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20 September 2021 Olivia Rodrigo vs Lady Gaga

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Posted by Girls Friday on September 20, 2021, 9:56 am


Tale of the Tape:
Olivia Rodrigo:
Age: 18
Height: 5'5
W/L: 2-0 (2KOs)
Lady Gaga:
Age: 35
Height: 5'2
4-14 (4KOs)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

We head to New York's Barclay's Center for a fight between two singers on different career paths in the ring, the undefeated youngster Olivia Rodrigo comes to the winless in nine years Lady Gaga, this is the hometown of Gaga so this will be a new experience for Olivia going into the lion's den.

Olivia it has to be said is coming off a stunning first round victory with a knockout over former champion Eva Longoria, compared to Lady Gaga's last win being over beating Jaime Lynn Spears by referee stoppage in six round, after that it has been twelve straight defeats in a row, will the crowd make a difference for her?

In the back before the fight the FCBA Networks Alicia Atout spoke to the fighters in their locker rooms, Olivia is sitting in a red silk robe getting her hands wrapped by her coach, she is all smiles as she waves in Alicia to come sit near her, both politely checking how the other is as the youngster doesn't look one bit worried.

Then the serious questions start, first why the quick turnaround from her last fight, Olivia answers "well it only was one round last time haha, I need to get the rounds on the board before I can think of stepping up, hopefully Gaga can give me a little work before I finish her off" a cheeky wink from the new phenomenon.

The subject turns to if she has any nerves with the crowd not behind her tonight, Olivia jokes "well I hope they go easy on me" both laughing at that, Olivia then says "seriously though I have a few butterflies but nothing is going to stop me, I am wanting to be a champion and if you have followed my singing career, you know I want all the awards I can win" grinning as she certainly has won plenty of awards for her songs already, Alicia wishes her luck before she heads out the locker room.

Going into Lady Gaga's locker room finding the "Poker Face" star shadow boxing wearing a New York Yankee's jersey, she nods to Alicia as she sees her at the door, Alicia getting told off Gaga "I can't wait to get out there and show Olivia that you don't escape New York so easily" grabbing her navy blue gloves to put on.

"I know my record sucks but this is my home town, I will have thousands of people chanting for me, Olivia will need to grow up quick to fight or I am happy to bulldoze her, I am used to this pressure, so I don't want to hear this is an upset when I whoop her" says the beautiful blonde as she slips on her gloves and thuds them together to test how they feel.

Fighting time, out first comes Olivia to a muted response, a few cheers and more boos ring out as Olivia takes a deep breath, bouncing on her toes as she marches down the aisle in her red robe, the robe is taken off by her coach to reveal a red sports bra with gold trim, matching trunks and shoes, gold coloured gloves with red thumbs, her hair in a ponytail as she slides through the ropes into the ring, not wasting time with the crowd, just talking to her coach as she warms up.

The crowd come alive as Lady Gaga comes out, she taps the Yankees badge with her right glove as she smiles, jogging down the aisle with her name being chanted, the top comes off to reveal a white sports bra with thin navy blue pinstripes, matching trunks, navy blue shoes, her hair is braided, she steps into the ring blowing kisses to the crowd as she walks to her corner.

After a moment where both have limbered up, they head to the center of the ring at orders of the referee, eyes locked as they bounce on their toes, referee finishes the instructions as they look intense, ordered to touch gloves they thud their gloves into their opponent's, not much love here as they jog back to their corners, the bell rings to start 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
"Ding!" Kicking off jogging out their corners, Gaga is moving her head as Olivia tries to gauge the range behind her jab, a few straight punches dig into the body of the younger woman to get the crowd cheering early, already seems like the hometown hero will get cheered for any success she has in this fight.

Olivia starts to throw her right more after the early exchanges, she isn't really getting out of first gear yet though, with the blonde crouching under a straight and slamming in a left hook to the body, the overhand right doesn't land flush but does give a warning to Rodrigo to not let her left.

After the opening minute it's Gaga pushing the pace more, working the body more of Olivia, who looks a little tense as the cauldron of noise around her is against her, Gaga slamming in a double jab into the chin of Olivia, then ducks under a wide left to slam in two short rights to the body before being pushed back to range.

Going into the final minute, Olivia starts to let her hands go more, with the "Poker Face" singer having to try to match the taller fighter, both landing crisp punches through guards, planting their feet more as the crowd is roaring on till the bell rings, a strong start for Gaga as Olivia takes a deep breath, looking as nervous as she ever has in a fight so far in her young career.

Round 2:
Getting a pat on her back by her coach before she steps back out to fight, Olivia looks less tense as she starts to throw more punches as they trade around the ring, stepping back when Gaga swings in an overhand right that finds air, a double jab lands onto the local fighters head to knock it back.

That seems to allow Olivia to unleash now, she lands a hard three punch combo through the guard of her opponent, driving Gaga to the ropes, Olivia has the veteran behind her guard, swinging in short hooks to the body till she gets clinched up by the blonde, referee breaking them apart to fight on.

When they resume Olivia misses with a jab as she steps in, Gaga crouching under, using her left forearm to push back the taller fighter, burying in short punches to the body of the younger fighter, driving her back onto her heels, till she gets shoved back to a safe distance.

Heading into the final moment, Olivia drills a jab into the top of Gaga's head, getting her into a neutral corner, the crowd boo as they watch their girl being forced to shell up as Olivia throws a barrage at her, several punches find a home through the guard to snap the head back of the smaller fighter.

