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7 August 2021 Katie Holmes vs Charlize Theron

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Posted by Tractorpull on 7 August 2021 at 10:11pm


Katie Holmes vs Charlize Theron

Results: Lookout. Story: Tractorpull


Katie Holmes
Age 42
Height 5”9”

Charlize Theron
Age 46
Height 5’9 1/2’

8 Unified Lightweight titles
7 Unified Welterweight titles
1 Unified Middleweight title
3 Maxim Lightweight titles
2 Paramount Lightweight titles
1 Reebox Lightweight title
2 Reebox Welterweight titles
2 Paramount Welterweight titles
Original Member Hall Of Fame

Katie Holmes is at the podium. Charlize is standing way in the background. Somethings never change . Katie is talking “I fought Charlize two years ago and she knocked me out in six. I thought that would be the last fight between us. Now, I know Charlize is tired of hearing about it and you are going to hear it time after time. Joanne Krupa. She gave Charlize a horrible beating. It gave hope to all of us who have lost to her. Maybe she is ready for the taking. Maybe now it is our time for revenge. I think it was Berry that said maybe “one of these nights she is going to cave and it just might be my night”. It is worth the chance. I know I am not considered a threat to beat her. I just learned that today is her birthday. You know she wouldn’t celebrate her birthday in a fight she might lose. Just my luck. This is called by some an easy fight ,but a blonde reporter come up to me tonight and gave me some info on Katy Perry. Seems I have more wins to my credit that Perry’s last five opponents combined. Boxing World has her ranked at two in the lightweights and no one accused her of taking easy fights. That said I have to take a chance” Turning to Theron smiling, she says “Thanks for the chance and I hope you will regret it even it it is your birthday and I shock the FCBA world. Again, nothing changes. Charlize just smiles and waves a hello

Holmes is in the ring first. She’s wearing a yellow bikini with yellow boots and black gloves. Her hair is pulled back in a bun. Theron is in her usual red bikini, boots and gloves, her hair in the dreadlocks she has been wearing recently

Round 1. The two meet in the center of the ring and touch gloves. Katie backs off and circles Charlize looking for an opening. Charlize is just standing in the center watching Holmes. She is in no hurry, She is looking for rounds. What they say is true. She is using some of these fights as a sparring session, but against someone who really wants to beat her, who really wants to knock her out. Holmes moves in, but Charlize stops her with a couple right jabs to the face. Holmes once again moves in and once again jabs from the big blonde stop her. She backs out and then comes in in a weaving crouch. She manages to get inside Theron defense and starts working on the body pounding lefts and rights to Theron’s midsection. A right hook to the jaw stops Holmes and Charlize takes over the rest of the round, Charlize stays at long distances punching Holmes around with jabs dominating the last two minutes. Holmes returns to her corner with a bruised face, but not much other damage.

Round 2. Katie surprises Theron by coming out of her corner and straight at her. Staying low, she gets inside Theron’s guard and goes to work on the body. She pumps hooks into the blondes midsection. Chalize put her gloves on Holmes’ shoulder to push her away when a right hook finds her chin punching her head back. A Theron right cross misses and an overhand right crashes into her face
Holmes has the blonde on the ropes and starts working on the body, her head low.. Punches are lands on the blondes tummy punching some breath from her. As Theron’s hands drop to protect her body, Holmes drills a right-left into Theron’s breasts drawing a shout to pain from the blonde whose defenses are falling apart. A left-right to the jaw leave Charlize stunned at the bell. Holmes corner is upbeat, but in the Nascar corner team, Lawrence is upset with Theron’ and reads he the riot act.

Round 3. Holmes once again is out quickly at the bell on the offensive. She goes straight to Theron swinging punches even before she get to her target. Charlize lands a right to Holmes’ forehead, but a wild swinging right slams into the right side of the blondes head staggering to her left. Another wild left catches Charlize again and THERON’S HURT. Theron manages to get into a clinch and holds tight until the referee pulls them apart. The clinch gave the blonde twenty seconds of relief and Theron’s legs are back as she now circles Holmes waiting to attack. Theron suddenly moves with a right cross when a Holmes uppercut buckles her legs. Theron comes right back with a solid right hook that sends Holmes back a step. They both step back to take a gasp of breath. Theron changes in and right into a Holmes right cross that send her reeling back into the ropes at the bell. Tempers are flaring in Theron’s corner. Lawrence is telling the Goddess, if she don’t shape up, after the fight she going to take her out back and beat the living hell out of her. Theron replies, why wait, let’s do it now. Robbie and Neve Campbell get between them, it’s only twenty second before Charlize has to go back out.

