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30 July 2021 Title Ch Hannah Ferguson vs Camille Kostek

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 30, 2021, 11:56 am



Hannah Ferguson vs Camille Kostek (Welterweight Title)

(27, 5’10, 130, 54:13 FCBA, VIXENs)

(29, 5’8, 20:8 FCBA, Bonzo’s Gym)

“Knocked her out the last time in seven rounds,” Hannah says first to reporters, almost haughtily. “Plan to do it again. Simple as that. I’ve been watching the Welterweight tournament with interest, of course. Would have liked to have faced off against Gillan for the title defense, but Camille proved she’s hungry enough to bring home the bacon. So here we are.”

Camille, meanwhile, has a firm smirk on her face as she listens to Hannah from across the long table. The Bonzo’s Gym girl is dressed in a loose white blouse and long leather black tights, her posture firm but relaxed in her chair, as she nestles her chin over clasped hands.

“My loss to Hannah was under JMDD rules, but it’s always been a black mark on my career. Thankfully, that was three years ago, and back when I was first starting out. A lot has changed since then, including my rise to the very top of the Welterweight division. I admire Hannah and what she’s done - I really do. But her title reign is about to be over in a flash.”

Compared to some of Hannah’s ex-rivals, the two blondes seem to have developed a healthy rivalry as they face off from the center of the stage. Hannah sporting a two-inch height advantage over the challenger, but let’s not discount Kostek’s muscular frame that’s packed into a figure usually reserved for more Bantam or Lightweight fighters. Pose of fists trained at each other’s chins is the closest we’re gonna get to tension here: Kostek eager to exert her dominance, her forehead pressed in and hoping Ferguson would get somewhat intimidated by the aggressive stance. Nosiree - Hannah smirks back, not budging an inch, both fists trained close to the challenger’s face, ready to rumble at a moment’s notice.

Fight night and this contest is of the many main events on this month’s PPV: Camille dressed in loose, olive green bikini straps, one wrapped across her chest, the other hugging her waist and over her womanhood. She’s tying her blonde hair into a high ponytail before securing both hands with white gloves. Hannah has gone for an intricately-patterned white and navy bikini top, made of beads, seashells and other knick knacks rather than actual fabric. The Vixen raises her red gloves into the air when her name and title is called.

Moments later, the referee signals for the bell and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Welterweight action! This here’s for the Unified Welterweight Title!

It’s Hannah’s first title defense and both blondes REAR their heads forward, both Hannah and Camille moving energetically towards each other before pouncing simultaneously with jabs to the head. Both girls are veteran Welterweights at this point, and a rematch between the two was bound to happen at some point in the future. Camille shows off power but restraint, pounding away on Hannah’s arms with steady left-right combos before going up high with an overhand haymaker or a low hook to the body. Hannah adjusting, blocking well, slightly leaner and more agile than her opponent but not letting the difference bother her. The champion weaves to avoid another hook before answering with one of her own sent clean across Camille’s face, the rest of the round peppering Kostek with jabs all over her head to edge out a narrow lead by the time the bell rings. First blood goes to Ferguson, but to be honest, both fighters look like they’re moving and shooting in prime fighting shape.

Camille’s hungry to test herself against the very best, employing more aggression in the second round as she stalks Hannah around the ring with powerful straight hands that crash into the middle of her arms. So far, no such big moves have landed clean - from either way - and Kostek might just be wasting her energy if she’s gonna chase Hannah across the ring and back for the rest of this fight. She sees success however whenever the champ decides to hold her ground and fire back, and it is these moments that are packed with mutual shouts of pain as the two alpha blondes GO AT IT with huge hooks and swings! Camille uses her power to dictate terms, blasting a low hook into the side of Hannah’s tummy before almost taking the champ’s head off with another sent into the side of her chin. Hannah’s learned her lesson going forward as she spirals back out of range: she can’t stand-and-trade with a powerhouse like Kostek, and the round ends with Camille no doubt evening out the scoreboards.

