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30 July 2021 Emma Watson vs Victoria Justice

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 30, 2021, 12:48 pm



Emma Watson vs Victoria Justice

(30, 5’6, 41:27 FCBA, VIXENs)

(28, 5’5, 16:24 FCBA, Kear’s Kats)

In their first bout back in 2016, Victoria Justice KO’ed Emma Watson within seven rounds. Two years later, Emma returned the favour, knocking out her American rival within six. History is bound to repeat itself tonight in their third bout almost three years later - it’s just a matter of which girl takes the win this time.

“Can’t wait to kick her ass again,” Justice says first from her seat at the press table. “I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this rematch. The only reason this fight hasn’t happened sooner was because dear Emma’s been ducking my agency’s requests.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason,” Emma responds immediately, narrowing her eyebrows from the other end of the room. “Maybe it’s because Victoria has lost her last four of her last bouts in a row? I see no reason why I had to give her a rematch.”

“What did I tell ya?” Justice says. “Little Hermione’s running scared after losing to Collins twice-in-a-row now. Well, I plan to wail away on those pathetic abs of hers, just like Collins did earlier this month. To be honest, I’m surprised little Emma lasted eight rounds in that AMD match.”

Ladies strike a pose at the podium and it’s Victoria Justice who’s intent on getting her way with her fellow Brit actress, striding in close in her long heels and black longline bralette, hot denim jeans doing a good job of hiding her one-inch height disadvantage as the two ladies stand toe-to-toe. Emma responds with a cool and calm head, that tiny smirk on the corner of her lips as the British starlet returns the pose, her fists cocked high and aimed at Justice’s chin and tummy.

Later, both girls are making ready in their respective corners, the fans shouting their support as they raise their arms high at the call of their names. Emma’s in a black bralette top and white long tights, showing off her height as she swings red gloves back and forth on either side. Victoria has gone for a red bikini top, hot denim shorts and a pair of yellow gloves, busy shadow boxing in her corner. Referee signals for the bell and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Flyweight action!

Emma shows surprising aggression early, with the action exploding in the middle of the ring when Victoria meets her step for step in a mutual rush forward! CRASH of budding rivals as both ladies take big swings at each other from the very start, Emma shocking Victoria with a hook across the face but then immediately taking a return swipe to the cheek. Emma is usually known for her cautious approach but here, she’s eager to make a statement as a power-hitter and strongwoman. She nails Victoria with another straight hand to the nostrils, which pushes Justice back for a brief moment, before the American ROARS back in with another growl to shock Emma to the middle of her arms with a cross hand of her own. Ladies are refusing to back down and that’s just fine for the crowds, who are on the edge of their seats! Bell rings and both fighters are STILL blasting away at each other’s arms or below at their bodies! Referee has to step in to remind them to return to their corners, but what an explosive round this was, with the judges having a hard time discerning who took it!

Justice really wants to win this third rematch, and it shows! Ladies CLASH in the center immediately after the bell, with Victoria throwing a feint up at Emma’s head before blasting the Brit to her body with a low-swung hook. Emma wilts, in pain, but manages to cover up as more punches come sailing in, aimed straight for her pale tummy. Victoria senses blood early in this fight, alternating swings to the Brit’s head and the body, trying to force Emma back into the ropes. But Watson is still too fresh, blocking another swing that crashes into her raised guard before lunging back with an uppercut out of nowhere, SNAGS Justice on the chin and TOSSING her head to the side! Girls are so keen on punishing each other that they end up clinched in the other’s arms, knocking short shots into the side of the head or more leather gloves bunched into the ribs or side of the tummy. Emma’s hoping to extend her lead but Justice is the one pushing her back, targeting the Brit’s body as she growls into the forehead, forcing her fists into the abs whenever there’s an opening. Emma hugs her close in between the loud gasps of exhaled air, finally saved by the bell but having to concede to Justice’s ferocity this time round.

Ladies finally realise that this all-out warfare is unsustainable, keep a bigger distance at the start of the third. Victoria’s still eager to brawl, however, making lunges at Emma’s head but finding it more difficult to land cleaner shots. Emma falls back on her counter-attacking skills, blocking and parrying Victoria’s punches before shocking her back with crisp blows that bunch up her cheek. Watson not getting away scot-free, however, with Victoria’s incessant rushes forward also bending her over repeatedly, Victoria muscling her way in before firing off flurries to the Vixen’s midsection, making her lurch forward with louder and louder grunts. For the most part, however, Watson punishes Justice on her way in, planting a little more leather on her face and chest before the bell rings, which gives the Vixen a slight edge in the third.

