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27 August 2021 Anya Taylor-Joy vs Adria Arjona

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on 27 August at 6:01pm


Anya Taylor-Joy vs Adria Arjona
(Writing: LMW / Results: Lookout!)

Anya Taylor-Joy
(25, 5’7, 9-1 FCBA, League of Mighty Women)

Adria Arjona
(29, 5’7, 2-0 FCBA, Free Agent)

Pre-Fight: League of Mighty Women’s rising star Anya Taylor-Joy will be looking to continue her winning streak as she faces the free agent Adria Arjona, who made a fantastic start to her FCBA career by pulling a huge upset win over Luisana Lopilato. We are at the South Beach in Miami, where they set up a temporary venue for this bout. Anya is generally associated with Argentina and Britain as she grew up in those countries, but she was born in Miami, so it will be a homecoming event for her. Surely, she would like to mark it with a win, but Adria would like to spoil it and upset another Argentinian fighter.

Hometown fighter Anya goes first to address the audience in the pre-fight press conference. “It’s good to be back here in Miami. I’m looking forward to my first beach boxing bout and this is the perfect place to do it. I trained hard and prepared for a tough battle on the beach. Adria might still be new to the FCBA, but it is not a secret at this point that she is a dangerous opponent who can cause problems even for top fighters. I know what to expect from her though and I’m ready for it.”

After listening to her opponent with a smile, Adria takes the stage. “I know that I don’t have the surprise element anymore, but it also means that I’m starting to prove my fighting abilities and I’ll continue to do so. I respect Anya as she has been rising through the ranks and has been at it longer than I am, but I’m training hard for this fight and I’m ready for her too. Plus, I might still have some tricks to surprise her!” Both fighters seem ready and excited for this bout, but they are also respectful towards each other, so they end the press conference with a handshake.

The temporary beach venue is ready for fight night as the ring posts are directly set up into the sand, so both fighters will be fighting barefoot.

Anya comes out first with her coach Summer Glau behind her. She waves to her hometown fans as they cheer loudly for her. After entering through the ropes, she starts testing out her footwork to get accustomed to the sand.

She is wearing a baby blue bikini set with white gloves, while her hair is tied into a ponytail.

Adria comes out next with her coach accompanying her. She ignores the small portion of the crowd booing her and instead waves to the ones cheering for her as she seems to have a good amount of supporters as well.

She is wearing a red bikini set with blue gloves, while her hair is also tied into a ponytail.

Both fighters come to the center of the ring to listen to the final instructions of the referee and after that they touch gloves with a respectful nod and step back to their respective corners. We are now ready for 10 rounds of bantamweight beach boxing!

Fight: Round 1: It is a bit of a slow start as both fighters are not only trying to find their range, but also trying to get their footwork going on the sand. After the first twenty seconds, Anya registers the first hit of the bout with a jab, but the following straight misses as Adria steps back, not willing to exchange just yet. This approach seems to be suiting Anya better as she starts hitting more jabs and short combinations, while Adria answers with a few defensive jabs of her own.

It ends up being a slow paced round as both fighters seem to be still adjusting to beach boxing. It is not the exciting clash we expected from these two rising stars, but hopefully it will get better in the following rounds. For now though, Anya takes this one on points as she lands more shots.

Round 2: Another slow start as both fighters continue with their cautious approach. They are only engaging in short exchanges from the outside, which is working much better for Anya so far as she keeps landing cleaner shots. However, Adria is aware of this as well, so she is now trying to increase the pace of the fight. The increased work rate and the more aggressive approach seem to be having the desired effect for Adria as she lands a double jab-straight combo that forces Anya to step back for the first time in this fight.

Anya tries to match her opponent’s increased pace, but Adria takes control of the fight in this round as she now lands more punches. Anya decides to be more aggressive too towards the end of the round, which leads to an exciting stand and trade. They both land a couple of clean shots and neither backs down as we hear the ten second warning. Anya tries to finish it strong with a hook up top, but Adria ducks down and she lands a lead uppercut to her opponent’s abs and then goes up with another uppercut, this time landing on the chin that rocks Anya. She steps back unsteadily, but gets saved from getting in further trouble by the bell.

With that last exchange, Adria secured a big round win to not only tie things up on the scorecards, but also gain momentum going into the third round. She is looking confident in between the rounds, while Anya is trying to recover as she listens to Summer’s instructions.

Round 3: Adria is on the attack, while Anya switches to a completely defensive approach at the beginning of this round. Adria seems to be in control now, but she is still cautious of a counter-attack. So, she starts by knocking the door with some short combinations from the outside, without committing to a longer exchange. Anya tries to establish a defensive jab, but otherwise she only focuses on blocking Adria’s punches.

