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26 December 2021 Nikki Sanderson vs Mimi Keene

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Posted by Vassago on December 26, 2021, 9:11 pm



Nikki Sanderson vs Mimi Keene
(Kear's Kats vs Marti's Maulers)
(21-27-1, 19 KO vs 2-2, 2 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: One could argue this is antoher edition of the soap TV wars if only Mimi Keene wasn't making noise on Netflix lately. That's one thing which seems to upset Nikki Sanderson the most as the fiery redhead still believes Mimi hasn't escaped the EastEnders backbencher status for lack of better prospects.

"That's a terrible lie! Nikki thinks Corrie & Hollyoaks is all there is in the world? She's completely lost it! I'm way younger than her and waaaay better looking than her too! I had a couple of bad results recently but this overrated washed-up bimbo is perfect to serve as my next victim! C'mon, slag! You're soo going down!!!", Mimi gets unusually riled up before the fight but those losses to Katya Jones and Rhiannon Fish must be playing on her mind alright.

Nikki Sanderson wears a pink bikini set & silver gloves. Long auburn red hair tied in a curled ponytail. Mimi Keene wears a navy blue bikini set & white gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Nikki moves into a quick jabbing action and outworks the younger actress during a heated exchange in the center of the ring. Mimi glues her mitts into the redhead's forearms which neutralizes her response before Nikki slams a left/right cross on the mouth to drop her into coverage for good. Mimi's footwork allows her to stay clear of more trouble but she cuts a defensive figure in the process and only fuels Sanderson's slugging desire. The Hollyoaks stunner gashes the reeling brunette from both flanks and splits her high guard with relative ease. Ugh! Mimi wobbles onto the ropes with a quiet whimper and has Nikki piercing her ribcage during a furious rally late in the going. Bell comes to the rescue and Maulers' coach Emma Bunton is visibly concerned already!

Round 2:
Nikki seeks more body assault damage and locks the younger actress in a phone booth jam during the opening minute. Mimi lands a couple of good shots in response but has to dance around on her toes while Sanderson keeps thumping more leather on target. Both women clash heads down the stretch which slows the action down; Nikki recovers first and scythes the brunette across the nose but gets clinched into a stalemate which leads into a lenghty struggle along the ropes. Mimi manages to plug a meaningful series in the redhead's abs but slumps against the turnbuckle when the older woman whacks her just above the waist-line. Or maybe even below? TV replay remains inconclusive!

Round 3:
"I'm not Samia Ghadie, you filthy witch!", Mimi is genuinely upset over that alleged low blow and comes firing away early in the third. She nails the Blackpool babe on the chin and continues to deliver a head-hunting assault forcing the older actress into a hectic retreat. Nikki tries to catch the charging brunette off guard but her looping response from the back foot goes nowhere and leaves her dancing around in avoidance for majority of the second minute. Keene makes a great aggressive impression but lacks the big punch quality and has to rely on that impression to carry the round. She makes an obscene gesture aimed at Kats coach Gail Kim after the bell which adds more tension to this contest.

Round 4:
Nikki's aggressive approach gives her a brief edge early in the fourth but she gets sucked into a jabbing vacuum by the more animated opponent who pays back the favor drilling the redhead's midsection in slighly unfair fashion. She almost whacks Sanderson on the groin outright but still gets away with it and shoves the older actress onto the ropes where both women really give each other no quarter. The Cardiff fans enjoy a vintage flyweight bashing that cuts Nikki on the nasal ridge and makes her lose her temper for good. She hammers a left cross into the brunette's chin but fails to follow through with authority and stumbles into an uppercut double that leaves her hugging the turnbuckle at the bell.

Round 5:
Mimi's comeback continues as she laces the redhead up the chimney and drills her solar plexus with a hi-lo change. Ugh! Nikki slumps on her heels and gets pummelled to the body again with Mimi almost head-butting her in the nose on purpose. Action really steps outside of the box with Keene just gashing one punch into another which carves Sanderson's midriff and drops her into an earmuff cover come the final minute. Uh-oh!!! Nikki suddenly looks like a veteran who has gone one round too far after all and Keene takes advantage of that pounding the Blackpool woman into stupor. Bell comes to the rescue and Nikki tries to put a brave face on but BBU TV's Kate Abdo claims she is hurting inside alright.

Round 6:
Mimi bangs a quick series on the chin and splits the redhead's guard before connecting with more harpoons downstairs. Nikki tries to apply the clinching breaks but gets backed into the corner where Keen barges her in the breasts with a not-so-stray elbow and drops a nasty combo on the solar plexus. Ugh! Nikki wobbles forward with a whimper and meets a crushing uppercut on the jaw that SENDS HER CRASHING DOWN ON HER BACKSIDE!!! Mimi struts back to coach Bunton and tells her it's all over. Let's find out... Nikki manages to climb onto all fours half-way through the count but stays frozen for a couple of seconds and when she tries to get up it's too late. She stays down on one knee when the ref shouts "TEN!!!" into her face. Game over! KO6 Mimi Keene!!!

AFTER: The former EastEnders starlet makes amends for those two bitter defeats earlier this season and credits Emma Bunton for the success: "I had to shake off the nice girl image and earn some damn respect punching that slag in the mouth! Nikki can go oil wrestling with Samia Ghadie but new generation prospects like ME are set to take over the BBU! I can't wait to see what happens next year! Netflix rules!!!" (giggles).

Official Result: Mimi Keene def. Nikki Sanderson KO6.



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