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30 November 2021 Title Ch Damaris Lewis vs Karen Gillan

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Posted by Girls Friday on November 30, 2021, 9:49 am



Tale of the Tape:
Karen Gillan:
Age: 33
Height: 5'11
W/L: 21-12 (21KOs)
Damaris Lewis:
Age: 30
Height: 5'10
W/L: 13-9 (13KOs)
Current BBU welterweight champion.

(Fates Boxing vs Garnet's Gunners UK)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

Now it's main event time! Karen Gillan looks to win her first title in celebrity boxing, Damaris Lewis hoping to keep her belt and get some revenge, they fought several months ago in the FCBA's Diamond Boxing tournament with Karen knocking out Damaris in five rounds as she went on to finish second in the tournament.

After weeks of training the fighters came face to face at the press conference, Karen wearing a red dress with matching heels, Damaris wearing a white dress with black heels, the BBU welterweight title around her waist as they meet at the center of the stage, where Damaris gives Karen a shove as the redhead looks a little surprised by her rivals actions, security rushing in to stop them fighting now.

Once things seem to calm down they head to separate stools to sit, a podium placed where they had just been standing as first up to it comes the challenger, who straightens her dress before she starts to speak by jokingly saying "I guess Damaris remembers me" which gets a few chuckles out of the crowd of journalists and some VIP fans, Damaris not looking amused as she stares hard at Gillan.

Who gets more serious as she continues "OK I get that Damaris is upset that I beat her once, while I don't seek enemies in my life, at the same time for a decade I have busted my butt to be the best, with my stable backing me so much I can't lose this fight, so I guess you will just have to hate me even more after tomorrow tonight" looking in the direction of the champion at that last part, meeting her gaze as she shows she isn't the least bit afraid of the dominating Lewis.

Damaris gets her change at the podium, moving her title belt to her right shoulder so everyone can see who the champion is, Damaris says "you're damn right I hate your guts you ginger bytch, you were so damn lucky in that tournament, when we fought I had your skinny ass ready to drop and one lucky punch changed everything" fists clenched as she is looking furious being in Karen's presence.

She then adds "this time I right that wrong because you won't screw me over twice, once I knock you out bytch, this time you will show me respect as you kiss my boots, that's if I don't send you to the hospital of course" Karen staring hard at that comment, both women locking eyes as security smartly gets between them, they look ready to lose the heels to fight it out now, instead they keep their cool enough to separate and head off the stage at opposite ends, ready for a war it seems.

Fight night, the crowd is buzzing as the chants for the challenger begin, bagpipes play as a marching band stands at the top of the aisle, then out comes the challenger, smiling as she sees the band wearing kilts and traditional Scottish attire, her coach Ana Beatriz Barros looking on a little in awe of the reception Karen is getting as they walk down the aisle.

Karen waves to the fans as she walks down the aisle, she is wearing a blue sports bra, blue and gold tartan style trunks, blue shoes, blue gloves with golden thumbs and her hair tied into a ponytail, stepping through the ropes into the ring, Karen takes a deep breath as she knows very well how important this fight is, nodding to Ana that she is ready for the challenge.

With the champion now coming through the curtain, golden sparks fly either side of her as Damaris looks down the aisle wearing a black hooded cloak with a gold skull mask on, clearly wanting to intimidate her opponent as the title hangs around her waist, not as much love for the American as she strides to the ring, banging her black gloves together.

The cloak and mask are taken off as she reaches the end of the aisle by her coach, she is wearing her traditional black sports bra, matching trunks and shoes, hair tied into a braid as the title is taken off her before she steps into the ring, scowling over at Karen as she bounces on her toes, the tension between them is clear to see.

To the center of the ring they come as the referee shows them the world title they are fighting over, Damaris telling Karen "get a good look bytch, that's as close as you ever get to it" Karen just stares with no fear right back, keeping calm as she bounces on her toes, while Karen offers a fist bump when prompted by the referee, Damaris doesn't accept as she turns her back on her, instead they return to their corners with fists raised, ready for the bell to ring to start 10 rounds of BBU welterweight title action.

Round 1:
"Ding!" Off they go with Karen having to box on the back foot right away as Damaris comes out aggressive, a straight slams into Karen's lips before a left cross grazes her chin, the champion certainly looking motivated to right the wrongs in her mind of their first fight.

Back near the ropes goes Gillan after the opening thirty seconds, Damaris can't quite pin her down but is outworking the challenger, slamming in several good punches clean through the mitts of Karen to her face, along with some digging straights to the abs to the delight of her coach.

But as they near the half way point of the opener, Damaris shows her reckless side by swinging in a right hook that misses by a mile, Karen moves onto the ropes to dodge it then lands a clean left/right cross combo to turn the head of Lewis, moving away from the ropes now flicking out her jab more into the face of the model.

Who keeps on coming forwards, forcing the issue but getting caught out when she loads up her punches as Karen is starting to get her rhythm going, till late in the round when Damaris shoves Karen onto the ropes, hooks smack into the side of Karen's head up until the bell rings moments later, Damaris just about holding back as she stares hatefully at Karen, who doesn't show any hints of fear as the referee has to get between them to order them back to their corners.

