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7 March 2019 Jasmine Armfield vs Kate Ford

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BBU Bout


Posted by EastEnd Writer on March 7, 2019, 12:12 pm


Jasmine Armfield (Marti Mauler's) 3-0 3 KO'S vs Kate Ford (free agent) 0-2 0 KO'S

Fresh from third 3 round triumph,Jasmine scanned the free agents in the BBU.

Her eyes were drawn to Kate Ford's name the Corrie lynch pin had recently been released by the Fight Club UK stable,and was now managerless.

Jasmine sent a private email to Kate taunting the ageing soap star,about her lack of success in celebrity boxing circles.

Kate couldn't allow a young hussy to goad her without a reaction,so advised Jasmine to put up or shut up.

Jasmine choose the first option and thus both fighters were now preparing for a bout of fisticuffs.

Jasmine in a figure hugging black shorts,black sports bra boots and gloves,her blonde hair in a tight battle braid.

Samantha Womack offering some last minute tips.

In the opposite corner Kate was stretching and shadowboxing.

Her outfit blue tights,boots and gloves,her cleavage bursting out of a skin tight blue bikini top.

Her hair in a tight knot.

Ref calls both girls towards him.

The briefest glove touch and both turn their backs 

10 rounds of lightweight action

Round 1
The girls come out flicking jabs.

Kate coming in close.

But Jasmine shoving her off.

Kate wary of Jasmine's right hand.

But it's a left that catches Kate smacking her head to the side.

The Corrie veteran is wounded,and she backs away to the ropes.

Jasmine following her every move.

And once Kate is trapped on the ropes the Eastender cuts off the ring.

And offloads her famed right,ripping through Kate's guard and knocking Kate against the ropes she scrambles to escape.

But Jasmine having none of it,she clouts Kate smack in her mouth. 

.And Kate's lips now spurting blood,as she collapses against the ropes.

Jasmine eager to inflict more misery on her soap rival.




Just 47 seconds into the fight and it's over.

A huge statement win for young Jasmine.

Who is hugging her coach in disbelief.

The doctor checking Kate's condition.

The crowd sitting in stunned silence.

Clearly Katie Price's decision to ditch Kate now fully vindicated.

The Salford fighter's days in the ring seem numbered,her first visit there in 6 years,and she lasts less than a minute.

Rumours Kate might try her luck in catfight circles,with Charlie Brooks on her radar.

While for Jasmine the future looks very bright,however much tougher nights await the young whippersnapper.

Jasmine Armfield def Kate Ford KO 1


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