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8 July 2019 Lily Allen vs Lady Gaga

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BBU: Glastonbury Card


Posted by Girls Friday on July 8, 2019, 10:02 am


(Written by Girls Friday/Results BBU)

(Fight Club UK vs Free Agent)

Tonight's main event at this special Glastonbury card sees Lily Allen step into the ring against Lady Gaga here in the unique set up at Worthy Farm.

Lily is 34 years old; she stands 5'2, holding a record of 13 wins, 12 coming by way of knockout, with 6 defeats.

Gaga is 33 years old, she also stands 5'2, holding a record of 4 wins, all by knockout, with 11 defeats.

In the build up both fighters put out videos of their training, Lily sits on the ringside apron of the Fight Club UK gym ring telling the camera "Gaga when we meet in that ring, I am going to batter you into submission"

While Gaga was more full of joy as she heads off to the gym, telling her fans "monsters I can't wait to fight in front of my British fans, Lily won't be smiling after I am finished with her"

Fighting time; the ring is set up on a stage with two big screens to show the action to the crowd standing in the field, the judges next to the ring getting the best view of the action.

First up on stage is Lily with her coach Katie Price, she jogs to the front of the stage, flexing her arms for the fans as she turns back to the ring to enter and get into her corner.

She is wearing a red sports bra with white stripes down the side, matching trunks, shoes, white gloves, while her hair is up in a ponytail.

Gaga comes on stage now, shaking her hips as she smirks on the way to her corner, she steps into the ring waving at Lily to bring it.

She is wearing a glittery blue sports bra, matching trunks and shoes, navy blue gloves, her hair is also in a ponytail.

The fighters come to the center of the ring, eyes locked in an intense stare as the referee goes through the instructions.

They slam their gloves together, they return to their corners with their coaches giving them last minute advice, the bell rings to start 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
"Ding" both fighters come out testing the other out with probing punches, Gaga looking the more mobile of the two as Lily comes straight at her American opponent.

When Lily swings in a left hook; Gaga slips it to land a right under the ribs of the Brit, just missing with an overhand left as Allen moves back.

It is Gaga landing the cleaner punches, her movement is allowing her to keep Lily on the outside, switching her punches up to pick her way her the older fighters guard.

Late in the round Lily lands a left to the side of her opponents head, followed by two straight punches to push Gaga onto her heels.

The round ends with both women not looking too worried as they return to their corners, Gaga slightly the happier after a good opening round.

Round 2:
Again Gaga keeps on the move, side to side to drill her punches into the cheeks of Lily to keep her at range, the Gaga fans yelling as they are certainly happy to see how things are playing out.

Gritting her teeth as she isn't able to land her power punches, Lily throwing a few more hooks now that Gaga easily stops to dodge before countering with head shots.

Stepping in to land two hooks to the body, Gaga tries to step back but gets caught with a left across her face as Lily moves forwards.

Keeping near Gaga; the two let their hands go as they nearly clash heads move in close, the harder shots from Allen is forcing Gaga to back off.

The round comes to a close with Katie nodding at Lily, she wants to see more of that power on display, while Gaga continues smiling as she chats to her coach.

Round 3:
Lily is starting to cut off the ring more, forcing Gaga into firefight exchanges, this is playing to Lily's strengths as she knocks back the American.

Who tries to move out to the left, getting caught with a right across her face, Lily bashes Gaga into a corner with two punches straight into her face.

Gaga tries to fight her way out of the corner, getting caught with more cleaner shots, blood runs from a cut above Gaga's left eyebrow from a nasty looking right cross.

Clinging on desperately to Lily, the referee steps in to break the two apart, Gaga moving around the ring with her jab flicking out, trying to keep Lily back.

But Lily does get in close to land an overhand left across the face of her opponent, the round ends with Gaga back onto the ropes, head down as she returns to her corner.

Round 4:
It looks like the energy has been sapped from Gaga, she is fighting on the back foot, stinging the face of Lily as she keeps on the the move.

Ducking under a jab; Lily lands an overhand right that opens up that cut again, AN UPPERCUT SENDS GAGA STUMBLING INTO THE ROPES, A LEFT HOOK ON THE CHIN SENDS THE AMERICAN DOWN THE ROPES TO HER BACK!

Eyes shut on Gaga as Lily pumps her fist into the air as she heads to a neutral corner, 1...2...3...4.. Gaga is groaning but not moving much, 5...6...7.. Feeling her jaw, 8...9...10 that's it!

Winner Lily Allen KO Round 4

Another highlight reel knockout for Lily as she mounts the corner, flexing her arms as she stares straight into the camera.

"I want that flyweight title!" Yells Lily before she hops off the ropes, returning to her corner as she Katie welcomes her with a hug.

All the while Gaga is helped up after she comes too, still shaky as she leans on the ropes, angrily staring at Lily as she watches the celebrations the opposite side of the ring.

Gaga is helped out the ring as she looks to the sky, wishing things had been different but she couldn't stop the power of Allen.

Who mockingly waves Gaga off, the winner soon getting her hand raised as she makes it known to the cameras "give me a call Diana (Korkunova) I want your title!" A cheer rings out from her fans.

This might not be the fight that gets her that shot, at least it is a step in the right direction though, with plenty of people probably wanting a piece of Lily as we enter the second half of the year.

Lily leaves the ring with Katie, both grinning as they leave the ring together, chatting about who they could fight next.


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