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18 September 2021 Karlie Kloss vs Devon Windsor

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Posted by Caspian on September 18, 2021, 6:28 pm



Victoria’s Secret War in Heaven II Prelim Rounds 2:

(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)

1. Karlie Kloss vs Devon Windsor


(29, 5’11, 21:21 FCBA, The Fighting Academy)

(27, 5’11, 2:6 FCBA, Free Agent)

“Sure, we’ve met before backstage,” Karlie says first during the pre-fight press conference. “Everyone knows about Devon’s reputation: the blonde thinks she’s all that, thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread. Well, I’m here to prove her wrong. Yet again.”

“Karlie’s sure one to talk,” Devon replies almost immediately after, the tall, lanky blonde flipping her hair to the side before continuing. “What a long series of wins she’s had in the ring, huh? Once upon a time, Kloss was at the top of the food chain. Not anymore, and especially not after I’m through with her tonight.”

Not much of a preamble for this second round of Victoria’s Secret War in Heaven tournament preliminary fights - another 16 lovely ladies go up against each other for the ultimate title of Victoria’s Secret Archangel. Already, we’ve seen eight ladies make it through to the next round, including the likes of Nina Agdal, Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge. And at this point, it’s simply too early to tell who might make it to the very end.

Ask these ladies who might be the eventual winner, of course, and you’ll get 16 different answers. Karlie in a red-hot lingerie set as she struts down the ramp to the chorus of cheers, a pair of pearly white angel wings attached to a harness at her back. She flashes a practiced grin for the cameras, raising a pair of white gloves as her name is announced. Devon fills the stadium with equal flash and confidence, striding onto stage in a silvery bikini top and bottoms, her own pair of angelic wings sprouting out back and spread like a peacock’s feathers. She’s wearing black gloves for this contest.

Without further ado, the referee calls this match to order. We’re kickstarting the next round in this epic tournament, and both ladies are raring to go in their respective corners. There’s the bell and HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Welterweight action!

Tall girls circle inwards fast, but Karlie is the one throwing jabs early with precision and purpose. She stuns Devon with an early combo to her face, which dazes and dazzles the fellow blonde model and leaves her bumbling about for the remainder of the round. Windsor’s tight ponytail is flapping in the wind as her head gets snapped back multiple times, Kloss showing lots of improvement ever since rebounding from her overly long losing record accrued in recent months. Windsor only rallies towards the end of the round, holding her ground and then tossing hands back to Karlie’s face in some rapid exchanges of action, but Kloss’ early aggression and unrelenting pressure cause her to give up ground once more, tossing Devon back with a hard punt to her nose.

Karlie’s looking fine as she wades in to dominate the second round as well, arms hovering over her chest before initiating with another one-two combo to the guard. But Windsor’s more ready for her this time, absorbing the attacks before bashing her own straight cross right into Karlie’s nose, another left hand catching the redhead on the tummy as Windsor pounds her way back into relevance! Karlie grunts, then lets out a shout of pain when her own head is tossed backwards, Windsor’s own power on display as she shocks her fellow model with more combos to her arms. Oh how the tables have turned in a dime as Karlie is now thrown on the defensive, using her arms to cover her throbbing face but leaving her body open to more attacks left and right. Shutout round for the cocky blonde, who grins wide and roars to her fans in the audience.

Back and forth we go, as the two ladies circle first and jab at each other much later this time. Both have won a round a piece and both ladies want to surge forward to claim the lead. Devon overstretches herself early, wading in and trying to overwhelm Kloss with a flurry to her head, but gets caught by a sudden hook to the cheek instead, as Karlie employs some effective counter-punching. Still, Devon can’t seem to take a hint, keeps rushing in and shoving hands into the arms and body, even though Karlie doesn’t seem troubled one bit and almost takes her head off with a dingin’ strike to the chin in kind. End of the round and Kloss has reclaimed her lead, pumping a firm hand on the way back to her corner, and leaving Windsor rubbing her face in pain.

More wild exchanges in the first minute when both ladies clash in the center and stick gloves into the face and body without discrimination. Devon lets out a shout of effort as she miraculously deflects a hook from Karlie to the head before shoving one of her own fists up into the redhead’s chin. Kloss looks dazed but refuses to back down either, bending over and then taking side swipes at the blonde’s tummy, not wanting her foe to take the lead. But Windsor’s abs can take a pasting, Devon letting out some grunts but quickly planting her feet and taking return swipes across Karlie’s face, at the end of the melee sending the poor girl reeling off to one side after another hook catches her on the cheek. Windsor’s roar now loud and almost deafening, as she chases after Karlie, hoping to send her down. But the bell rings far too soon, giving Karlie a little breathing space for now.

