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24 July 2019 Maisie Smith vs Billie Faiers

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BBU Bout


Posted by Girls Friday on July 24, 2019, 4:25 pm


(Written by Girls Friday/Results BBU)

(Marti's Maulers vs Free Agent)

Tonight in York Hall in London; Maisie Smith makes her debut against the winless Billie Faiers, can Maisie pile more misery on Billie or can the winless one make this debut a nightmare?

Maisie is 18 years old; she stands 5'5, as stated this is her debut, she is most famous for playing Tiffany Butcher in EastEnders, she has also had roles in films like the "Other Anna Boleyn girl"

Billie is 29 years old; she stands 5'4, holding a record of 0 wins, losing all 9 of her fights so far since making her debut in 2015.

In the build up to the fight both women put out videos on their social media accounts, Maisie shows off a training montage with the caption "I am ready for this!"

While Billie posts a video of her sparring with her sister Sam, turning to the camera afterwards with Sam having her arm around her shoulders.

"Maisie you ginger rat! I am going to enjoy bashing you around, why Marti's is letting a little girl in the ring I have no idea" the siblings laughing after Billie's statement.

Fight night; out comes Maisie with coach Emma Bunton, the youngster is smiling as she jogs down the aisle, waving to the cheering fans.

She is wearing a red sports bra, black trunks with red flames patterns coming up the sides of them, black gloves and shoes, her red hair is tied back into a ponytail.

Getting into the ring; Maisie waves to the fans before jogging over to her corner, where Emma tells her to just relax and show off her skills.

Now out comes Billie with her sister Sam, the two look confident as they head down the aisle; Billie pumps her right fist into the air as she goes.

She is wearing a white sports bra with yellow pinstripes across it, matching trunks and shoes, yellow gloves and her blonde hair is also in a ponytail.

Climbing into the ring; Billie gives the crowd a jiggle of her jugs, then settles into her corner to warm up after giving her sister one last hug before she leaves the ring.

The referee brings the fighters to the center of the ring, where their eyes lock and they start trash talking, Billie telling Maisie she doesn't belong in the ring till she really grows up, compared to Maisie calling her simply a big titted s***.

Thudding their gloves together when told to touch them, they both head back to their corners, the bell is then rung to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
For all the trash talk; both look a little nervous as they start off, trading single punches as they feel their way into the action.

It seems like Maisie is going to try to move around up on her toes, box more conventionally of the two, as Billie comes swinging more hooks in once they start letting their hands go.

Maisie lands a crisp double jab to the face of her opponent, she doesn't follow up though, moving around the older fighter as she looks more focused on just landing then throwing with real venom.

It's Billie who lands the biggest punch of the round so far, catching Maisie maybe more by luck then skill with a right hook across her face, then she forces the redhead behind her gloves as she throws to the body and jugs.

Late in the round the two trade in close, heads rubbing as they dig their fists into the others body, grunts head from both women as they attempt to shove each other back.

At the bell they shove apart with a stern glare, jogging back to their corners, Emma tells her fighter to loosen up as the Maulers massage Smith, across the ring Billie is being praised for getting into the youngster face.

Round 2:
As they come out and trade; Maisie looks to have the faster hands, catching out Billie with two punches to her one, mostly focusing on the Essex girls face.

Billie tries to land an overhand right that Maisie spots, the rookie takes a step back before landing a counter double jab to the nose.

With Maisie starting to control the action as she looks to be building in confidence, catching Faiers coming in with a right across her jaw, then a left across her cheek.

Getting in close to land a few body shots seems to be the best success so far for Billie, but she eats an uppercut that sends her back on her heels.

Maisie finishing the round stronger now as she pins Billie behind her gloves on the ropes, showing smarts by switching targets, being a little sneaky by targeting the giant jugs of Billie to pay her back for the JMD tactics earlier.

When the round ends Maisie is smiling; Emma telling her "that's what I want to see darling, you deserve to be in that ring, show the world that!"

Round 3:
It's Maisie who comes out the quicker; drilling Billie to the face with straight shots, while she moves around the older fighter, who is trying to land more then single punches at a time.

Stepping in with an uppercut; Billie misses and is wobbled by a right to the temple! A FOLLOW UP LEFT HOOK SENDS HER DOWN TO THE CANVAS IN A HEAP!

Maisie raises her fists in the air, as the referee has to tell her to go to a neutral corner, 1...2...3...4.. Billie spits out her gumshield as she looks badly stunned, 5...6... Trying to move to the ropes, 7...8... Billie though is too badly hurt as she turns to lay on her back, 9...10 that's it for Billie!

Winner Maisie Smith KO Round 3

A good win for Maisie to start her career, not exactly stern competition but her stable will be hoping it will breed confidence in the young woman.

Who is right now over at Billie tossing her gloves off at her, before shaking her backside at the beaten Faiers, Maisie telling her "all talk I see bytch!" With Samantha climbing into the ring.

Giving Maisie a shove as she shows her displeasure, Maisie and Sam square up to each other with both threatening to give the other a beating now.

Emma along with the referee works to calm things down, with Emma telling Sam "if you want a chance at Maisie, the contract will be ready for you anytime to sign" with Sam nodding in reply.

Before Samantha with help gets her sister out the ring, Billie looks to be coming around as she starts shedding tears, this her tenth defeat in her career.

Inside the ring Maisie gets her hand raised by the referee, with her and Emma posing at the center of the ring smiling for the cameras, before they leave the ring together.

Talking already about training on Monday, Maisie looks excited for her future as she talks about how she wants to batter Samantha, the two giggling as they head off to the back.


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