Round 4. As Theron leaves her corner, Her face is now serious, determined. Her eyes glued on her opponent, They meet in the center of the ring and start punching away toe to toe. Head are punched to one side then the other. Hooks dig into midsections. Breasts are pounded. This is the fight Theron didn’t want, but one in which she excels. The exchanges are going Theron’s way as she as she drives Holmes back into the ropes where she goes to work on Holmes body. Holmes is being ripped with one punch after another. Holmes manages an overhand right that finds Theron’s face starting her nose to bleed. Theron shrugs it off and is right back at Holmes, going for a finish but the bell interrupts her attack. Robbie tell Charlize, she thinks the fight is even on the cards

Round 5, Holmes is out of her corner faster than expected. She lands an overhand right to the blondes face and before Theron can recover she catches a right to her jaw and then a left. Katie now has Charlize against the ropes. Theron’ guard is high protecting her face leaving her body open. Holmes takes advantage. She pounds punch after punch into the blondes tummy, each punch drawing a gasp of breath from her opponent. Theron’s corner is yelling for her to get off the ropes. She manages to land an uppercut to Holme’s jaw sending her back towards the center of the ring. Charlize intends to end it now. Her plans go astray as another overhand right lands in her face, once again drawing blood. Chalize backs off and circles looking for an opening as the bell rings. In Theron’s corner, Neve is lecturing her as the rest of the team stops the nose bleed. Neve tells Charlize that they are half way through the bout and she is losing. She tells the Goddess to get her serious and end it like she should have done three rounds ago

Round 6. Theron, for once has listened. Her face has a hard cold look, her eyes boring holes through Holmes. It’s a look that fighters don’t want to see. Holmes knows it’s war. She throws out that overhand right that has been successful, but Charlize just swats it away and with head down goes to work on Katie’s body. A left-right to the stomach and then moving up the body punches land on Holme’s ribs. A pair of hooks to Holmes’ bra send shock waves through her body. She tries to push the blonde amazon away but an uppercut splits her arms punching her head back. Holmes hands are waist high, her eyes clouding over. A left uppercut to Katie’s chin knocks her head back. A right uppercut to the chin follows. A straight right to the chin has Holmes hands dropping. Charlize steps and buries her right glove into Holme’s solar plexus. Holmes drops to her knees and then pitches forward laying stretched out on her face. Theron returns to her corner as the referee goes through the unnecessary ten count

Charlize Theron defeats Katie Holmes KO6


The two are in the press room. They are seated three feet apart, Katie is the first to speak. “I don’t think the result of this fight surprised anyone. No one expected me to win and coincidently this fight ended in the same round as the last one. I think I gave Charlize more than she expected. It wasn’t easy for her. Now I will leave it to the other hundred girls who Krupa has inspired, to try their luck. Happy Birthday, Charlize

Charlize: “It’s true. Katie gave me a whole lot more than I expected. Nor exactly what I expected on my birthday. I know I can be criticized for getting the so-called “easy fights”, but at least I admit what I am doing. I just can’t fight three superstars a month anymore. Now after seeing this fight, do you really think it was easy? As to Joanna, who constantly is being thrown in my face, Yes, she gave me one of the worst beating of my career. Definitely the worst in the last fifteen or sixteen years. I like and have the utmost respect for her. She is a very good fighter. It was a humiliating defeat, but does everyone have to keep throwing it in my face? I know they are lining up to get at me. More than I can face in what’s left of my career, so just please stop. It tends make me a little more vicious. Katie, thanks pursuing this fight. No thanks for those face punches and blood loss from my nose, you can still hit hard. That was not the kind of present I like. I hope you can get more fights. I think you deserve more activity”

Tess Valmore; Can you tell us who your opponent in the PPV will be?

Charlize: Yes, I can and you can expect a slugging brawl. Dina Meyer 



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