More imposition as Kostek resumes her highly aggressive stance, coming in hard and fast with her head dipped low, her arms locked and ready to pummel more sections of Hannah’s body. Ferguson grunting as she’s pushed about the ring in the first minute, Camille firing in another combo that connects with her abs and almost roots her to the spot. Ferguson manages to scatter, however, reset at a distance, then controlling Camille’s advance a little more effectively with fast punches sent in to scour the cheek and nose. Kostek keeps away in the final moments, not liking the idea of getting permanently scarred on her face when another of Hannah’s accurate right jabs is shoved into her lips, making her grunt out loud. Has the champ done enough, however, to balance out the earlier abuse she took? We think not. Kostek edges out the lead, evident from that glove placed high in the air, acknowledging the fans on her way back to her corner.

Round 4 and both championship blondes are still roaring to go! No more wind-up to the action this time as both ladies stride in and start SWINGING away! Hannah surprises Kostek with an overhand screaming in, plowing into Camille’s waiting arms. The punch didn’t land clean, but it’s enough to send the Bonzo’s Gym girl packing! Kostek’s raised guard makes her body a keener target, with Hannah immediately switching south and burying her gloves into her toned midsection, driving the wind out of the blonde’s body with each hard shot drilled in return. Kostek however has had enough of it by the middle mark, immediately screeches her retreat to a halt before RIIIIIIPPIIIINGGG back with a hook of her own, which lands stiffly off Hannah’s cheek! Ferguson gets turned to the side, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open! Another followup BLAST to the arms might have ended the match there and then if the Vixen hadn’t quickly intercepted it with a raised arm. Ladies continue to brawl in close quarters and only reluctantly fade back towards their corners once the bell tolls loudly in the background.

By our count, the match is dead even in terms of points. Of course, stranger things have happened in the past, and these days, it’s rare for matches to go to the judges’ decision anyways. Both ladies know this, and so spend the fifth round trying to take each other’s heads off with precise and power strikes. The former are employed by Hannah, of course, her seasoned right hand catching the chin or top of the head with a steady stream of punts forward to Kostek’s face. On the other, however, Camille is pulling that arm back before streakin’ it in towards the champ at any opportunity, earning a grunt or two when she mashes a glove into Hannah’s body at one point, another close-ranged uppercut snagging the bottom of her breasts for some JMDD action to boot. Hannah left partially stunned, her retaliatory jabs doing little to buy time even as Camille comes in for a third time, an overhand swing landing POWW!! - banger of a right hand between the eyes to send Hannah DOWN! The Vixen gets FLOORED in an instant as Camille shows off her incredible power!! It’s a KNOCKDOWN for Camille Kostek as she timed those earlier shots to perfection! She strides over to her own corner, both arms bouncing in the air, a big grin on her face. She’s come this far in her career and might just be moments away from being an inaugural champion!

Hannah’s still lying flat on her back, blinking upwards at the referee but slowly pushing her upper torso off the ground, groaning as she rolls over onto her knees to begin her recovery one leg at a time. Referee does a final check on the blonde standing by the ropes and besides being a little shaken, Hannah looks like she’s still able to fight. Hopefully. She recovers by the count of 8, but the question is whether the champ can go another five rounds.

Camille is eager to put the champ to sleep, however, rippling more punches inwards with more aggression than last time. She clearly smells blood here, her feet flashing forward before nailing Hannah with straight hands sent into her gut or the arms. Each time, Ferguson rallies backwards, being shoved into the ropes or down the line of the side of the ring, but still managing to keep her balance to negate Camille’s power. Slowly, but surely, Kostek tires herself out, another wild hook flying in off-target as Hannah weaves to the left and then slams her face in with a right hook. Kostek can take some damage before she wilts, for sure, but as her tummy gets beaten on with another fast left-right combo, Hannah literally folds her over in half after another missed uppercut streaked to her right, and even the Bonzo’s Gym personnel begin to see the limitations of their star fighter. Girls end up clinched in the center of the ring, huffing hot air into mutual shoulders, using whatever free hand they have to jam into the tummy or the head before time runs out. Ferguson stays alive this time, denying Camille another shutout performance towards the end.