Round 2:
Back out they come with Damaris looking to keep the heat on Karen, the challenger knows what is coming and starts to show off her impressive movement to dodge then land stiff jabs into the side of Damaris's face, Ana banging the apron from the outside yelling "keep it on her!" As she doesn't want Karen to lose focus.

Damaris does manage to land a stiff straight into the abs of Karen, then follows up with a left cross as she steps in close range, showing off her raw power with digging body shots to muscle back Karen to the ropes, where smartly Gillan clinches up so she isn't mauled on them, referee needed to split them up as Damaris is yelling into Karen's ear that she is a coward while pressing her against the ropes.

When they resume Karen slams in a double jab to the lips of Damaris, while she is getting clipped by punches, Karen is starting to outbox the champion with her footwork giving Damaris problems, Karen keeps moving side to side so she isn't so easy to trap against the ropes.

Damaris uses her left forearm late in the round to push back Karen to a neutral corner, with Karen quick to hold onto her again, they start wrestling and end up head locking each other as the referee yells at them, both proud women not giving up the hold so easily, when the round ends Damaris waves Karen to bring it as again she calls the challenger a coward, Ana points out to her fighter that's only because Damaris isn't the boxer she is in her opinion.

Round 3:
Trading stiff jabs to start the round, Karen looks good on the move, starting to mix her targets up as she slings more punches into the tight abs of the champion, taking a few cross punches around the top of her head to keep her honest as Damaris looks fired up.

Seeing a chance to close up the distance, Damaris lands a jab into the chest of Karen, then comes up with a right hook to turn the redheaded fighters head to the side, Damaris opens up on her with a flurry to knock Gillan onto the ropes, landing two more cross punches before she is clinched.

Damaris gives the referee a shove with her right after they are broken up to get out the way, both women now trading in close as Damaris is pushing the pace, heads rubbing together as Damaris is sending in short uppercuts to the body of Karen to get satisfying to her ears groans from her rival.

Late in the round Karen manages to use Damaris's own momentum to pull her around to switch positions, Karen actually roughing up Damaris by sending in short rights to the belly button as she traps the right arm of Lewis under her left, broken apart by the referee as the bell rings, both are ordered to listen to the referee before they are allowed to go back to their stools.

Round 4:
Meeting near the middle of the ring again, Karen sidesteps to the left of Damaris early to land a counter right across the jaw of the champion, knocking back Damaris as she follows up with three piston like punches square into her face as Karen now finds another gear.

As always concerning Damaris, she doesn't look so great when she has the ropes near her back, Karen nicely switching targets up as she now stretches her elbows with more hooks coming from the Marvel star, Damaris shelling up more as she just lands single punches out of her guard in response.

Past the half way mark of the round, Karen lands a one-two into the stomach of her opponent, Damaris groans before she clinches up now, Damaris using some dirty boxing as she digs her right behind the head of Gillan with rabbit punches, when they are broken up Damaris is warned again to keep it clean as Ana calls her a coward from outside the ring.

With space to work again Damaris is more aggressive, knocking Karen back with a straight/left cross combo that causes a cut on the bottom lip of the challenger, who sticks in to ram a straight onto the chin of Lewis to snap her head back, neither fighter holding back as they start to pound in the heavy leather up till the bell rings, Damaris calling the referee bias as she sits on her stool shows her head might not be fully focused on this fight, with both women's cheeks looking marked up.

Round 5:
Damaris is starting to drop her left more as she is trying to catch Karen with her right, only finding thin air as Karen is reading her too easily, the champions corner not looking happy with her, especially as like the last round a counter right soon turns her head.

Back goes Damaris as Karen works her back, pushing Karen off of her, Damaris looks to swing her way back into control, instead she is slicing thin air till she eats a left hook across her jaw, AN UPPERCUT LANDS ON HER CHIN TO SEND DAMARIS ONTO HER BACK!

Crowd are going nuts as Karen looks down at Damaris with an angry glare, then heads to the neutral corner as the referee orders her twice to do so, 1...2...3...4... Damaris turns to all fours shaking her head to clear the cobwebs, 5....6....7.. Pushing up to her knees, Damaris stares hard at the referee, 8.. Getting to her feet, fists raised as she tells the referee "I am f**king OK" waving Karen back in.

Still a minute to go with Karen smartly not charging in, instead she feints with a jab, ducking under a left hook then comes over the top with a right, Damaris being knocked into a neutral corner as the referee watches closely, champion grabbing onto Karen in a clinch, blood is now running from Damaris's bottom lip as that score has been evened up.

The round comes to a close with Karen getting a pat on her back when she returns to her stool by Ana, across the ring Damaris is less then pleased, getting her lip cleaned up as she stares daggers at Karen, fists clenched on her legs as her temper seems to be boiling up.

Round 6:
Stepping back out their corners, Karen is looking for an opening to land a good clean shot to hurt Damaris again, but the champion gives her a shove to the face with her left, a right hook slams across her jaw, THEN A LEFT UPPERCUT LANDS TO SEND KAREN NOW STUMBLING TO HER BACKSIDE WITH ONLY THIRTY SECONDS GONE BY OF THE ROUND!

