-checking action. Una holds the fort down the stretch but eats one piercing hook on the mouth too many and begins to gurgle in discomfort which only fuels Lottie's attacks until she has the redhead bailing out come the final few seconds. Huh! Una displays a visible swelling around her lips at the bell and it's clear many of the blonde's punches found the target!

Round 6:
Lottie stuffs Una with another uppercut double on the cleavage and ducks underneath a loopy response before crashing a wild uppercut on the singer's chin to send her into shimmy shake mode... another wild hook bursts Una's lips into a small blood leak but she also gets stuck on her heels and Lottie SMOKES her with a brutal hook on the nose moments later... DOWN GOES HEALY!!! The former champion hits the deck on her backside and rests back on her arms as she tries to embrace the knockdown daze! Lottie struts back to her corner and winks to coach Mel B. as the Lioness crew anticipates if Una can recover from this monster punch? She can! Irish pride comes to the fore but Una is unable to escape a furious rush from the younger for who clocks her straight up the middle and lands a quick uppercut combo on the chin before another right hook tears a small gash under the eye... AND HEALY GOES DOWN AGAIN!!! She hits the canvas on all fours this time and spits her gumshield half-way through the count. "Get up! Get up! Get UUUUPPPP!!!', even Rochelle's screams can't rescue her bandmate anymore as Una gets counted OUT while down on all fours!!! KO6 Lottie Moss in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: Lottie waves back to the crowd and heads to her corner where Mel B. looks relieved more than anything. This fight almost ended in a complete disaster and there's still a lot of work to be done if Lottie is to be considered a genuine Top 20 prospect. Una Healy might be on the wrong side of forty but she exposed some of the model's defensive flaws tonight and one must assume Maisie Smith and the Maulers crew were watching that part very closely indeed! But the Next Gen showdown is destined to happen on the Boxing Day PPV any which way so we'll see Lottie in action in four weeks time again! Stay tuned!

Official Result: Lottie Moss def. Una Healy KO6.



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