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6 November 2019 Ann-Kathrin Brommel vs Alicia Medina

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German Mid-Week Boxing from Hamburg


Posted by Vassago on November 6, 2019 at 5:03pm


Ann-Kathrin Brommel vs Alicia Medina
(Black Eagle Boxing vs BBU Independent)
(4-6, 4 KO vs 0-3)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: The Black Eagle welterweights appear to be making plenty of noise lately however Ann-Kathrin Brommel wants to remind everyone she's an elite option down at lightweight despite losing both of her fights this season to date. On the other hand Spanish model Alicia Medina refuses to accept she's just a hot looking punchbag and vows to channel that Hispanic temper to the point she upsets the German soil in front of her fans tonight.

Both women are eager to get going and since Ann's partner Mario Goetze has shared the locker room with Spanish players, she has learned a word or two herself to trigger the lanky free agent off. Suddenly we have a verbal spat during the introductions while BBU TV's Georgie Thompson reckons the pressure must be getting to Brommel who just can't display those elite talents often enough to make her silverware case: "She's got no competition among the Eagles who are stacking up welters instead so if she can't beat Medina tonight, she's probably just another overrated lingerie model!"

Ann-Kathrin Brommel wears a black bikini set with golden cups & red gloves. Long light brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Alicia Medina wears a red bikini set with yellow trim & navy blue gloves. Long brown hair tied in a curled ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Brommel gets the overrated message stuck right into her face in the early going as Medina jumps into a high-octane attack that splits the red mitts with ease and has the local starlet glued to her heels underneath the attack. Alicia throws in some Spanish language to further enhance the jabbing stock berore she slams a left cross on the nose that beds the younger opponent sideways. Huh! Ann-Kathrin just can't escape the leather rush here and gets beaten for another punch as Alicia drives a left hook into her jaw and belts her across the tummy which leads into loud reaction from the crowd. Brommel trips back onto the ropes where she loses the aerial exchange and displays some early swelling around her lips as Medina finds more success in the gung-ho offense. Another low strike belts the German in the guts and she bellows out into a deep earmuff just to survive this horrible opener.

Round 2:
If Jordan Carver's JMD loss was bad then Ann-Kathrin is trying to make it look better as she gets swamped by another Spanish aerial rush and soaks up one vicious hook after another during a one-sided exchange in the center of the ring. Alicia bangs a triple combo like she totally owns the place and glues more leather into Brommel's face while the stunned German can only respond in half-hearted fashion looping shots that lack both power & precision. She ends up getting pummelled butt-in-ropes come the half-distance point and loses more overhand exchange while Medina drops low to punish the ribcage where she just cripples the fellow brunette into more spasms. She digs her right forearm into Ann's boobs and belts her with piercing hooks that knock more steam out of the subdued German until it's panic time for coach Gina Wild. Ann-Kathrin simply can't embrace the mighty rush and drops into shrieking disarray while Alicia keeps hammering her guts to the point Brommel checks out with a whimper... DOWN GOES A-K!!! The proud German hits the deck on her knees inside the final ten seconds of the round and only the bell saves her from an epic disaster! Meanwhile Alicia is so pumped she doesn't even sit on her stool during the break as she anticipates her maiden BBU victory becoming reality like right NOW!

Round 3:
Ann-Kathrin has been humiliated in front of her own fans for like the entire six minutes here but she bursts out of the blocks in "all or nothing" fashion while Alicia wants to knock her out pure and simple. The charging hellcats clash heads before any meaningful punch is thrown and Brommel somehow recovers from this contact first and drops a bomb on the Spanish liver area that forces Medina backwards. The older model is too committed to her aggressive plan to stay back for too long but she struggles to make a connection off her heels and gets beaten for more head-hunting misery as Ann-K suddenly steps up and delivers the jabbing promise which outworks the hitherto dominant opponent during the second minute. Both girls trade similar jabbing skills thereafter but Medina no longer gets the better of them and gets punked with a low hit on the groin right at the death even if the ref didn't see that. Or maybe that was legal after all but we have to check it on the replay!

Round 4:
Ann-Kathrin cranks up the jabbing volume and holds the Spanish foe in mid-range check as Alicia's aggressive charge is eventually neutralized during another quick head-hunting tussle. Medina manages to work around that lip swelling but Brommel appears to ignore that at this stage and keeps belting her downstairs whenever she squares up to her in duck & weave fashion. It seems like Gina Wild still hasn't figured out where Medina can be hurt the most but the back & forth exchange must favor the home team on the cards even if genuine power is suddenly at premium. Alicia takes a back seat to the German bullying which doesn't scare her off one bit which leads into some ugly clinching stalemate come the final minute.

Round 5:
Alicia remains committed to the head-hunting attack but she just can't overwhelm the lanky German anymore while leaking too many punches dowstairs as Ann-Kathrin has settled down on the midsection drive to fuel her recovery. She belts Medina often enough to soften the older model up but Alicia digs some leather into her jugs before blasting a wild hook on the jaw that almost sends Brommel into jelly knees mode. Huh! Ann-K dodges that bullet with some blatant clinching in the second minute and finds the liver area damage when she keeps blowing easy connection thereafter. Alicia struggles to stretch her elbows while getting dragged around the ring but she finds no referee help and has to punch herself out of the trap on her own. Ann-Kathrin bullies her tummy once she traps her on the turnbuckle and lands a crisp hook on the brow ridge to dump the Spanish model into visible discomfort for the first time tonight shortly before the bell.

Round 6:
Medina tries to resume the high-octane drive upstairs but gets caught out by the German's footwork and slices above her shoulder while losing her balance just for a moment. Brommel dekes to the right and fires a brutal overhand before coming right at her from the inside; she nails Alicia on the jaw with an uppercut double and slams a left cross that tears a small bloody patch across her nose. Ugh! Alicia half-spins to the side and gets trapped on her heels as Ann-K thumps her on the rack and simply takes it from there with more pesky shots aimed at the midriff. Alicia yields real estate in a hurry but can't stop the German from pounding her into a standstill with the shear volume of Brommel's attack making the desired difference. Alicia gets punked onto the ropes and drops her gloves amid the German leather flood to the point Ann-Kathrin can dig no less than four easy lay-ups into her chin TO SEND HER CRASHING DOWN ON HER BACKSIDE in the process!!! Uh-oh!! Alicia bumps her head against the bottom ropes to make matters worse and she literally crawls at referee's feet before making a desperate recovery efforts. She gets up at eight and counting but wobbles back onto the ropes and looks to be in some kind of bother here! And the ref calls the bout OFF as Alicia complains about those hits on the jaw left her too dizzy to continue! TKO6 Ann-Kathrin Brommel in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: The Eagles avoid another disaster on home turf but Ann-Kathrin is still furious she allowed a winless free agent to bounce her around the ring for so long - the knockdown in the second not withstanding. A win is a win but those fellow elite contenders won't break a sweat over Brommel's struggles to put Medina away tonight! Georgie Thompson is brutally honest and believes Ann-Kathrin is "local champion but lacks the international star power required to make a big buzz in BBU going forward. She's like her boyfriend Mario Goetze, a big career gone south with the exception that Ann's career has never been that big to begin with!" Maybe Gina Wild is right that the Eagles welterweight corps is worth all the squeeze instead of the otherwise unchallenged A-K? Whatever the truth, the lanky model knows she needs to score a signature win before too long since the style points of the Medina stoppage just ain't gonna get it done!

Official Result: Ann-Kathrin Brommel def. Alicia Medina TKO6.


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