At the bell Olivia jogs back to her corner with a small smile, Gaga on the other hand bashes her gloves together, getting told to pick her moments to attack better, she was a little too quick to charge in, Gaga nods as the fans haven't given up chanting her name yet.

Round 3:
Olivia is throwing more punches in bunches, with several of those combos landing through the guard of Gaga, who is moving her upper body more to dodge then land her own punches around the chest of the brunette to make her hiss out.

Again Lady Gaga steps in with an overhand right that just misses, Olivia leans out the way then counters with an uppercut, that pushes the blonde to her heels, Rodrigo pounding in a follow up one-two to snap back the head of Gaga to the delight of her coach.

Back around the outside of the ring goes Gaga, she needs to hold onto Olivia as she eats a jab followed by a right hook, there's a little mouse forming under the left eye of the blonde, who needs the referee to break them up so she can get away from the ropes.

Late in the round with Olivia trying to keep on the front foot, getting a little impatient as she can't land flush on the defensive opponent, Gaga dips under a straight to hammer in two uppercuts to the body, then a short left hook around the jaw of Rodrigo to make her head turn, with the veteran driving back Olivia onto the ropes, working the body to try to sap energy from the younger fighter.

The round ends with Gaga jogging back to her corner, while Olivia won the round Gaga showed fight late on, both fighters get wiped down as Gaga's left eye is worked on to reduce the swelling around it, standing up from their stools bouncing on their toes wanting more of each other.

Round 4:
Trading hard single shots as Gaga moves in closer quicker, not wanting to let Olivia get her combinations off as easily, slipping under a straight to land an uppercut to knock back the brunette onto her heels, using her left forearm to drive back Rodrigo into a neutral corner.

Working the body of her opponent, Gaga has the crowd back to full voice, Olivia punching out her guard but hasn't the power with the lack of room to really dissuade Gaga, with the veteran landing a straight into the abs of Olivia before a short left hook lands to her chin.

Clinched up with Gaga, Olivia grits her gumshield showing her annoyance at being on the back foot, once they are broken apart Olivia is quick on the draw to land a one-two when they get back at it, using her hand speed to drive back Gaga now towards the ropes.

Again though Rodrigo throws in a wild right as she seeks to hurt her opponent, missing and taking an overhand left to her jaw, back goes Olivia in this back and forth round, though it has been more Gaga driving the action, drilling her punches around the guard of the "Drivers Licence" singer.

Final moments of the round sees Olivia nudge back the smaller fighter, both going toe to toe as the crowd erupts, the sound of the bell is nearly drown out, with both fighters just about holding back, Gaga struts back to her corner, looking to be regaining her confidence after a bad last two rounds.

Round 5:
Coming out full of beans after her success in the last round, Gaga is stepping forwards more behind her jab, that means though that her left isn't up as much, Olivia sidesteps her to land a counter right on the temple of Gaga, who reels back a step before a left hook on the chin wobbles the New York star onto her heels.

Olivia's not in the mood to give any respite to her opponent, zoning in as she hammers in another short left hook that sends sweat flying, AN UPPERCUT CATCHES LADY GAGA FLUSH ON THE CHIN, GUMSHIELD GOES FLYING OUT AS HER HEAD SNAPS BACK! DOWN ON HER FRONT CRUMBLES GAGA!

Resounding boos ring out as Olivia jogs to the neutral corner, 1...2...3...4.. Gaga is groaning but not moving much, 5...6...7.. Eyes are shut as Gaga's coach has their hands on top of their head, wondering how it went so wrong so quickly, 8....9....10 that's it! Lady Gaga is out for the count!

Winner Olivia Rodrigo KO Round 5

The crowd isn't one bit happy as they watch Olivia jumping for joy, that's three in a row for the young fighter in two months, Olivia rushing to hug her coach as tonight was certainly a different feel for her, she hasn't been under the pressure of a rivals hometown crowd till tonight, while there were early jitters she came through in the end with flying colours.

The same can't be said for Lady Gaga, who is helped up to her stool after she comes around with help from the ringside doctor, another defeat on her record as she stares down at the canvas, ashamed that she lost when she looked like she might build momentum off the fourth round, instead it's back to the drawing board for the veteran journey woman.

Over comes Olivia when her gloves are taken off, a touching sign of respect from the winner as she places her right arm around the shoulder of the beaten fighter, telling Lady Gaga "I want to say thank you for fighting me and for inspiring me as an artist" Gaga nods with an appreciative smile, thanking the woman that just knocked her out for the kind words.

Olivia lifts up Gaga's left hand as the blonde pushes a little unsteadily to her feet, that gets the crowd on side as Olivia shows diplomacy to win them over, with Gaga nodding to Olivia before getting help out the ring so the winner can have the spotlight to herself, sadly for New York they might be seeing Lady Gaga as a punch bag for years to come unless something changes with her.

In the ring the winner gets her right hand raised to a round of applause, Olivia bows to each side of the ring to show her thanks, posing afterwards with a smile in her boxing stance with taped fists pointed towards the cameras, clearly ready for more challenges to come.

Climbing out the ring with her coach beside her, Rodrigo has certainly captured fans attention over the past year with her music and now her boxing, could Olivia be the next superstar in the FCBA? Time will tell of course as she still fills out, at only eighteen and already with three wins under her belt is certainly nothing to turn your nose up to though!



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