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11 September 2021 Kate Beckinsale vs Olivia Wilde

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Posted by Caspian on September 11, 2021, 4:16 pm



(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)

3. Kate Beckinsale vs Olivia Wilde


(48, 5’7, 61:42:3 FCBA, VIXENs)

(37, 5’7, 28:25 FCBA, Free Agent)

Beckinsale may be almost ten years older than her next opponent, but Olivia Wilde is looking ten years younger herself after being recently tied to famous singer Harry Styles in a new whirlwind of a romance.

“I think it’s quite sickening,” Kate says first at the press conference. “These young kids going around and snogging everything they see in sight. There’s a reason why Olivia’s career floundered both on-screen and in the ring: she just couldn’t keep her pants on, and the results (or lack thereof) speak for themselves.”

Olivia is just rolling her eyes, biting her lip from across the table, clearly not enjoying the new label and stereotypes ascribed to her life.

“At least I’m not a 50-year-old going around pretending like I'm 20. Look, what I do with my personal life is my decision - not Beckinsale’s nor anyone else’s. And I can assure Kate that while I won’t be removing my pants on her behalf tonight, or anytime soon, my gloves are coming straight off once I knock her down at the end of five rounds. Then, we’ll see who’s laughing, shall we?”

Ms Wilde looks fit for someone turning 40 very soon - she strips down to her undies before stepping onto the scale to be weighed. Beckinsale does the same, but has been clearly spending more time in the gym in her never ending pursuit to enter the FCBA Hall-of-Fame. Later, the two fighters square off for the cameras, their fists raised high, with smirks across their faces.

Fight night rolls around and Kate is wearing a navy sports bra and white trunks for her attire. She tightens white gloves on either hand before raising them high at the announcement of her name. Olivia has opted for a black sports bra, long grey tights and a pair of yellow gloves, her auburn hair braided neat out back.

The referee signals for the bell and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Wilde with plenty of early shots sent in, harassing Kate with punches off the top of her head. Ladies are of the same height but Olivia’s leaner and more agile in her movements, bobbing and weaving out of return damage before scoring more punches off Kate’s face, as the two ladies constantly clash in the middle of the ring. Wilde hasn’t seen much action as of late, but shows how more time in between fights might translate into better bursts of sporadic action. She lands another crisp one-two to Beckinsale’s lips, further throwing the Brit’s Hall-of-Fame aspirations into disarray. Beckinsale can’t afford to lose another one tonight, least of all against aFree Agent who hasn’t won a fight since 2018. Kate regroups at the very last minute, staying back and trying to predict Olivia’s movements coming in. Wilde is confident with her series of wins thus far, circling to the side with more combos smashed into the arms, and the bell rings with Kate still on the overall defensive.

Wild striking erupts in the center of the squared circle Kate and Olivia meet unexpectedly and set fire to each other’s faces and bodies. Kate may be pushing fifty but her arms and legs are moving a whole lot younger, blitzing a stiff shot across Olivia’s face but also taking a right hand across her chin. Wilde looks stunned for a moment but pushes in with her head down and fists up, continuing to batter Kate’s body with hooks, before attempting to take her head off with an uppercut that lands instead on the arms. Beckinsale takes a few steps left, then backwards, before blasting a hook clean into the side of Olivia’s head, which further dazzles her. Ladies end up at a more comfortable distance and continue to trade jabs from afar, whilst catching their breaths. So far, Wilde can’t find the magic sauce that saw her dominate in the first round, but her face is definitely looking a lot more pink than last time.

Olivia comes in straight for Kate, hoping to use the same energy as the first round with punches flying in from the bell. Kate, however, meets the American with the same levels of aggression and energy, blocking the first few combos with her raised arms before rocking Wilde back with a right cross to the middle of the arms. Wilde doesn’t like the fact her opponent is much older than her but still moving in with so much more energy. But that’s the reality for someone who hasn’t had as busy of a schedule as her counterpart. Wilde is trying to exert herself, pressuring Kate back with another combo to the arms before a hook catches Beckinsale on the body. But Kate is still in full control, moving backwards but not in any panic, checking Wilde’s follow-up punches with her guard before blasting a left cross to the face, another hook landed off the top of her head. Wilde’s looking dazzled, her head rocked to the side but the American is still coming forward and at Kate with stubborn determination. Kate just picks Wilde off with another easy left hand to the nose, before a right hand steps in and is DRILLED to the chin, and DOWN WILDE GOES!! One HELL of a right hand from Beckinsale, who predicted her shots with accuracy and power to DROP Olivia Wilde in the second minute! Wilde absolutely laid out on her back, looking stunned and staring up at the stadium lights! Referee gives her a full 10-count to recover but the American actress only manages to roll back up to all fours! It’s OVER!

Official Decision: Kate Beckinsale defeats Olivia Wilde via KO3!


Kate with an early win in tonight’s contest, pulling out all the stops and ticking all the boxes to come out on top. She positively dismantled Olivia Wilde in three rounds with plenty of time left to spare, leaving her flat on the ground and extending her losing streak to god-knows-how-many at this point.

Kate with few words for the reporters in the immediate aftermath, as it’s clear that the Brit is out of breath and just happy to have another win under her belt. She flashes a smile for the cameras, a hand raised and pointed high, before heading over to check on Olivia’s condition.

Wilde KO’ed is growing to be a regular occurrence around these parts, and one would advise her at this point of her career to see the light and hang up her gloves, or stick to her more sizzling on-screen roles instead. For now, despite the earlier, cutting words, the two women hug it out briefly before returning to their corners.

“That’s another one done and dusted,” Kate later smiles to reporters. “I’m all set and ready for my final showdown with Jenny McMuffinhead. She may have stalled my progress to the Hall-of-Fame, but my entry is all but a certainty, whilst hers is only ever going to be wishful thinking.”



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