And back she comes! Blonde fighter rushes in to take advantage of her opponent’s sluggishness, and Camille gets herself smothered and bothered this round, pushed back by a sudden appearance of Ferguson’s power. A right cross almost nails her to the face but Hannah follows up with a quick, lunging uppercut buried into the gut, lurching Camille forward on the spot with an hugrhhh! Ferguson stays on the top of the bigger girl, thrashing her head and torso sideways with her signature left and right hooks slammed in one after another, before going after the other blonde’s open midsection with more thudding strikes of leather on hardened abs. It’s Camille’s turn to try and survive the onslaught, surging forward to force the clinch whenever she can, or at least buy some time to recover her strength. Last minute and Kostek falls back on her own jab, and even those possess power on their own as she crunches another into the champion’s lips to give her some pause. Sound of the bell and Hannah makes a memorable comeback, but it’s clear that we’re heading into the last quarter of this fight!

Early on, Hannah tries the same tactics as the last, a sudden rush towards Camille, trying to nail her on the face with a straight hand. Camille ain’t stupid though, easily braces for the attack, taking the blow to her guard before whipping the champ’s head back with a snap uppercut to the jawline for her troubles. Ferguson definitely underestimated her opponent back there, now paying the price as Camille trudges her way in, slaps those breasts to the side with a double-hook before another uppercut planted to the navel almost bowls the Vixen over in half with a hnnggghh! Girls clinch up like last time but it’s Hannah who’s trying to survive the encounter, her gloves gripping and pushing on enemy blonde’s shoulders before she takes another hard swipe across the face to send her packing. Camille’s eyes are narrowed and focused, as she zooms in on the injured fighter, more combos chasing after the head, but Hannah manages to regroup and reset, locking her arms over her face to block the more dangerous KO attempts. Bell rings and Camille looks like she’s right and back in the fight, but there’s no telling what might happen with both these blondes looking more and more exhausted by the end of the eight.

Case in point: slower start for the ninth as this fight must be decided in the next six minutes. Neither girl wants to take a big risk here but Hannah might have little choice in the matter after suffering that knockdown attempt in the fifth. Camille knows this as well, opts to keep her distance and let the leaner blonde come in to try and test her. Hannah’s speed and better stamina means Kostek’s plan backfires, with the champ managing to outwork her even at far range, jamming a jab into her lips before another two flurries land all over her body and arms. Camille is just a little too tired and slow, built for overwhelming her opponent, which she does try repeatedly in the intermediate, wild lunges at Hannah’s head as Kostek hopes to score lucky and end the fight with a flash result. Ferguson, however, denies her the satisfaction, her head and torso weaving with grace before ending the round with another glancing hook sent across the jawline. The champ would have rushed in afterwards in order to force Camille down to the canvas, but the bell rings too soon for Hannah to do anything but gloat.

Camille needs to pull a fast one if she wants to make it across the finish line in terms of points. Ladies are more or less even thus far and it's pretty much impossible to tell what the judges are thinking overall. Kostek not taking any chances, however, rippling a hook sideways once Hannah gets in range, almost stunning the champ with the unexpected move after it slams into the bottom of her guard. One side effect is Hannah getting thrown backwards, almost losing her balance… AND HERE COMES KOSTEK, hoping to capitalise on all her momentum coming into this title fight, the logical conclusion and climax to the months and months of slogging through the Diamond Boxing tournament to finally SHOCK the champ with a straight blow to the gut, placing all her energies into putting Hannah away! Hannah’s in clear and present danger, falling back on all her experience as she dodges another wild hook aimed for her chin, one of Kostek's uppercut cutting the air to where her chin was situated just moments ago. BLAM of a left hook catches the blonde on her cheek, followed by another squared shoulder, powered right hand CRASHING into the nose! OUCHH!! IT'S KOSTEK WHO’S GETTING PUSHED BACK, her mouth agape and the rest of her hands wilting by the second! Hannah’s driving her back into the ropes, pumping an uppercut into her belly, another one rocking into her breasts for sweet payback before a third one CRACKS into her chin, and DOWN CAMILLE GOES, entire body flying up against the ropes before she crashes face-first to the canvas! It’s a return KNOCKDOWN for the champion! COULD THIS BE IT??

