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10 September 2021 Miranda Kerr vs Sophie Turner

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Posted by Girls Friday on September 10, 2021, 5:56 pm



Tale of the Tape:
Miranda Kerr:
Age: 38
Height: 5'9
39-16 (37KOs)
Current ACB bantamweight champion.
Current two time BBU lightweight champion.
Former BBU bantamweight champion.
Former Queen of the Ice Hotel.
Winner of the first Victoria Secret tournament.
Sophie Turner:
Age: 25
Height: 5'9
21-14 (21KOs)

(Downunder Boxing vs Foxfire Boxing)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

Now it's time for two of the top lightweights to battle it out, this is actually a rematch from the BBU over two years ago, Sophie Turner won the first clash with a referee stoppage in round 10, can Miranda get revenge more then two years ago, Nashville's Bridgestone Arena is the venue for this fight.

Both women were interviewed on the FCBA Network before the fight, Lucy Liu first had Miranda on the set, sitting on the seat smiling as she shakes the hand of Lucy, after pleasantries they get down to business, asking how she feels after beating Alexina Graham in the first round of the Arch Angel tournament, Miranda replies "after losing the ACB bantamweight title it was a great boost, Alexina is someone coming through nicely but I am going to retain my title in that event" smiling charmingly as Lucy nods.

Then the subject turns to this fight, Miranda tells Lucy "I have wanted another crack at Sophie since our first clash, that was one of my best fights in my career, yet it stings that I got so close to beating her, I am sure I did enough to take the win and one mistake found me on my back, then beaten against the ropes till the bell had to save me" it is clear that the defeat still annoys her judging by her jaw tensing up.

Miranda then sits forwards smiling again as she adds "this time though I am not going to make the same mistake, when Sophie loses a little focus I will pounce on it, while I like her I an not here to spar with her, I am here to win" nodding to Lucy before she gets up, both shaking hands again as the legends smile warmly at each other.

Sophie meanwhile gives Lucy a hug before she sits down, looking excited to be sitting with the legend again, Sophie asked how she is feeling going into this fight, she admits "I would love to be coming in with a win haha but I can only focus on the next fight, Miranda is someone I respect immensely, she is an amazing fighter" looking hyped as she leans forwards to talk.

Asked about how much confidence she has after winning the first fight between them, Sophie says "boy that was a hell of a fight haha, Miranda gave me hell so I know what to expect, I know I can survive her and I know I can beat her, so I am buzzing to be back in the ring with her, it should be another war, here's hoping the fans enjoy this fight" she hugs Lucy again before she heads off the set.

Fight night, out first comes Miranda with her coach Nikki Visser beside her, Miranda applauds the crowd with her green gloves, jogging down the aisle wearing a green sports bra with gold trim, matching trunks, shoes, while her hair is in a ponytail, she steps into the ring looking her usual ice cold focused self as she paces in her corner, looked amped to get revenge on Sophie.

Who jogs through the curtain with a relaxed look, smiling as she waves to the crowd, coach Virginia Madsen following behind her, Sophie is wearing a red sports bra with gold trim, red trunks with her surname in gold on the waistband, red shoes, red gloves with gold thumbs, her hair is braided as she gets into the ring, she raises her arms in the air as the crowd chant her name before she looks serious.

The fighters walk to the center of the ring, both bouncing on their toes as they look each other over, remembering what they are facing after two years apart, when told to touch gloves they nod to each other with a respectful touch of gloves, jogging to their corners with Miranda thudding her gloves together, the bell rings to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
Kicking off showing each other respect after their first clash, the opening part of the fight seeing them trading single punches, Sophie more the one bouncing on her toes as she seeks openings, getting in a good jab/straight combo before she dances out the way of a right cross to show off her speed.

As they warm up to the task, Sophie tries to step in with a jab, Miranda knocks it aside with her right glove to land a short left across the jaw of Turner, an uppercut then follows that doesn't quite land flush, it does get Sophie onto the back foot as now here comes Kerr on the attack with another two punches landing flush into the face of the actress.

Struggling to move away from the ropes now, Sophie is getting a reminder of how dangerous Miranda can be when allowed to take the center of the ring, the BBU lightweight champion showing her class to switch up her targets nicely, banging her punches through gaps in the defence of Turner to make her groan out.

Less then forty seconds to go, Miranda's right dips low enough for Sophie to catch her with a left cross, now Sophie has the confidence to push off the ropes to trade with Miranda, maybe not her smartest decision as the Aussie model looks to hit harder in these exchanges.

At the bell it's a great start for Miranda, who jogs back to her corner looking relaxed, Sophie meanwhile needing a quick pep talk from her coach, she nods as she knows she can't go toe to toe with the heavy handed Kerr this early on or it'll be early doors for her.

Round 2:
Trading more punches now as they work around the center of the ring, Miranda looking to build off her success in the last round, starting to step in more behind her punches to add a little extra sting to them, driving back Sophie away from the middle of the ring.

When Miranda tries to power her to the ropes, she misses with a short right as Sophie dances to Miranda's left, a pounding right counter smacks Kerr onto her jaw to turn her head, a quick one-two combo then strikes her in the face to make Miranda retreat back.

