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30 July 2021 Alyssa Lynch vs Miley Cyrus

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 30, 2021, 12:38 pm



Alyssa Lynch vs Miley Cyrus (Results: Lookout, Words: Caspian)

(24, 5’7, 120, 35:14 FCBA, VIXENs)

(28, 5’4, 24:27 FCBA, Holloway Boxing)

“Time to avenge a loss,” Alyssa smiles from the press table earlier. “Miley’s been a thorn in my resume ever since she beat me three years ago. When I heard her management was putting her up to fight on the next PPV, I jumped at the chance. This time, I guarantee she’s out-of-shape, out of practice, and most definitely going DOWN.”

“PUH-lease,” Miley begins from the other end of the press room. “I’ve heard all of this before. Lynch used those same big words back in 2018 until I KO’ed her in six rounds. I’m happy to do it all over again in five tonight. Just wait and see!”

Tough words indeed for a fighter who hasn’t been in the ring since July of 2020, exactly one year of a hiatus that’s sure to give Cyrus some ring-rust. Ladies first stare each other down on stage, the cameras flashing and capturing Alyssa’s three-inch height advantage but Cyrus’ tip-top and toned body, the former Disney princess having kept herself in excellent shape all this while despite being away from the ring so long. Cyrus sticks out that tongue of hers, ignoring Alyssa’s taunts as both ladies are led away backstage before things get too heated.

This fight wasn’t as planned in advance like the others on the card, and that means Alyssa and Miley have had less of a fight camp to prepare tonight. But that first outing three years ago might be good enough practice. Fight night rolls around and Alyssa is bouncing on her toes, looking focused after her recent win in the belly punching pit over hated rival, Alexis Ren. She’s wearing an army-green crop top and black boxing trunks, her brown hair tied up into a neat ponytail out back. Cyrus is opting for black leather tonight: a black bralette around her chest and long tights to accentuate her rebel status.

There goes the ref’s wave of the arm and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Loud support for both sides of the aisle as the bell rings and both ladies EXPLODE out of their corners, eager for action! Miley’s seen as the crazy one most of the time but this instance, she’s immediately thrown on the defense as Alyssa rips a fast one-two combo into her face to stun the platinum blonde from afar, the Vixen using her reach advantage to hit her to the mouth before Miley could even respond in kind. Alyssa presses in after that early success, letting another hook FLY FORTH, which catches Cyrus again but this time directly on the chin, and WHAT THE- MILEY GOES DOWN!! That right hook flew from outta nowhere, landing on the former Disney princess with surprise and throwing Cyrus down to the ground in one hell of an early KNOCKDOWN for Alyssa Lynch!

Cyrus left gobsmacked as she rolls over onto her back, and this is what happens, folks, when you haven’t been seen in the ring for almost a year! But Cyrus starts pushing her way back up once the referee passes the count of five, moving fast, looking shaken but not down as she resets herself by the ropes. Miley nods gravely to the ref that she wants to continue, and meanwhile, Lynch can’t help but smirk at her own accomplishment - it ain’t often you get to floor another girl within the first two minutes of a fight! The Vixen eagerly resets and awaits the resumption of the round, knowing if Miley is able to go down so easily, the rest of this fight is gonna be cake-walk.

Cyrus, perhaps a little embarrassed, starts the round off like a different fighter. She takes Alyssa’s first assault with ease, blocking punches with her arms and protecting her face with better grace, a couple of shots taken to her body but keeps herself on her feet this time, disappointing Alyssa after she’s still standing by the end of the first minute. Lynch on the other hand gets a nasty surprise when Miley begins to fight back, lefts and rights plowing into her face with force, the shorter blonde putting her back into each thrust forward to make up for lost time with shocking blows to the lips and nose. Cyrus edges out her rival at the bell, having kept Alyssa off her case in the final minute, another stunning cross to the body as Cyrus lands a dipped hand to the belly button. It’s not nearly enough to balance out that first-round knockdown attempt, but it’s definitely a start.

Alyssa refuses to give up that first round victory, however, rushes in again to pester Cyrus with a constant stream of jabs and combos. Miley has to fight off that height disadvantage but is doing a piss-poor job of it, backing away and allowing Lynch to rush her down with punches coming in in one-two-threes, before the Vixen steps easily out of range of any follow-up attacks. Cyrus is left breathing hard by the end of the third minute, her arms favouring her reddening cheeks but her body also left open and vulnerable. She keeps Lynch away till the bell rings with some heavier cross-hands that are returned into the arms, but it’s still not the best round for the Chimera girl, who allows Lynch to run away with points overall.

