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27 August 2021 Olivia Holt vs Dove Cameron

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on 27 August at 6:10pm


Olivia Holt vs. Dove Cameron (Results: Lookout! Words: Wiz)


Cameron's FCBA career arc, to this point, is something out of a middling movie script. She entered the FCBA at 18 with the talent and high profile of a hot prospect. And, while she struggled some in the early going as you'd expect, Cameron managed three wins in eight fights and showed more than enough to get some stables interested. But, after a couple of years at Mirage where she got all of two fights, the then-21 year old was released and began dropping down the rankings as the losses piled up and she looked to be settling into a career as an opponent. Enter HISC, which pulled the blonde beauty out of the morass, sprinkled her with cracker dust, and began bringing out all that potential it was clear she had way back in 2014.

And, now Cameron 4-0 since her Consortium debut, and just more than a year after serving as an opponent for Javicia Leslie in Rio, stands across the ring from former champ Olivia Holt a month after Holt dropped the Unified Flyweight Titles to a stablemate. And, Dove's not at ALL concerned about the deep waters in which she finds herself. "Obviously," says Cameron, "She's a good fighter, because she had the belts about five minutes ago. But, she's one of those girls born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She started her career managed and has never had to fight for scraps around her. Well. I HAVE. And, I'm NOT going back there. And, if that means I have to take Olivia's head off? Then, that's what I'll do."

"She has a high opinion of herself," says Holt. "Well. So do I. The difference is, I have the results to back that up."


Holt getting going early. She's stepping to, backing Cameron up, making with the heavy leather. Dove wants some space here, but she's not getting any. Sand slowing her down and helping the former champ, who is ALL in her grill, hooking and uppercutting, levering, bodying, bringing all her physicals to bear. Dove out of sorts. Can't seem to get much going, because she's playing the game by Olivia's rules. And, Holt is jusssst fine with that. She's in almost total control piling up points and punishment. Late in the round, Holt begins working some body, thumping at the belly and ribs as she invests to start taking away her rival's legs. And Cameron looks like that girl who was used as an opponent less than a year ago all the while. When the bell finally rings, there's no doubt about it. Holt's got it wide to lead 10-9.


Cameron gets quite the talking to in the corner between rounds, and it clearly has an effect. It's a much different Dove who comes out for the second. Now, she's bouncin' and misbehavin', sand be damned! Holt still working forward, trying to cut and close, but she's finding it a lot harder to do this frame...because Dove is here, there, and everywhere. She's circling, jabbing, stopping, popping, reversing, sending sand flying and constantly fouling Holt's sites and preventing her from creating the geometry she wants. Livvy has her moments, mind. There are times when she corrals Dove, and, when she does, she's able to get work done, just like in the opening round. But, more often, the blondes are in open ocean, and, when they're there, it's Cameron who's getting more done, and, thus, when the bell rings, it's Dove who's taken the points, albeit somewhat narrowly, to even things at 19.


More of the same. It's all about terms, and both blondes are fighting hard to get the ones more favorable to her own fight plan. Result is that both girls get some of what they want...and both make plenty of hay when they do. On the inside, Holt is a hooking machine, working head and body in equal measure, thumping leather into the flanks at every opportunity. Dove works to keep those exchanges short. She ties and wrestles and slips away to the middle of the ring where she can stick and move, stick and move, stop and pop, then get right back in motion. Add it all up, and there's not a lot in it. Neither fighter can create any space on the cards. And, so it is that when the bell rings, there's absolutely nothing in it. The round is scored a draw and we're still even, this time at 29.