Ladies are growing a little tired, coming in close but a lot more sluggishly. They’re breathing hard, taking lunges towards the head but scoring much less often as they smack each other’s heads about by landing on the arms, occasional cheap-shots to the tummy driving the remaining air from their lungs. Emma is keeping to her original strategy of moving and counter-punching, but Justice is determined to KO her in this round, and this round alone, DINGS an overhand off the side of the head before stepping in and BOWLING the poor actress over with a right hand drilled into her paunch. Watson groans, folded over into her rival’s arms, no choice but to get pushed into the ropes to hang on for dear life. Justice is also too tired to dominate, however, keeps the Brit pinned to the ropes but not able to do much else, with Watson managing to flip them over a minute later and subsequently blast Justice to the head once, twice, THREE sharp slams in to salvage the round slightly. Bell rings and the referee has to force himself in between them again, prying Emma off Victoria, with both still taking tired swings at each other on the way out. It’s only the fourth round and we’re already seeing both fighters give it their all!

Victoria pushes through her exhaustion, throwing an unexpected overhand haymaker when the two meet again in the center, but hoping to take Emma by complete surprise. No dice, however, as Watson lets out a yelp but deflecting it with a quick and raised arm. Justice continues her attack, no doubt wanting to drive Watson into the ropes one more time to dominate her rival again, but Emma is weaving and blocking her tired shots with ease, pushing back then with a swift hook across Victoria's cheek before snagging her on the chin with a followup cross. Justice looks stunned for a moment, but doesn’t have much time to repent as Watson steps in again to BLAST her face a third time, sending her swivelling to the side in a bad daze! WORST NEWS HERE as Justice looks vulnerable, her back hitting the ropes, and HERE COMES WATSON, rushing in and bashing another payback fist straight into Victoria’s stomach, more big hooks alternating across the arms to further dazzle and daze the trapped brunette! Watson just on the American’s case, pumping glove after glove up into her exposed midsection! Victoria’s getting herself gutted in there, bent over in half with a HNNNGGGH leaving her lips - Emma drills a final uppercut into her tummy, and apparently, Justice has had enough! Victoria SINKS down to her knees, clutching her midsection with arms, in agony! Emma lets out a shout of triumph, uncharacteristically taunting the American with a final shove of her glove up into her forehead, a biting remark before Victoria goes down: “Stay down, slag princess!”

And unfortunately, Victoria intends to do just that, making barely any movement to venture back up as she rolls over onto her back - she ain’t moving from that fetal position even after the referee gives her the full 10-counts to recover! It’s OVER!

Official Decision: Emma Watson defeats Victoria Justice via KO5!

Justice is still grounded even after the result is made official, and there’s something brewing in the mud as Watson doesn’t look like she’s done with her American rival! Uncharacteristic behaviour of sweet Hermione Granger as Emma gestures for the microphone to be brought into the ring, before striding over and helping herself to a fistful of Victoria’s dishevelled brown hair.

“I’m tired of playing around,” Emma begins, huffing into the mic, with one hand pulling Justice up by her hair. “All of you think I’m second class to girls like Lily, Hudgend and Cole. Well, that’s about to change. I’m set on retaking the title by storm, and whether you like it or not, poor little Victoria here just found out she was my first victim.”

Mic is dropped and now, Justice groans as she’s pulled back up to her feet with both hands buried in her hair, Emma grinning madly as she leads her back into the ropes and shoves her body in, taunting the brunette to her face but barely getting any response in return. Justice trapped, powerless as her tummy is beaten on with short, closed, balled up fists, Emma having earlier shed her gloves and now using her foe’s belly button for target practice. Victoria grunts and growls, moments of fiery resistance smothered in the cradle when Emma tugs her hair roughly down to one side, another fist drilled into the tummy with a HOUUFFF!

A final knee lift to the gut draws a painful shout from Victoria’s lips before the American collapses to the floor and re-curls into a ball, shivering under the new, intense stare of her opponent. Emma celebrates with a strut around her fallen adversary, her fans seeing the Harry Potter starlet in a brand new light indeed!


(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)



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