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9 September 2021 Anna Tatangelo vs Bella Hadid

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Posted by IBB on September 9, 2021, 3:36 pm



Anna Tatangelo 34yo 5'8 (3W-1L 3Ko's) vs Bella Hadid 24yo 5'8 1/2 (3W-6L 3Ko's)

The match sees opposites on the one hand Anna who is older but has little experience, and on the other hand Bella who is 10 years younger and has much more experience, Anna is the first to speak, I'm trying to make my way in this world, it's hard but I'm sure I can do it, then it's Bella talking, my beginnings weren't easy, but I still have a lot of time and I'm sure I can make it to the FCBA.

The Fight Night
first to arrive in the ring is Bella, she is wearing a red bikini with gloves and red boots her hair is in a ponytail then it is Anna's turn she is wearing a multicolored bikini with gloves and white boots her hair is in a ponytail , then the referee calls the two fighters to the center of the ring for the final instructions before 10 rounds of lightweight action.

The Fight
Round 1
Bella immediately takes the initiative using her longest reach and punching the Italian's face with two-handed jabs, which is inflated hard, Anna clinches desperately, but Bella pushes her off the ropes, and hitting her ribs hard, cn furious combinations of two-handed hooks, which make Anna let her guard down, so beautiful she is free to inflict a hard dose of hooks on her cheeks, which deform Anna's face over and over again, until the end of the round.

Round 2
Bella in this round slows down a bit, so Anna can catch her breath, and face Bella in the center of the ring, so the two fighters start exchanging body and rib combinations, for about two minutes without either of them retreating, only in the last minute Anna lands a one-two to the chin that causes Bella to back up on the ropes, where Anna imparts a series of liver uppercuts to her that make Bella moan at the end of the round.

Round 3
Bella at the start of the round is dominant, and pounds Anna with a long series of hooks in the face, which causes the Italian to spit blood, but in the second minute Anna reacts by wildly hitting her spleen with two powerful uppercuts, which stop Bella, so Anna inflicts a severe punishment to Bella's face, with powerful two-handed hooks, which severely deform Bella's face, who is beaten mercilessly, but luckily for her the gong comes to save her.

Round 4
The round starts with Bella being put on the ropes, and with Anna demolishing uppercuts after uppercuts her liver, but at minute two Bella surprises Anna with a right uppercut to the chin, which stuns her, allowing Bella to take her revenge by pounding. mercilessly Anna's face with furious hooks and jabs, which inflate her face like a balloon, bella reduces Anna's face to pulp and she is saved only by the gong of the round.

Round 5
Anna is furious and she comes out of her corner like a spring pushing Bella on the ropes, crushing her ribs with furious hooks, with Bella letting her guard down allowing Anna to hit her with a savage right uppercut to the tip of her chin, which causes her to collapse. Bella is knocked down, the referee starts the count, so Bella gets up on 9, and gives her the ok to continue, but Anna hits her with terrible hooks to the face that completely extinguish Bella, so the referee decides to intervene to end the match, decreeing the victory for TKO at minute 1:58 of the fifth round for Anna Tatangelo.



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