Looks like Anya is happy with just surviving this round, but she is getting under more pressure as Adria gets more confident with her attacks, seeing that Anya isn’t causing much of a trouble for her in this round. As we enter the last minute of the third round, Adria is starting to find more openings in her opponent’s defense and she takes advantage of them with some good looking hooks and straights. Anya is in full retreat now and Adria is on the hunt. As she chases her opponent around the ring, Adria registers some glancing blows, but she wants more. So, she waits for the right time to cut the angle and land a hook, which forces Anya back to the corner.
Adria throws a few straight punches up top, but Anya closes her guard tight around her face, so she switches levels and blasts her opponent’s ribs with a barrage of hooks. Once Anya lowers her guard, Adria goes back to working up top with a couple of hooks. Anya tries to adjust her guard, but Adria is picking her defenses apart by changing levels and landing blows in rapid succession. Looks like the referee might have to step in soon, but Anya gets saved by the bell, again.

That round was all Adria, so she opened up a significant lead in the scorecards. More importantly though, it looks like she might finish this fight soon and pull another upset. It might not be as surprising at this point, but it will be another huge win for her regardless.

Round 4: As expected, Anya starts with a defensive approach to this round, but what is unexpected is that Adria isn’t putting much pressure on her opponent. She might have tired herself out trying to get a finish in the previous round. Fighting on the sand for the first time might be contributing to it as well, but Adria is clearly going at a slower pace right now as she goes for fewer and shorter combinations. Anya is happy to go along with it as she seems content with just surviving this round.

Despite the lack of action, Adria still ends up landing a few more shots compared to Anya, so she ends up winning another round even if it was narrow this time. However, she has to be careful, because she is letting Anya recover and get back in the fight.

Round 5: Anya is more active in the beginning of this round as she seems to have recovered a bit and even got a second wind. Adria is increasing her pace back up again too, so we might be going back to an action filled round as well. They are circling around each other to get the better angle and position as they engage in short exchanges from the outside. Adria still seems a bit slower with combinations though, so Anya is beating her to the punch, literally. Anya seems content with winning these short exchanges and not willing to overstay her welcome as she is probably still cautious of her opponent’s firepower.

Just past the halfway point of the round, they engage in a longer stand and trade, which sees Anya come out on top once again as she scores with a double jab-cross combo and then goes to the body with a couple of hooks and then finishes it with an uppercut to the abs. Adria answers with a couple of jabs, but that last uppercut to her midsection doubles her over and she ends up clinching with Anya to stop her momentum. Anya gives a little push to create some space and then lands a couple of shovel hooks, which results in another quick clinch by her opponent. This time, the referee has to come and separate them for the fight to continue.

Adria survives the rest of the round, but the tide has turned once again and the control of the fight went back to Anya, who ends up being the clear winner of this round to pull closer on the scorecards.

Round 6: It is Adria’s turn to be defensive and Anya’s turn to be on the hunt this round. Anya is the one who increases the pace of the fight now and she targets her opponent’s body as Adria seems to favor it after the last round. She is keeping her guard lower to protect her ribs and her midsection, but Anya still gets through with some of her shots, causing Adria to flinch.

Entering the second minute of the round, Anya once again targets her opponent’s body as she scores with a couple of hooks to the ribs followed by an uppercut to the midsection. Adria lowers her guard as that last shot stunned her for a second. Anya sees this opening and switches targets to go up top with two big hooks to the chin. Adria wobbles and then starts backing up, but Anya steps forward and catches her with a beautiful uppercut right on the jaw that knocks Adria down on her back! 1…2…3… Adria is lying on the sand, blinking her eyes 4…5… she rolls over to start pushing herself off the sand 6…7…8… she gets up on all fours 9…10 that’s all she can do though as she gets counted out before she can get up on her feet.

Official Result: Winner by KO in round 6, Anya Taylor-Joy!

Post-Fight: Anya seems relieved as she celebrates her win by raising her fists. Summer comes in and hugs her to celebrate as well. On the other side, Adria is helped to her feet by the medical staff and after a quick check, she gets cleared. After seeing that she is alright, Anya comes over and the two fighters hug and congratulate each other on a good fight. As they hug, the crowd shows their appreciation by cheering loudly for both fighters.

After getting her hand raised, Anya takes the microphone to address the fans. “Thank you all for your support. It has been an amazing weekend, coming back to Miami and winning my first beach boxing bout against a very capable opponent. Adria showed that she is legit. Even when you know what to expect, she can still cause lots of trouble. This also marks my 10th win in the FCBA, so I’ll be celebrating all night, but then I’ll get back to training hard for many more wins in the future!” With that she leaves the makeshift ring as her hometown crowd cheers once more for her.

Anya struggled for a couple of rounds, but she was able to turn things around and get another knockout win to add to her streak. As for Adria, she tasted defeat for the first time, but she still put up a good performance, showing that she is legit. 



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