Damaris pounds her chest with her right hand as she walks to the neutral corner, eyes still full of fire as she stares at Karen, 1...2...3... Who rubs her jaw as she blinks to clear her head, 4...5...6.. Karen using the middle rope behind her to pull herself up to her knees, 7...8... Then pushes to her feet as she raises her fists, none of the bravado of the champion as she simply nods to the referee that she wants to fight on.

Resuming with Damaris on the front foot, Karen needing to box smartly on the move, keep away from corners as Damaris is trying to pin her against them, while Damaris is one of the best finishers in the BBU right now, she can't land a killer right, eating several good clean defensive jabs into her busted bottom lip to keep her honest.

The final moments of the round sees Damaris again use her left to try to shove back the challenger, who is quick to hold onto her, Damaris pressing her forehead into the face of Karen, earning herself a final warning by the referee when they are split up, when the round ends Damaris tells the referee "you ain't gonna cheat me" referee shaking their head looking annoyed in response, with Ana now working on patching up Karen.

Round 7:
Resuming the action around the middle of the ring, Damaris coming out the blocks quickly, landing more around the chest of Karen to knock her off her game as the right hook comes over the top, turning the head of the Fates fighter, who again smartly holds onto Damaris when she is pressed onto the ropes.

Broken up so they can fight on, Damaris misses with a left cross, her bottom lip taking a double jab square onto it as Karen shows she still has her speed, Damaris now being worked back to a neutral corner under a flurry of punches, clinching up when her back touches the turnbuckles.

The pattern continues as one fighter lands a cracking punch to open up on their opponent, then finds themselves being held as both fighters glistening bodies grind, they are starting to breath a little harder as this war of attrition continues, eyes full of hatred for their rival.

Late in the round they go toe to toe, desperate to win the round as sweat and blood goes flying, at the bell the referee risks their health to get between them, pushing them apart so they can go back to their corners, this is such a closely fought fight, neither corner team looks so confident as they patch up their fighters, Karen has a little swelling forming around her left eye now to add to her woes.

Round 8:
Coming back out to fight, both women trade stiff single punches as things slow down a little, till Damaris lunges in with a straight that Karen slips around, instead a short uppercut buries itself into the solar plexus of Lewis to make her groan out, a left hook follows to her ear to send sweat flying.

Damaris looks a little slow to the punch now, with Karen putting her punches together in slick combinations, snapping back the head of Damaris, who soon finds herself near the dreaded ropes, swelling now forming under her right eye as Karen keeps landing flush jabs through her guard.

Swinging in a right hook that misses, Damaris eats an uppercut on the button instead, with a right hook rocking her back, shaky legs on the champion as her left paws out at the challenger, WHO KNOCKS IT ASIDE BEFORE LANDING A LEFT HOOK, FOLLOWED BY A RIGHT THAT SENDS DAMARIS TUMBLING TO HER BACK WITH HER MOUTHPIECE COMING OUT NEXT TO HER!

The Gillan fans are going wild as they jump up and down, Damaris's coach banging on the apron trying to get their fighter to get up, 1...2...3.. But Damaris is barely moving, 4....5...6.. She is reaching with her right for her gumshield, 7...8.. But she can't grip it as she looks badly buzzed, 9...10 it's over for Damaris! A new champion is crowned!

Winner and new BBU welterweight champion Karen Gillan KO Round 8

Finally after a decade of hard work Karen is a world champion, she falls to her knees gloves over her face as she is crying tears of joy, Ana rushing into the ring to get on her knees to hug her, tears running down the coaches face as she tells her "you deserve this! You are the best" as Karen thanks her for the support while hugging her back, even the commentators Denise Van Outen and Anna Woolhouse are shedding a few tears at the emotional sight.

Almost forgotten in all this is Damaris, the former champion is being looked over by the ringside doctor, her coach helping her onto her stool when she is feeling better, though her mood understandably hasn't improved as she stares angrily at the canvas, the ringside doctor telling the coach it's probably best she is taken to the back for tests after such a heavy knockout.

Pushing away the helping hands of her coach, Damaris stands shaky legged, using the ropes to help her walk to the side of the ring nearest the aisle, she is still very proud as her coach stands nearby in case she stumbles or falls over, whether she likes it or not she needs help out of the ring, head down as she can't look at the crowd, who give her a mixed response as she is certainly a controversial figure with her post fight antics when she wins fights.

In the ring after being cleaned up, Karen heads to the center of the ring for the big moment, the title is wrapped around her waist by a BBU official as her name is announced as the new champion, Karen yells "thank you!" Several times as she points to the crowd, then to the cameras as she thanks all her supporters in the stands and in their homes.

Gold confetti starts to fall as Karen looks up smiling, arms in the air as she celebrates accomplishing her biggest goal in celebrity boxing, to finally call herself a world champion, Ana applauds her before they embrace again, maybe the best coach/fighter pairing in celebrity boxing right now as they have growing together to be a hell of a unit, of course though the question now is who is first for Karen to defend her belt against?



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