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2 April 2019 Dannii Minogue vs Samia Ghadie

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BBU Bout


Posted by Knowlesey on April 2, 2019, 2:14 pm


It’s hard to believe that these two have never fought each other, and maybe it’s a surprise to see Dannii back in the ring at 47, against 36 year old Samia. Dannii, of course, has twice knocked out current flyweight champion Cheryl Cole, and it’s rumoured she might have another pop at her sometime soon

Both of these women look very much ready to fight, with Samia in a blue one-piece outfit, cut very high on the thigh, and Dannii in a red leather bodice and knickers, both girl wearing matching gloves and boots

Round 1 
After some initial posturing and goading, the girls get started, and in the opening seconds, Samia gets on top, the Brit very quick and alert, and she lands a few tasty right hooks to the Australian’s ribcage, clearly trying to soften Dannii up with bodypunches, and wanting to move her around the ring, but Dannii’s not budging as easily as Samia wants her to, and she wants to stand and trade punches instead, Samia skipping in, then out, while Dannii’s biding her time, waiting for the Brit to slow down a little, absorbing those shots from the smaller girl, Samia’s gloves smacking into the Aussie’s body, but Danni returns fire now, on the back foot, close to the ropes, she then turns Samia, and hits her a few times with solid headshots before the bell, but that was a good round for Samia

Round 2
Samia gets off her stool in a hurry, aiming to wear Dannii out with those punches to her ribs and flanks, trying to push the bigger girl backwards, but she’s standing firm again, popping Samia’s head back with her jab, the Brit needing to back off, and then she comes again, swinging into Dannii’s body, the Aussie contenting herself with a couple of jabs to Samia’s pretty face, grinningas she lands them, and she leans on the little Brit when she gets the chance, muttering into her ear, “Let’s fight properly, bitch! Stand and fight, you cunt!” but Samia sneers back, “Naw! Let’s box!” and she hits the older girl on the break, annoying her, and that’s a bad idea, because Dannii swats her across the jaw with a solid left hook, then, as Samia reels backwards, she bangs a crushing right into her belly, Samia hurt and gasping as the round draws to a close

Round 3 
Samia's been slowed down a bit by those heavy punches from Dannii at the end of round 2, and it's time for the Aussie to turn the fight her way, swarming over a retreating Samia, and pressing her into a neutral corner, and she’s giving the Brit some hard punches now she’s got her where she wants her, big hooks crashing into Samia’s body, the younger girl gasping and groaning, as Dannii gets right on top, working Samia over in the corner, punishing her for that cheap punch on the break in the previous round, and she hits Samia with three more right hooks, moving her along the ropes, Samia still trying to land her shots to Dannii’s body, but the older girl isn’t stalling her attacks on the little Brit, slots her with a left hook, knocking her head backwards, then bangs away at her flanks with violent hooks, Samia more or less slumping into Dannii as the bell rings, the Aussie telling her, “I’m gonna fuck you after this, you slut!”

Round 4 
Dannii’s really in the groove now, crashing more punches into Samia’s body, the Brit in trouble, and she gets nailed with a hard punch to her belly, and that makes her splutter, her knees quaking, so Dannii gives her another of the same, and Samia’s down, groaning and rolling over, somehow getting to her feet at 7, but Dannii swats her across the jaw with a right hook immediately, the Brit staggering backwards into her own corner, where her supporters are yelling at her to keep her gloves up, but now that Dannii has her where she wants her, the Aussie batters Samia, her head being knocked side to side, and Dannii floors her again, a left hook to her jaw dropping her this time, Samia sliding down the ropes onto her pert little ass, where the referee counts over her, the girl bravely clambering to her feet at 8, and now Dannii hits her to the ribs a couple of times, then bruises her face with heavy punching, promising her, “You’ll get to love me once I’ve had you a couple of times!”

Round 5 
Dannii wades into Samia immediately, thudding her punches into the Brit’s body, and she’s gasping and squealing in pain, Dannii grinning, “Had enough, bitch?” with Samia whimpering, “Yes! Just knock me the fuck out!” Laughing, Dannii whips in another right hook to Samia’s flank, “And tonight – what do you want?” Scared now, Samia whispers back, “I want you to fuck me!” Danni sighs, “Ahhh! Attagirl!” then she mows a right hook into Samia’s jaw, and she hits the canvas again, flat on her back, legs and arms spread, and counted out

Result: Dannii Minogue knocked out Samia Ghadie in round 5

That was about as easy as it could be for Dannii, who, even at her age, is a force in Celebrity Boxing, and certainly too good for the likes of Samia Ghadie, who is now surely just making up the numbers in BBU.

Dannii wants Samia on her feet, and gets her, parading her around the ring, announcing, “This little slut is gonna taste good Aussie pussy tonight – and then she’s getting scissored!”

What happened between these two in Dannii's hotel suite is only available by contacting Samia on this Board


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