Hannah certainly thinks so, tiredly stumbling to the neutral corner, praying to god Kostek ain’t gonna pull a Kate Upton and send another title defense into grueling overtime. Kostek, however, seeks to disappoint, groaning into the ground at first but then slowly pushing her body off of the canvas, those biceps and thighs working in overdrive to eventually send back to her feet, her back to the ropes as she recovers in the nick-of-time 9!

There’s a minute left on the clock and ANYTHING can happen! Shout of support from the VIX corner as Hannah RUSHES in for the kill, ploughing a hook high to Camille’s head to stun the blonde to the side with a grunt! But if Ferguson was expecting the referee to step in and save Kostek from further trouble, she’s sadly mistaken, with Kostek instead wrapping up arms with the alpha Vixen and then repeatedly smothering her back into the ropes, punishing Hannah with grueling fists of her own tucked into the tummy, at one point trying to DRIVE the champion’s butt through the ropes with her glove packed into trembling flesh over and over. Hannah trying to survive, her chin propped up on Kostek’s shoulder but also strategically holding the bigger blonde as close to her body as possible, temporarily stopping the punches from landing before doing some last damage with her fists slammed into the side of the head. Bell rings to FINALLY end this fight and both girls are STILL going at it, their arms and elbows chugging in and out till the referee has to pull one blonde off the other! Looks like we’re headed to the judges’ table!

In the immediate aftermath, both blondes look shaken and stirred, breathing hard as they walk back to respective corners to get patted down and drenched in water. Both the champion and challenger are behaving as though they’ve won this fight, having secured their fair share of rounds and equaled the number of knockdowns by the end of ten rounds. As they’re beckoned to the center by the referee, Camille and Hannah both seen to be smiling wide, waving an arm to the crowds, before the ref latches onto their wrists to await the judges’ official result:

“Ladies and gentlemen, after ten rounds of grueling action, we now go to the judges’ scorecards. Your winner... by Unanimous Decision… and STILL the Welterweight Champion of the world…. Hannah FERGUSON!”

Official Decision: Hannah Ferguson defeats Camille Kostek via Unanimous Decision at Round 10! Hannah Ferguson RETAINS the Welterweight championship!

Not the result Kostek or her team were looking for, and that’s surely an understatement. Kostek fought the good fight tonight and scored some important wins throughout, but ultimately fell to Hannah’s fists in the very last round to seal her fate. The Bonzo’s Gym starlet shakes her head in dismay once she hears her opponent’s name being called, and walks away with her hands on her hips, trying to face the bitter pill of disappointment.

Hannah meanwhile does a leap of joy into the air, spreading her arms wide before covering her face with her tired hands. It’s not often we go to the scorecards, with the results of these contests usually determined by flash KO. But that just means this fight has been one of the most intense events in both these womens’ careers.

Moments later, Hannah approaches Camille back in her corner, offering the challenger a hand of reconciliation, as her fellow blonde eyes her with suspicion. Stadium holds its breath for a second before Kostek accepts, gripping Hannah firmly by the forearm before pulling the champ in close, a congratulatory warning that this won’t be the last time they’ll face-off.

“Good on her,” Camille later stops to speak to reporters on her way out of the arena. “I thought I won it, but you don’t notice these things when you’re in the thick of the action. Hannah’s one hell of a champion, and I plan on taking her place one day. For now, she has my sincere congratulations.”

Hannah is still grinning as reporters chase her down with questions. Later, backstage, she stops to talk to the one and only, Miss Tess Velmore, who asks what’s going through her mind at that immediate point of time.

“Lots of thoughts. Mostly happy. All of it satisfied,” Hannah returns, smiling at the camera. “Kostek’s one hell of a fighter, and I have no doubt she’ll be champion one day. But not tonight. I’ve worked hard to prepare for either Karen or Camille, so all I’m gonna do is treat myself to a big tub of rum & raisin after I get home tonight! I’ll let you know about who’s next later!”


(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)



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