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30 July 2021 Yvonne Strahovski vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 30, 2021, 12:12 pm




Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Strahovski/Winstead #17

Yvonne: 39, 5’8 (1.73 m), 72-36-0, 58 KO since 2008. Lookout! Boxing

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: 37, 5’8 (1.73 m), 62-51-0, 54 KO since 2007. Foxfire Boxing

Before: “Here we are again, Vonnie,” Mary Elizabeth Winstead said cheerfully, “we’re on our 17th fight since 2008 and I am looking forward to beating you again.”

Yvonne eyed the brunette and sighed: “May I remind, you Mary, dear, that I am leading this series 9-7 and I have won the last 2 –not to mention 3 out of the last 4. I love beating you, but I do wonder why you keep coming back for more?”

“Because the sight you stretched out on the canvas with that cross-eyed KO look you get, is something I just have to see again,” Mary said.

“That look is entirely in your warped imagination,” Yvonne grumbled.

“My imagination is not warped, just colorful, I wish you’d agreed to a Body Saddle Bout. I do so love riding you around the ring and I know you love riding me,” Mary said teasingly.

“Not this time. I am still remembering that Eggnog Wrestling match you got us into,” Yvonne retorted.

“Which you won, somehow or other,” Mary pointed out.

“You know I almost always beat you wrestling.”

“I am working on that,” Mary grumbled.

“In the meantime, I do look forward to leaving you face down and sucking canvas in yet another loss to me,” said Yvonne.

“You say the sweetest things, Vonnie,” Mary retorted, “see you there.”

The two of them then shake hands, but this becomes a hug. Then they turn away and make their separate exits from the stage.

A “MEW vs Yvonnie” fight always seems to create its own special excitement even without a Body Saddle or Body Paint. The crowd is worked up as first Yvonne stride to the ring (July 30th being her birthday, her fans serenade her with a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday”. Yvonne smiles and waves back. As she nears the ring, she removes her green and gold robe to reveal a white bra trimmed in black and black bikini panties. She wears white gloves and boots with black laces. Her blonde hair is loose but wetted down.

Then Mary Elizabeth Winstead comes to the ring accompanied by Foxfire Lightweight Trainer Rachel Nichols. Mary removes her red and black trimmed robe to reveal a dark blue bra matching panties. She wears black boots and gloves with red lacings. Her hair is loose and wetted down.

The two opponents meet with the referee. No nonsense here. Both ladies want to get to actual fight. Instruction are done. Fighters tap gloves and go to their corners. The bell rings.

R1: Mary and Yvonne move out to the center of the ring. Bobbing and weaving thy start trading punches at a steadily rising rate. Punches are mainly going to the body with some quick head shots mixed in. Then Mary dips down and pops up to strike Yvonne hard off the chin. Yvonne knocked back on her heels, covers her face and now Mary hammers Vonnie’s midsection. Yvonne move to the side begins to use jab to shake up Mary with shots to the side of the head. Mary hunching up and sill working Yvonne to the ribcage with hooks. Round ends. It was a close fought round, but judges give it to MEW by a narrow margin.

R2: Yvonne out very quickly at the bell. She moves side to side, drawing Mary off balance and then brings a crashing right into the Winstead jaw. Mary’s head swiveled around and her legs go wobbly as she totters back trying to protect her head. Yvonne hooking hard into Mary’s belly and then slashes away at her ribs and breasts. Mary all hunched up, trying to protect herself and pawing out a jab that really isn’t stopping the rampaging Aussie. Yvonne trying to work Mary into the ropes, but can’t quite pull that off. Bell sounds and Yvonne has to settle for winning the round wide

R3: Mary looks a bit shell shocked and defensive coming out for the new round. Yvonne looks eager to go and starts slamming leather into Winnie’s torso. Mary falling back, she is throwing out some counters, but pays for them as Yvonne smacks are with rattling hard punches to chin and jaw. Mary was again struggling to stay off the ropes, but Yvonne was now able to cut off the ring and with a flurry of hooks to the belly, driving Mary butt first into the strands. Mary buried her face in her gloves, but Yvonne lashed her with a storm of leather. Only the bell and the referee jumping in ended Yvonne’s onslaught. No surprise that Yvonne was awarded the round by a wide margin once again.

R4: Mary worked on by the Foxfire corner. Rachel Nichols telling Mary; “You got into this fight, she’s taking you apart.” Mary just nods, but then slams her mitts together and gets a determined look on her face. Bell rings and Mary now very fast out of her corner. This clearly isn’t what Yvonne was expecting. She takes one-two-three-four left/rights to the jaw and a big smashing uppercut to the chin. Yvonne suddenly floundering backwards, trying to fend off the suddenly explosive Winnie. Yvonne able to defend her head, but Mary vengefully giving Yvonne a thorough working over first the breasts, then the ribs and then the stomach before going back to the breasts. Yvonne stumbling backwards into the ropes, but is only on there for a short time before the bell sounds and she is saved from even more body punching. Still, Mary Winstead has come back to in this round wide.