Kloss is still in trouble, however, having to fend off an overeager blonde who smells blood. Devon resumes the chase sequence with rapid combinations sent towards her head, making it difficult for Kloss to counter or block or return fire in the first minute. Kloss takes swings at Devon in turn, but Windsor’s agility for her height is one of her strengths, the blonde weaving backwards to avoid another unlucky hook before lunging outwards with another one of her uppercuts. Karlie’s head gets TOSSED backwards with a grunt, the redhead’s entire body lurching back into the ropes, and HERE COMES WINDSOR!! Tall blonde is ON the redhead in an instant, rapping more hooks across her arms or sunk into her tummy, before a practiced uppercut catches Karlie on the chin, which SENDS HER CRASHING TO THE CANVAS! It’s a halfway KNOCKDOWN for Devon Windsor! Wow!

Karlie’s left floundering on her side by the ropes, a look of shock and rage on her face rather than pain as she slowly crawls back to all fours, her tummy breathing in and out. Devon herself looks smug as hell, relaxing in the neutral corner with a big grin on her face, just daring Karlie to get back up for another five rounds. Kloss complies, recovering to her feet by the count of 8, and this opening fight is set to continue!

HERE COMES DEVON again, looking to wrap things up! Kloss weathering near the ropes, arms locked over her face as she takes more combos in and out. Devon’s trying to pin her foe down and go to work on her just like last time, but is finding it more difficult with Kloss’ constant movements. Karlie’s clearly not intent on making the same mistakes from last round, her moving her body left and right to avoid getting caught on the ropes. She slips past another huge swing from Devon before ROCKING the blonde with a straight hand of her own to the mouth, which stuns Windsor for a brief moment. Devon growling, STILL giving chase, but that punch clearly did some damage to her faculties, as her next lunge towards Kloss misses entirely! Karlie calmly dismantles the blonde from that point onwards, shoving another overhand into the middle of her face before stepping in and burying an uppercut into her belly. Windsor’s in trouble, this time getting forced backwards and into the ropes, groaning as another dingin’ hook lands hard on the side of her face, before Kloss PAYS her back with a hard uppercut that LIFTS her head into the air! AND DOWN DEVON GOES, an uppercut sent in the opposite direction to CUT her strings on the spot!!

Windsor having fallen to her side, eyes wavering as she crawls back onto all fours, still shaking her head as the referee begins the count just above. Karlie’s confidence has taken a tumble, especially earlier, but the redhead model might see some light at the end of the tunnel as she catches her breath in the neutral corner. Referee stops the count when Devon steadies herself at the count of 8, though she still looks hella shaky on her feet.

Rest of the round continues, with at least a minute and a half left on the clock! AND KARLIE CHARGES!! Both girls have similar personalities indeed, and share more in common than they’d care to realise, as Kloss BARRELS into Windsor with a flurry of swinging arms and grunts! Devon has NO place to run this time, immediately taking a hard shot to her arms and sending her falling back into the ropes again. She has to survive this latest onslaught if she wants to make it to the next round… Kloss determined, however, to send her down permanently, chugging away at her tummy and bending her over with loud, strangled grunts, and before long, Devon is clinging onto the redhead’s shoulders for dear life, her hands trying to keep herself afloat in a messy clinch! Kloss snarls into her ear, trying to shove her and finish her off, landing another uppercut to the jawline, which BLASTS Devon backwards again! And STILL the blonde refuses to go down! Kloss just swinging and swinging away, her punches rocking her head from side-to-side until the poor girl’s fists finally DROP to either side! THAT’S IT!! The referee JUMPS in to end this opening fight!

Official Decision: Karlie Kloss defeats Devon Windsor via TKO6!


“WHO’S TALKING NOW, b*tch?!” Kloss roars in the immediate aftermath, literally shoving the referee out of the way and burying another one-two punches straight into Devon’s body.

Windsor FINALLY goes down, her eyes shut and mouth hanging open, curling into a ball by the ropes and breathing hard. The referee herds Kloss away, who finally throws her hands up into the air and lets out a shout of triumph. An action-packed first match, this was, and during the last tournament, let’s not forget that Kloss managed to make it all the way to the finals.

Will she endure the gauntlet a second time? 



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