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17 July 2021 Kyra Santoro vs Jessica Nigri

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Posted by Caspian on July 17, 2021, 6:09 pm



(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)

3. Kyra Santoro vs Jessica Nigri II


(27, 5’7, 118, 25:10 FCBA, VIXENs)

(31, 5’7, 14:7 FCBA, Free Agent)

“I’m still trying to wash the taste from my mouth,” Kyra says, grimacing from the press table. She’s obviously referring to the time last year Nigri smothered her out after six rounds of JMD action. “I’m back and better. And this match is under regular boxing rules, so I can’t wait to punch her face in.”

“If that’s all you’re good at, honey…” Jessica says nonchalantly from the other end of the table. “You can’t compete with me in the chest compartment, so this is the next best thing you can do? Don’t make me laugh.”

“Tell you what, honey…” Kyra heard hissing as the two women come together on stage for the official staredown. “When I do win, I’ll smother you out all the same. How’s that?”

“Hmph. I’d like to see you try,” Nigri says.

Chests are smooshed together as though this were a regular JMD bout, but the officials quickly intervene to prevent it from erupting into an all-out catfight. Ladies are the same height and build, with Nigri slightly older, but who knows whether she’s wiser.

Hours later, we’re back in the arena, and Santoro is swinging her arms confidently from side-to-side, dressed to kill in an orange bikini showing off her assets. She’s wearing a pair of red gloves for this contest. In the other corner, Jessica has gone for a purple-gum pink bra and panties, her platinum hair tied up into two neat pigtails. She has white gloves tonight. Referee waves his hand and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Kyra wastes little time, marching in and blasting Jessica across the arms to open this contest. It’s payback time for the Vixen, as far as she’s concerned, going to town on Nigri’s defences and earning some nice yelps from the blonde’s lips. That doesn’t mean she’s doing a whole lot of real damage, of course. Jessica’s hiding her face well enough behind her arms, her body well-protected as she lowers her arms just in time before Santoro dips low to indicate she’s going south for a hook or two. Santoro ain’t running out of steam just yet, however, plows a big hook across the guard to send Jessica reeling backwards as though she took it on the chin. For now, the Vixen earns her keep and dominates the first round, though Nigri also looks like she’s just getting started.

Bad news for Kyra as her strategy of all-out warfare is met head-on with Jessica’s own aggression in the second. Big girls CLASH in the center and it doesn’t end well for the brunette, who takes a hard hook to the face after her earlier assault lands on nowhere but the arms. Jessica eager to show the younger girl how it’s done, stalking her backwards with big swings and jab combos to her face in the interim, watching with glee as Santoro flounders about helplessly, trying to defend herself against the return barrage. Nigri shows us why she won the fight the first time, smacks those leather gloves into the Vixen’s chest just because she can, a crisp one-two landed to Kyra’s puppies to earn another grunt at the sound of the bell. Santoro got manhandled in there tonight and she’s not liking it one bit.

Big girls CLASH once more as neither wants to give ground in this rematch. Santoro comes in hot but takes a stiff straight to the chin in an early enough exchange, which dazes her bad enough for her next swing to miss entirely. Jessica’s pounding away with precision, drilling an uppercut into the tummy before almost lifting Santoro’s head skywards with a follow-up right hand. But Kyra’s learnt from her earlier blunders as she blocks and weaves, fighting back in the second half when she plants her own leather into the blonde’s body and side, another left hook scorching across her chest to make the big girl heave backwards with a shriek. Overall, it’s not enough for the Vixen to claim victory, though Nigri certainly wasn’t expecting this amount of resistance either.

