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27 August 2021 Georgia Mae Gibbs vs Courtney Tailor

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on 27 August at 5:37pm


Georgia Mae Gibbs vs Courtney Tailor


(Words: O & E / Results: Lookout!)

Before: Georgia in a rankings free-fall this year, dropping from within striking distance of title contention to a distant memory in under a year. While her contemporaries at VIXENS have gone from strength to strength, she’s been languishing in the doldrums for a year. Still, she insists she isn’t the underdog in this match with the reigning Queen of the Ice Hotel! “I ended her first title run, I will bring her down again! This is where I start my way back!”

Courtney treating this as a breather: “I’ve surpassed her, plain and simple. But there’s a reason this isn’t happening at the Ice Hotel, and it’s because she’s not worthy. There’s a reason I’m getting title fights and she’s a glorified sparring partner. This fight is over before it begins!”

Georgia in a white triangle bikini, mottled with black spots and high-V bottoms, white gloves, hair back in a battle-braid. Courtney disdaining a robe for her entrance, light blue triangle-cut bikini with a thong back, black gloves, hair loose and wind-blown wild

R1: Action! Girls punching into each other midring—straight backs, crisscross lefts and rights jutting out from the shoulder, buffeting and pasting pretty faces. Georgia slowly gets the better of Courtney in this bumpercar boxing, starting to outland, turning her head to the right and backing her up. Tailor hits the ropes, covers up panicked: Gibbs shifts from straight crisscross to wide underslung lefts and rights, batting furiously at her foe’s sturdy chassis, Texan gasping, clinches, Georgia bouncing on the spot, working hard to wrench her arms clear—ref issues break, pushes Aussie back. Sullen look from Courtney, Gibbs upbeat, bopping right back on top—pounding away rapid fire crisscross to get Ice Queen covering up, then swinging roundhouses against the girl’s sides and tummy. Bell: Georgia hops away all braid swingin’ and grinnin’—that would be her foot you see up Courtney’s ass here in the first.

R2: Same again—not a lot of artistry here: both girls committed to rapid fire leather, punching palm-down from the shoulder in abrupt crisscross sequences. Fighters ping-ponging each other off the ropes, when one gets on top she works her prey over with stubby shove-n’-slug, bumping and jostling as much as slugging, Crowd-pleasing stuff, blondes all hot and bothered, teeth bared, eyes furious—very expressive backsides belting away from a wide stance. This time it’s Courtney emerging in the final minute, beating Georgia as both girls still hustling leather, but Texan doing the bulk of scoring. Bell: Tailor cleaning her plate—ref ha to pull her away by her elbow and wag a finger in her face: “Break when I say break.”

R3: Now it's Georgia. Midring - girls bobbing and weaving rapidly, dipping side to side, spitting our straight punches, Gibbs fits that tidy right hand in again and again to Tailor's chin. Courtney rocked - keeps her feet, but can't stand her ground: Georgia's forward, blondes constantly moving their hands and upperbody in jiggly unison. Ropes: terrible scouring beatdown issued: Tailor crying out as she covers up face-in-gloves, twisting and turning side to side to help distribute the incoming leather. Gibbs pinning her ears back and whaling away as she gets off with impunity, belting away on helpless blonde. Down the stretch, Georgia trades a little wild volume for some precision - hurting Courtney with a pair of ripping hooks to liver. Tailor breathless, stooping forward hurt - corner screaming at her to clinch, but that sensibility isn't there yet. Gibbs huge on Courtney at the bell - hammer-fisting lefts and rights back and forth across the exposed lower back. Georgia furiously going for the knockdown, eyes blazing, hair in her mouth, teeth bared. Curvy legs hold Tailor up, but she's crying: Gibbs hooting in derision at bell as ref pushes in.

R4: More hustle-punching midring, Georgia with her lips curled back, jamming her way into Courtney and backing her up. Tailor having trouble matching Aussie’s pistoning output. Courtney galvanized when her back hits ropes—SHE surges, momentarily beating Gibbs to punches: Georgia’s turn to backup under fire. Back and forth—girls snarling, getting bumped off balance, regrouping, firing back—wild pinball action as vixens just look to step in and chug. Tailor just overwhelming Gibbs when the girls stand toe-to-toe and slug from middle distances. Faces pinking up nicely, and the straight-punching trajectory is pancaking both sets of jug. Bell, both girls glaring, breathing hard, cheeks rosy with effort—ref pushes seething flyweights apart as both seem intent on falling in for more during the break.

R5: Courtney gets tackled into her own corner by a seething Georgia. Tailor sobbing out as she's beaten: blonde left hand up, palm out at right ear; right arm down across body, right knee up as she leans against turnbuckle under a ROBUST thumping. JMD style romp unsustainable, Gibbs already breathing hard after the sudden squall - but she reaches in under Courtney's arms, chesting her heavy to ropes and getting a bit of a breather. Ref's break: Gibbs more precise now, conserving energy - she paws jabs, hunting for an opening for that stubby right cross of hers. Georgia going to Courtney's right side with firm, methodical hooks - just placing 'em in every few seconds as Texan covers up, stoops forward behind mitts. Tailor having a hard time finding answers: Georgia's punishing her, then wisely bodying up, making her take weight while Gibbs rests. Firm bell to bell control shown by Georgia, Courtney lumping up nicely through 5.

R6: Georgia working her jab and sidestepping Courtney. Tailor a bobbing maniac - dipping, weaving - darting in and out with springy little hops, jugs a’jumpin’. Minute mark: Gibbs tries the right uppercut; Tailor triggers a jammin' straight right, back knee, spilling her to ropes: she's dazed, staring, lips parted. ON COMES COURTNEY! Tailor hops-to, hooks tummy something awful: Gibbs grunts, cringes up behind her mitts. Courtney sets her feet, pops hips-right: she tucks another withering hook to flat paunch...resets...pops hips-left to rip a brutal right hand off Georgia's slender flank. Tailor bangs away thudding lefts and rights ribs and waist, Gibbs weepy, achy, finally stumbling away to her right with how-could-you eyes. Courtney hops-with hooking hard to face: Georgia's head snaps back - legs lock stiff: she twists to her left, topples straight out, crashing rigidly to her back parallel to ropes. Blonde's beautiful face pinched in agony, eyes shut tight; left knee up, right leg out flat...it's over! Gibbs can't get off her back - murmering in shock as 10 count passes her by. Hammering KO6 Courtney Tailor!

After: Courtney coldly toes Georgia under the ropes and out of the ring. That disposed of, she brightens up, breaking out the smile a she sashays around the ring, hips swayin, jugs-a-jumpin as she brings the crowd back up to a rolling boil. Motioning for a mike, she lets fly her challenge: “KATE! I KNOW YOU HEAR THIS! YOU GONNA BE READY FOR ME!?! NEW YEAR’S EVE! YOU AND ME! BOXING GLOVES AND BODY PAINT! LAST GIRL STANDING’S THE #1 BLONDE!” Shifting back to the audience, “YA’LL GONNA BE READY FOR THAT!” Even in the open air venue, the response is deafening! 



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