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26 December 2021 Emmanuelle Chriqui vs Sylvie Meis

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Posted by Vassago on December 26, 2021, 9:12 pm



Emmanuelle Chriqui vs Sylvie Meis
(Team Canada vs Foxfire Atlantic Boxing)
(2-3, 2 KO vs 21-17, 19 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: It's time for some international cougar action next as Toronto's Emmanuelle Chriqui returns to BBU to face the German-based Dutch model Sylvie Meis. Emmanuelle was semi-retired since getting destroyed by Victoria Justice in less than three rounds back in 2018 but the recent demand for cougar action made her think better off it and she's back to wave the Canadian flag in BBU again!

Meanwhile Sylvie always enjoys a good boxing scrap and serves as a pin-up cougar for everyone who thinks age is only a number. Aged 42 the Dutch model can still fill out a skimpy bikini and she vows to hit the Pacific beaches as soon as she knocks Chriqui's lights out tonight!

Emmanuelle Chriqui wears a red bikini set & white gloves with a red maple leaf painted on them. Long dark brown hair tied in a half-up ponytail. Sylvie Meis wears a pink bikini set & silver gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a custom ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Quick start from the blonde who lands several crisp shots into the brunette's face and backs her onto the ropes before too long. Emmanuelle needs time to shake off the rust and has a hard time matching the model's pace which leads into a one-sided drill during the opening round. Sylvie bangs away with a cheeky smile on her face and drops the Canadian behind a somewhat desperate earmuff however Chriqui recovers some pride come the final minute when she laces the blonde in the gut and pierces her solar plexus right at the bell.

Round 2:
Sylvie keeps working the high-octane drill and forces Emmanuelle to move around in shear avoidance. The Canadian's slugging response is slow to get off the mark again but Meis still gets punked in the chest half-way through the round and almost tweaks her ankle as she tries to navigate a desperate heave upstairs. She drops her gloves low enough for Chriqui to blast her on the lips and there's more coming from the Canadian actress who switches to punish the model's body with a meaningful drive in the final minute. Sylvie gets stuffed on her heels and eats a scything uppercut on the jaw that triggers a loud reaction from Team Canada's entourage once the referee separates the two cougars at the bell.

Round 3:
Blonde gets off to a promising start pounding away up the middle but the brunette wants a piece of the slugging action... until she gets whacked on the nose and wobbles to her heels which enables the Dutch woman to cash in with a nasty double on each temple. Emmanuelle slumps on her knees and eats a wild uppercut straight through her mitts... it connects with the jaw and FLOORS the Canadian stunner on the spot! Uh-oh!! That was a wicked punch from Meis who taunts the opposite corner during a rather slowish count. Chriqui gets up at seven and indicates she's all good here but she fails to neutralize a hectic jabbing rush that allows Sylvie to thump her onto the ropes where she locks the actress behind a high earmuff and lays it into her exposed midriff until the bell halts her charge.

Round 4:
Emmanuelle seeks a swift redemption but gets caught over the top and starts leaking blood from damaged nostrils come the one-minute mark. The fight turns ugly for the older cougar who gets glued to the spot as Sylvie dissects her high guard with a shocking ease and keeps piling more leather until she has Chriqui shrieking in pain. A swift gut-check bends the Canadian sideways and Meis leaps with a right hook on the wounded nose to FLOOR the brunette for the second time!! Huh! Emmanuelle wants to avoid a complete disaster and rushes her recovery; she gets up at six but cuts a shaky figure and fails to embrace another jabbing rush that rocks her head back & forth as Meis pushes for the finish line. She destroys the ailing guard and knocks more leather straight into the brunette's face and poor Emmanuelle is almost knocked out cold on her feet so the ref STEPS IN to stop the beating half-way through the final minute of the round. TKO4 Sylvie Meis!!!

AFTER: Emphatic win for the Dutch lingerie model who took full advantage of Emmanuelle's rusty comeback shape. Team Canada coach Amanda Tapping vows to rebuild the brunette's career despite this setback and BBU has enough wiley cougars willing to give it a match-making shot. Meanwhile Sylvie is off to the beaches like she promised and there's every chance the fans get to see her in action next month already!

Official Result: Sylvie Meis def. Emmanuelle Chriqui TKO4.



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