R5: Yvonne not letting Mary get out quickly this round. She makes sure she is fast off her stool and fast getting her mitts into Mary’s head and body. Mary pounding Yvonne right back and the two circle and counter-circle while firing away steady. Things very even. Then Yvonne able to stuff a hook deep into Mary’s belly. Mary staggered by the force of the blow and her high guard slips. Yvonne takes instant advantage by ramming one right/left uppercuts. Mary’s head jerks back and her knees give way! MARY IS ON HER KNEES! Mary slumps forward so that she is on all fours as Yvonne hurries to the neutral corner and the referee starts counting. Mary able to shake it off and get to her feet at “NINE!” Fight resumes, but Mary’s in cover=up defense and the best Yvonne can do is punish Mary’s flanks to the bell. The knockdown ensures the round will go down on the judges’ card as wide win.

R6: Mary looks aggressive as she comes out for the new round, but Yvonne greets her with a a barrage of punches to the head and face. Mary unable to get off a single punch before she has to retreat, just trying to protect herself as Yvonne swarms in. Yvonne driving Mary back into the ropes for another sound thrashing. Mary writhing under this relentless bombardment, but she is sitting on the ropes and bracing her legs to remain upright. Mary also able to protect her head, but that’s the best she can do. Yvonne wins the round in a shutout, but Mary giving the blonde a stubborn glare of defiance as she peels herself from the ropes. Yvonne looking irritated as she stomps back to her corner.

R7: Rachel Nichols all but screaming in Mary’s ear: “FIGHT! SHE’S MASSACRING YOU! FIGHT BACK!” Mary looks over and nods: “This is not over. You just watch.” Foxfire corner crew gets her out for the 7th looking better than expected. Mary defiantly waves at the incoming Yvonne in a “Come-and-Get-Me, Bytch!” gesture. Yvonne lunging forward and preparing to launch a big right hand into Mary’s jaw, but Mary strikes first. It’s a clipping right under the chin and a follow-up left to the side of the chin. Yvonne brought to sudden halt and Mary swings hooks into Yvonne’s belly. Yvonne snaps out of the apparent trance and quickly goes after Mary to the body. Now both them are toe to toe, jerking short rights and lefts up into each other’s straining bodies. Battle of body attrition goes on and on with neither fighter giving way. They are so focused that they don’t even stop when bell sounds. Referee has to jump in to stop it. Mary and Yvonne both looked dazed as they slowly return to their corners. Judges declare the round a DRAW!

R8: Crowd is in suspense to see who is first to shake off the effects of the previous round. They get their answer in short order as Mary is smoothly out of corner. Yvonne moving more slowly and looks defensive. Mary then strikes with a volley of hooks to the body and then heaving right and left hands off Yvonne’s skull. Yvonne staggering and then takes a fresh wave of body shots. Yvonne all bent forward and can’t keep herself from being punched into the ropes. Yvonne huddled against the strands gets a lashing bombardment that does not stop until the bell rings. Mary steps back as Yvonne totters off the ropes with a haunted look in her eyes. Mary looks at her sternly and turns away. Round goes to MEW in a shutout.

R9: Lookout corner crew labors hard during the break and Yvonne comes out moving relatively well, but she continues on the defense. Mary is out promptly and on the offensive. Mary circling around Yvonne, pumping out a steady stream of head and body shots. Yvonne turning with her, trying to counter where she can, but Mary then starts doing feints. Pulling Yvonne off balance and then ramming home a head shot. Yvonne starting to look frustrated with herself for falling for these feints. She lunges at Mary when she tries it one too many times and look to be trying to drive a straight right into Mary’s face. Mary turns a shoulder to block the shot and then fires a big right that catches Yvonne between the eyes. Yvonne rocked by the blow and then left/right uppercuts slam into the blonde’s chin. Yvonne frozen in shock as Mary fires in a blockbuster right to the jaw. Blood and sweat spray as Yvonne’s head snaps around. DOWN GOES YVONNE! Yvonne just collapsing in a heap as Mary steps away looking grimly satisfied. Mary trots to the neutral corner. Referee moves in and starts to count. Yvonne making an heroic effort to rise, but falls back and ends up sprawled on her back, knees bent upwards as the referee is calling out:



After: Mary’s arm is raised in victory by the referee and she acknowledges the cheers of her supporters in the crowd. However Mary keeps looking over at the Lookout corner where Yvonne is being tended. Mary finally just goes over for a closer look. Yvonne is conscious, though a bit woozy.

“How are you?” Mary asks anxiously, all hostility gone from her voice.

“I have been better. Congratulations, you won, but I still have a 9-8 lead.”

“For the moment,” Mary says sounding relieved, oh and Happy Birthday by the way. You are now one year closer to Cougar status.”

“Gee thanks, Winnie, you do know how to make a boxer feel old,” Yvonne replied.

“You don’t hit l an old boxer, I can assure you that,” Mary said. “And, anyway, I’m only a year or o behind you. I’ll be a Cougar soon enough.”

“Well, I am not one yet and I am not done with you Mary Winstead. We’ll fight again and we’ll just see who wins that one,” Yvonne says.

Mary smiled and gave Yvonne a hug. “Am I still invited to your birthday party?”

“Of course, you are, but the party won’t be for a day or two. It’s your own fault Mary, I ache too much to party.” Yvonne said ruefully.

“I can wait, “ Mary said. They hugged one last time and then Mary went back to her own corner.

No one could be surprised that this latest Strahovski/Winstead battle was a back and forth thriller. It looked like Strahovski had gained the upper hand by R6, but once again, Winstead was able to shake off a beating, come back and win a fight. Mary hasn’t always been able to pull off this comeback in her fights, but when she does, it is a sight to see. Tough loss for Yvonne, but knowing these two, their fighting days are far from over and we should be able to look forward to more such exciting battles.



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