Santoro can’t catch a break, unfortunately, keeps getting out-powered by Jessica’s aggression. No matter how much ammunition she throws at the former JMD champ, Jessica dishes it out twice fold, as the blonde takes an early hook across the face but then slams an uppercut into the base of Santoro’s chin to send her reeling. Kyra is in trouble for a moment, getting trapped on the ropes and taking damage to her body and chest, but Jessica’s fixation on this being a JMD match probably saves Kyra from going down in this round, with Santoro able to clinch up and avoid more attacks to her head. Still, her body takes a bad pasting, Nigri delightfully shoving her fist into her trembling tummy over and over again, battering at Santoro’s sides, trying to force her down to the ground. But Kyra manages to survive till the bell rings, stumbling back to her corner whilst clutching at her ribs.

Santoro ain’t faring better than her last outing a year ago, getting punished with big hooks from Nigri as the platinum blonde smells blood and pounces on her early. Jessica’s hella fast for her size and stature, walking Kyra down and plowing shots into her body whenever there’s an opening, or across the arms to send the Vixen stumbling to the side. VIX corner shouting out directions from the apron, but Kyra not listening, or unable to, busy absorbing the attacks with her faltering arms and trying her best not to go down to the onslaught. Suddenly though, in the third, another punch to her boobs appears to fire her up - Kyra shrugs off the cheap shot and PLOWS her own overhand haymaker into Jessica’s forehead! OUCH!! Growl of frustration boiling over as Kyra returns with vengeance!! The Vixen all fired up, returning fire as she shocks Nigri again to her body with a straight hand stepped in, which folds the blonde over in half before more lefts and rights come crashing down into the big girl’s frame! Santoro’s marching her foe right back from whence she came, finally DROPPING Nigri in the center of the ring with one hell of a right hook!! OUCH!! Where did that come from?! Nigri’s looking stunned and up at the ceiling lights, her arms pawing at the sides of her head as Santoro gets herded to the corner for the referee’s count-out! KNOCKDOWN from Kyra Santoro out of the blue, but at least Jessica’s slowly pushing herself off her back, then to her knees, before making it right in the nick of time! This fight is certainly getting spicy!

Nigri looks shocked and bothered at the start of the sixth, now moving forward hella more cautious than before. Truth be told, Kyra herself doesn’t know what came over her in that last round to make her turn the tables and score that knockdown attempt. The girls circle and prod at each other for the first thirty seconds, but another score to the tummy, then Kyra’s breasts, earns the Vixen that same look of outrage on her face. Santoro flies again into action, returning fire with fast and powerful combos to Nigri’s face and body! Jessica’s grunting as she gets pushed backwards just like before, a left hand from Kyra stunning her to the chest before a right hook SPINS HER ABOUT on her heels! AND DOWN SHE GOES once more, Kyra putting all that power into that one swing as she scores her revenge KO in the sixth!! Jessica ain’t even moving as she lies there, face-down, fast asleep! It’s OVER!

Official Decision: Kyra Santoro defeats Jessica Nigri via KO6!


As promised, Santoro immediately pounces on the snoozing blonde, rolling her heavy body over and then quickly slapping her across the face and awake.

“I want you awake for this, b*tch,” the usually polite Vixen hisses down at her foe.

Nigri groans, eyelids fluttering, before going wide just as Santoro lowers her chest down into face, the Vixen SEALING in the jug smother firmly with a practiced grace. Jessica gets scooped up into Kyra’s arms, her hands slapping at those bulging biceps or pulling desperately at dark brown hair for a long, smothering moment, but very soon, the last of her strength leaves her buxomed body, this grueling boxing match already doing a number on her from before.

Santoro holds onto the smother for much longer than necessary, posing for the cameras as she angles Jessica’s snoozing face snug and cushioned between her proud breasts. Later, she releases her torture hold, getting back to her feet and celebrating with her arms high up in the air.

“I never stay down,” the Vixen tells reporters later on. “If a girl beats me the first time, that’s on me. But she won’t ever beat me a second or third time. That’s a promise,” Kyra says, a new fire burning in her eyes.

Who’s next on her hit list, she’s asked? “Oh, I have a couple of names lined up to get knocked down. Sasha Pieterse. Poppy Drayton. Maybe I’ll even get another shot at Emily. Who knows?” Kyra says, flashing a smile for the cameras.



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