Sophie isn't looking to give Miranda much room to work, using her left forearm to nudge back the veteran onto the ropes, Sophie bangs in several short body shots to make Miranda grunt out with each clean strike, till Miranda can shove her off to try to take the fight to the English fighter.

While Miranda is landing some good single shots, she is being peppered by the faster hands of Sophie, who seems dialled in now as she switches up her targets, banging away to the body still as clearly she wants to take some of the power out of Kerr's power punches.

This time as the round ends it's a great reply from Turner to Kerr's solid opener, she sits with a small smile as Virginia pats her on her left shoulder, they discuss tactics as Miranda gets wiped down, Nikki knows Miranda doesn't need any advice, with both looking serious.

Round 3:
Both push out of their corners looking up for this, standing to trade a little more, Sophie steps back out the way of an overhand left, peppering Miranda's face in reply with a rapid fire three punch straight combo that snaps back the head of the model to the delight of her fans.

When she tries to push the pace though, Miranda slips a straight before rifling in a left uppercut to the body, followed by a right hook up top to the side of Turner's head to make her stumble a step to the side, judging by Sophie's expression, she is shocked that Miranda can knock her around like that.

Miranda pressing the action now, holding the middle of the ring where she looks most comfortable, banging her punches through the mitts of her opponent to snap back her head, Sophie landing several good punches in return to keep Miranda from powering right through her.

A minute to go with Miranda missing with a left cross, Sophie leaning out the way before landing a counter right hook to the jaw of Kerr, then follows up with another two punches landing square into the face of the Aussie, who finds herself now being driven back onto the ropes, Miranda covering up as the crowd chant for both women.

At the bell Sophie turns on her heels before jogging to her corner, Miranda shaking her head disappointed she couldn't keep Sophie on the back foot throughout the round, Miranda looking more tense as she sits on her stool, maybe getting worried Sophie isn't going to be easy to pin down as she hopes.

Round 4:
Landing more as they find more openings in the others defense, Miranda lands a good left cross/straight to knock back the head of her opponent, starting to bully back Turner into a neutral corner with body work, getting clinched up to stop her assault.

Back they go with this time Sophie able to dodge a left cross, pounding in a counter right towards the temple of Kerr, rocking back the older woman onto her heels, Sophie pounding back Miranda onto the ropes with headhunting punches, this time Miranda needs to clinch up, both fighters grappling as their will to win is on show, crowd whistling and roaring the fighters on.

After being broken up Sophie shows off her hand speed, dodging another cross punch, landing an uppercut to snap back the head of Kerr, Turner backing her opponent into her own corner, Virginia yelling "break her down!" As she swings in hooks, Miranda shelling up till she sees a chance to grab onto the actress.

Miranda is struggling to match the speed of Sophie, with some blood now running from the nostrils of Miranda as another flush three punch combo lands square into her face, when the bell rings it is a great round for Sophie, who jogs back to her corner with Virginia beaming, Miranda meanwhile needs her nose patched up by Nikki.

Round 5:
"Come on Miranda!" Yells Kerr's fans as she comes back out her corner, problem is she is getting caught on her nose by sniper like shots, Sophie taking mostly clipping punches, with more blood running from the nose of Kerr as she tries to land a meaningful punch.

Missing with a left hook, Miranda takes a right across her nose, wincing as she backs up, Miranda takes a left hook on the chin, THEN AN UPPERCUT LANDS TO ROCK BACK KERR, ANOTHER TWO HOOKS LAND FLUSH TO SEND MIRANDA ONTO HER BACK WITH A THUD!

Sophie jogs to the neutral corner smiling as her fans now are chanting her name! 1...2...3... Miranda groans as she has her eyes shut, 4...5... Head rolling to her left side with blood dripping from her nose to the canvas, 6...7...8.. Nikki has her head in her hands, 9....10 it's over, Sophie does the double over Miranda!

Winner Sophie Turner KO Round 5

Turning towards the crowd, Sophie blows kisses to her fans with her fans yelling her name, she returns to her corner to be met with a hug from Virginia, the improvement of Sophie between the two fights on show with this stunning knockout.

Miranda meanwhile has to be helped to her feet by Nikki, her nose is patched up as she is sat on her stool, Nikki trying to console her but Miranda doesn't seem interested in that, once the tissue is up her nose, Miranda shakes her head after saying "I wasn't good enough" taking a deep breath to cool off.

Over comes Sophie to check on her, while there is a competitive edge between them, they do have respect for each other as they talk about the fight, Miranda telling Sophie "next time I will be better" causing Sophie to smile, then say "I can't wait for you to try again" a fist bump between them before Sophie heads to the middle of the ring to get her right hand raised in victory by the referee.

Miranda on the other hand leaves the ring, she holds up her head high as she has a big title defence in the BBU planned, along with trying to retain her Victoria Secret Archangel title in the tournament too, it's a long tough time coming up for the Aussie legend.

Sophie on the other hand keeps showing she is getting closer to a title shot, she poses for the camera's with both arms flexed, she then leaves the ring with her coach beside her, both talking of big fights ahead for her as they walk up the aisle.



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