Even more tactical stuff. Cameron showing plenty of slicks to go with her quicks. There's some Michelle Williams in there these days, and, wonder where THAT came from. It's little things, a movement of the shoulder or the head, a feint and follow, little things, but they add up. They add up to openings where punches can be fit. And, fit they are. Cameron's got plenty of hand speed, and it doesn't take much of an opportunity for her to send a glove bouncing off your face or head. For her part, Holt is relentless. She's moving the feet, working forward behind the jab, cutting and closing at every opportunity. And, when she gets in there, it's the body she's working now, investing for future rewards. And, those rewards are starting to show up, as Dove's pinking up around the midsection and clearly feeling all those shots. But, when the bell rings, it's Cameron who's won this particular battle, again narrowly, to take the lead at 39-38.


And, even MORE tactical stuff, both blondes working hard, scoring in spots, but neither able to take control of things. If nothing else, though, Cameron is showing she belongs in this company, fighting Holt a little better than eve...BOOM! Right hook, LIVVY and Dove is HURT! Cameron wobbles and is DROPPED BY A STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND! Holt tossing the arms in the air in triumph, heading to a neutral corner, leaving Dove flat on her back in the sand staring up at the referee. Looks to be all over for a moment, but, not quite. Cameron sits up at six, gets to her feet and nine and takes the mandatory. Ref thinks on it, but waives on Holt. And, things get UGLY from there. Livvy all OVER a shaky Dove. Cameron, with no legs, can't get off square and Holt simply batters her back to the ropes and PUMMELS her until the bell finally rings. When it does, Holt's grabbed a 10-8 round and pulled into a 48-47 lead.


HISC corner spends the minute frantically working on their girl, but Cameron still looking wobbly and still sporting plenty of sand on her back and bottom as she comes out for the sixth. For her part, Holt is a guided missile. She's forward immediately, making with the heavy leather, battering Dove backward with heavy leather. Cameron keeping the guard high, jabbing back in spots, trying to stay off the ropes, but, eventually, Oliva backs her there and begins calling in the heavy artillery. Cameron defending herself intelligently, rolling, blocking, slipping, jabbing back here and there, but Holt gives her a thorough beating and the ref is on high alert the entire time. Still, Dove hangs in there, eventually works her way off the ropes, and, while she stays on the defensive, begins moving better by the time the bell rings. When it does, though, Olivia's pitched a shutout and leads 58-56.


Holt forward immediately and EATS A RIGHT HAND! Dove lands an almost perfect shot at an advancing Livvy and HOLT IS WOBBLY BUTT! And now Cameron GOING ALL IN! Dove winging away with both hands, driving all before her, snarling as she digs at Holt, working head, body, then going RACK IN A BIG WAY, actually dropping a shocked Holt's guard before sending her stumbling into the ropes with a right to the head. Holt in all KINDS of trouble as Dove pours on the fire. Livvy covering up, trying to clinch in spots, but Cameron keeps stacking her and digging at the body and the rack, then going back upstairs with brutal shot. Holt all but out on her feet with the ref about to spring when the bell finally rings, saving her further punishment. It's a shutout for Dove, who's cut the lead to 67-66, but may well rue the missed opportunity before this one is over.


Cameron looking to finish this thing. She's stepping forward, letting the hand go. Holt still on iffy legs, giving ground, trying to slow down Dove's advance, but having little luck doing so. Instead, Cameron's forcing the former champion back, grabbing territory at will, punishing her to head and body, then ROCKING HER WITH A RIGHT HAND! Holt stumbles backward, nearly goes down, and then DOVE UNLEASHES HELL AND DOWN GOES LIVVY! Cameron with an absolutely BRUTAL flurry of no fewer than EIGHT punches and Holt drops face first into the sand! Dove lets out a whoop of joy, leaping into the air before turning to a neutral corner. Ref counts down on blonde wreckage, but it's a formality. No movement at ALL from Holt as the count passes her by. It's OVER! And your winner by KO8 in statement-making fashion is Dove Cameron!


Dove a little puffy, but all smiles in the post-fight. "Anybody have any f**king questions? Anything any of you need to know? That girl was CHAMPION last month and I just left her in a PUDDLE in the middle of this beach. Any questions? Anybody? I didn't THINK so." 



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