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30 July 2021 Wallis Day vs Miranda Kerr

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 30, 2021, 12:20 pm



Wallis Day vs. Miranda Kerr (Results: Lookout! Words: The Grand Wizard)


"It's all about proving myself for me," says a hard-eyed Wallis, "Because, that's what I've got to do. All I did was win fights and I STILL couldn't get a slot in a stable. Managers were telling me, 'We like you a lot, but...' There was ALWAYS a 'but'. Well. Not anymore. I'm in the best stable in the FCBA now, and I'm going to make a LOT of managers REGRET that 'but'."

"It's nice that Wallis has goals," says Miranda with a smile. "But, I have goals, too, including adding FCBA gold to by BBU gold. And, Wallis is in the way. So, there you go."


No surprise that we're boxing at range in this one, as these are terms both of these fighters like, and on which both blonde and brunette are plenty effective. So, it's also no surprise that what follows is pretty stuff, the kind of round you can use as an instructional video. Both fighters are moving the feet well, getting the hands out and back, working the jab, looking for openings, putting punches together, and playing good defense. There's tons of head movement as the ladies look to slip and block. And, again, both are doing very well at all of it. Result, of course, is an excellent two-way round with very, very little separation. But, there IS some. And, when the bell rings, it's the blonde who's managed to do juuuusssstttt a bit more and grab the points and the 10-9 lead.


Day takes control almost immediately. Wallis starts walking forward behind her jab, backing up the brunette, and a surprised Miranda finds herself on the back foot. The blonde takes full advantage of the situation, upping the work rate, tossing flurry after flurry at the older woman. Kerr's in full retreat, albeit a fighting retreat, and can't seem to stabilize her front. Every time she sets her feet, the younger blonde tosses off another flurry that forces her to back and cover. Miranda's never hurt, but Wallis is, no doubt, piling up both the points and the punishment. Late in the round, the brunette is finally able to restore a little order, stopping the blonde cold with a hard counter right that sees Wallis cover up. Kerr goes all in, but the bell rings before she can get much done. It's Day wide in the second and up 20-18, but, the question of Wallis' condition is open as she looks unsteady heading back to the corner.


The question of Wallis' condition is quickly answered. Kerr goes onto the offensive immediately and begins backing the blonde up. Day's legs appear to be more than a little shaky, and Miranda's taking full advantage, getting the range and then calling in artillery barrage after artillery barrage. About a minute in a solid right hand staggers Day and Kerr DROPS HER WITH A FOLLOW ON RIGHT! That quickly, Day is down on her right side and the brunette is bouncing to a neutral corner. Wallis manages to push to her feet at seven, but the ref is watching closely during the mandatory. But, when it's complete, he waives on Kerr who gives the blonde beauty an absolute THRASHING for the remainder of the round. The Aussie can't finish, but she does pile up the punishment right to the bell, winning the round 10-8 to even things at 28.


Aussie taking the fight to the blonde in a big way. Day in retreat from the opening seconds, as Kerr easily finds the range and begins bombarding a stationary target. Wallis' legs just aren't there, and that makes all the difference. She's playing defense as well as she can, keeping the gloves high, working to block and slip, all while countering when she has the opportunity, but none of that stops Kerr from giving her a beatdown for about two and a half minutes. Finally, in the last half minute of the round, the blonde's legs start to come around and she's able to give as good as she gets in several sharp exchanges. When the bell rings, there's good news and bad news for everybody. The good for Kerr and bad for Day is that Miranda has taken the round wide and the lead 38-37. The good for Wallis and bad for Miranda is that the blonde appears to have ridden out the worst of the storm.


Good, two way action to start the fifth. Both fighters are moving the feet, head, and hands, and plenty of leather is being exchanged as the ladies get their box on from range. A couple of times, Day tries to recreate the second round by coming forward behind the left, but, each time, Miranda reminds her why that might not be the best of ideas with a solid right hand. After that, the blonde decides to go ahead and box with, and we're right back to the ranged warfare we saw in the first. There's very little in it, as both fighters are able to score effectively and nobody is hurt. Things remain in doubt into the final few seconds, and a last sharp exchange doesn't really change things. At the bell, it's very, very close, just like in the first, but, this time, it's Kerr who gets the points and extends her lead to 48-46.


Back to range to start the sixth. Blonde and brunette getting their respective boxes on effectively, hands out and back, head moving, feet moving...BOOM! Right hand, DAY and Kerr is HURT! A keyhole straight right from the blonde staggers to the brunette who wobbles backward and is DROPPED TO HER SHAPELY REAR BY A RIGHT HOOK! Wallis quickly to a neutral corner to watch and wait. Kerr looking up at the ref as he counts, waits until eight and then gets to her feet. Ref gives her the mandatory and WAIVES ON DAY! Blonde a buzz saw walking forward behind barrages of leather, driving Kerr into the ropes and absolutely SHELLACKING her. Ref looking in closely, as Day wings away with both hands and IT'S OVER! The ref has seen enough and he leaps in to bundle Miranda to safety! And, your winner by KO6 is Wallis Day!


Day scuffed but smiling. "All about proving myself," the blonde says. "And, I've just gone out and proven that I can beat one of the best lightweights in the FCBA. And, that's EXACTLY what I'm going to continue to do, until there aren't any questions left to answer."



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