Lynch back on the warpath, the crowds firmly behind the lesser known actress who simply wants redemption tonight for an earlier loss to her opponent. Lynch has every positive factor pointing in the right direction, and she uses that enthusiasm to head-hunt Cyrus from afar, constantly pressuring her against the ropes and managing to bang more fists off the tummy before Miley manages to get away. Cyrus is finding it harder and harder to break the distance between them, compared to their last fight, each weave and wade inwards quickly chased off by a flurry of punches, as Lynch refuses to get cornered like last time. End of the round and Lynch again takes it wide, drawing a cheer from her corner as she raises a hand high into the air. If Cyrus doesn’t do something fast, this fight might be as good as over.

Miley again moves backwards on instinct, preferring to let the Vixen chase her down in the ring rather than rush at her straight. But the problem is that Cyrus ain’t moving any faster than her counterpart, who always manages to catch up with the smaller girl and plant more leather on her arms and body. End result is Lynch dominating the first two minutes, at one point slamming a two-pointer into Miley’s tummy, her back to the ropes before she grunts and flees off to the side once more. Lynch STILL gives chase, however, her right arm pulled back and ready to go in for the killer blow. Only... that blow comes in the opposite direction, with Miley suddenly planting her hips firmly to the floor, THROWING one hell of a right overhand that lands straight into the Vixen’s face! OUCH!! Lynch gets stunned to the middle of her face, the force of that one impact immediately throwing her off her feet and whipping her DOWN to the canvas on her back! Miley Cyrus with that COMEBACK knockdown, with yet another flash KO in only the fifth round! It’s Cyrus’ turn to ROAR to the rafters, giving the squirming Lynch a parting taunt from above before striding over to the neutral corner. Lynch is stirring, her eyes closed, shaking her head side to side, but apparently can only hear the referee’s slow count rising from above her. The brunette slowly pushes her way back up by the count of 8, but it’s clear there might be permanent damage to her noggin’, with Lynch having some trouble steadying herself on her feet. Still, the Vixen nods profusely to the referee, practically orders him to let the fight continue. Cyrus with that comeback win this time, cockily sticking out her tongue as she sees some light at the end of the tunnel.

Cyrus is now the one striding back into the fray, eager to pay Lynch back for all the damage and hurt she’s suffered in the past five rounds. Blonde becomes the aggressor early on, ripping hooks into the brunette’s body, leather gloves thudding into Lynch’s torso, making her lurch backwards with each painful grunt. Alyssa looks like a completely different fighter compared to the first half of this fight, her eyes practically half-shut as she hides behind her raised arms most of the first minute, groaning and grunting whenever a stiff hook catches her on the side of her head. Something’s clearly off with the Vixen, but all Alyssa needs to do is survive the round in order to fight another day. Cyrus gives her hell, of course, slamming another punch off the top of the forehead to blast Lynch back into the ropes. Alyssa’s in trouble, her torso taking a beating left and right, her head and torso getting trounced to the side as Miley steps in and WAILS away on her. Referee hovers nearby, looking for any signs or hints that this fight might be as good as over… Lynch with her arms up but the lights ain’t on inside, gets caught by another hook to the chin, which sends her SPRAWLING DOWN to the side in one of the first clean KNOCKDOWNS in this entire fight! Cyrus has surely put in the work this time, nodding curtly before turning around, leaving Alyssa lying in the dust. This time, Lynch barely stirs from her prone position, groaning as she drapes one arm over the top of her head, hiding from the blinding lights! The referee saves her the trouble, immediately gestures for the medics to enter the ring! This fight is OVER!

Official Decision: Miley Cyrus defeats Alyssa Lynch via KO6!

A crisis might be looming once more for the VIX corner with one of their hardest workers on the roster falling yet again in premature fashion to Cyrus, in what was supposed to be an easy rematch for Lynch instead resulting in her being KO’ed to a fighter who hasn’t entered the ring in more than a year.

For now, Co-Head Trainer Corey Saucier is the one showing his girl the most concern, kneeling down beside Lynch in the ring and paying attention to what the medics are saying about her condition.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is all gloating and gleaming for the cameras, that tongue stuck out constantly as she mounts each side of the turnbuckle, flexing her biceps high to the audience.

“Lynch ain’t done. She’s gonna keep on coming for me, and I’m gonna keep on knocking her the f*ck down. She has absolutely NOTHIN’ on me!” Cyrus shouts with glee to the reporters later on. “How does it FEEL to get knocked the f*ck out to an out-of-shape actor, b*tch?!”



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