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15 February 2022 Shona McGarty vs Charlie Brooks

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Posted by Tiger76 on February 15, 2022, 11:23 pm



This rematch had been on the cards since 2019, when Charlie had bested Shona in a vicious catfight in the Slaters bedroom on the set, before smothering her out with her famed jugs, despite having easily bested Charlie in the ring, Shona still craved her revenge, but she knew Charlie was a dirty bytch, so the brunette realised she had to fight clever, and employ any tactics to somehow overcome the older women, who'd been rubbing her success in Shona's face whenever the duo had shared scenes on the legendary Walford set.

Finally after almost 3 years Shona had a plan to carry out her revenge, and her luck was in as their characters were due to shoot yet another legendary on scene catfight in the Queen Vic, Shona's hourglass figure clad in a typical t shirt and jeans with black boots befitting her character Whitney Dean , well Charlie's famous creation Janine Butcher, now the owner of the Queen Vic, and naturally Charlie befitting a Queen Vic landlady, in a short sleeved knee length black dress with black shoes.

Both girls eyes widened as they scoured their respective scripts, and their lips dropped as they reached the climatic scenes of the episode.

In the script Whitney confronts Janine in the Vic, and a brief hairpulling skirmish ensues, typical of a soap, and then they are quickly separated.

Shona however had other ideas, of course she wasn't going to reveal this to Charlie.

So the night of the big scene duly arrived, and both ladies got into costume and character.

"Alright ladies remember this is a simple scene, just a bit of hairpulling, and then you'll be split, both actresses nodded dutifully.

"Positions please, and action"

Shona's character burst into the Viv her face like thunder.

"Where's that tramp Janine, I want to speak to her urgently"

Charlie taking her cue

"She's right here, what do you want?

"You and me have unfinished business you slag"

And Shona slapped Charlie across the face, drawing blood with her sharp nails.

The crew looked taken aback, as this wasn't in the script at all. however the director motioned for them to stay at their post and carry on recording.

"Oh! do we indeed" mocked Charlie, I don't think so, I kicked your wimpy butt last time, and I'll happily kick it again.

Shona slammed her right fist deep into Charlie's belly, causing her to keel over gasping.

Keen to ram her home her early advantage Shona drew back her left fist, but Charlie now raked her own nails down Shona's cheek, which now also bled.

And both girls eyed the other with menace, before they leapt into a hairpulling melee, but unlike the script they weren't split, and this wasn't surprising given the ferocity of their venom.

"I'll scalp you bald" hissed Shona.

"Nah! I'll rip your hair out" spat Charlie

And they both pulled even harder, well also howling in pain.

Shona enjoying the better of this exchange, and Charlie knew she had to riposte, which she did by sweeping Shona's legs from under her, and as they catballed on the floor, Charlie landing atop a dazed Shona.

"Well isn't this familiar" teased the Welsh women, however Charlie's glee was short lived as Shona fired her knee into her womanhood.

Charlie gasping as she panted for breath. and she fell off Shona, allowing the younger woman to unleash a flurry of punches to Charlie's head, now the Welsh women looking dizzy as Shona mounted her, Charlie not finished though as her fingers clasp an empty beer bottle, and as Shona moved to secure the face sit, Charlie smashing the heavy object bang into Shona's skull, Shona's black eyes rolling as she fell limply onto Charlie's battered body.

Charlie pushing Shona off her as she prepared to finish her hated rival again, and she gingerly got to her wobbly knees, before finally slowly clambering to her feet, and her foot poised to stamp on Shona's ribs.


The scream echoed through the set, however the screech was Charlie's not Shona's, as Charlie had lifted her shoed foot, Shona had grasped it and twisted it viciously causing the older women to collapse to the floor in agony, Shona happy to add to her pain as she again kicked her between her legs, Charlie now moaning as tears rolled down her pretty cheeks, her shoe also having flown off from Shona's wicked yank, to add to her miser

Shona taking a moment to draw breath, before her fingers snaked under Charlie's dress, and she yanked the Welsh girl's knickers off.

"I'll keep these as my trophy"

The fight had clearly gone out of Charlie now as she lay dazed and confused her ankle throbbing with pain, victory had felt in her grasp moments ago, and now she was helpless, and at Shona's mercy.

The younger girl clearly had no intention of clemency, her bitter defeat and humiliation at Charlie's hands still run raw for the brunette.

And now she'd regained her own footing, she intended to ensure Charlie suffered.

Shona's strong hands hauled Charlie's golden tresses up off the floor, and she righted her against the Vic bar, before unleashing a huge right hand, Charlie knocked clean over the bar, and crashing into the drinks section, her pristine black dress now stained by various fluids, as she blinked in disbelief.

Shona hurdling over the counter, and pinning a hobbling Charlie to the wall, before smashing several punches into her solar plexus.

Charlie's face turning green, and she looked nauseous,

However she was far from done, and she gripped Shona's dark hair, pulled the younger girl downwards, and slammed her knee crashing into Shona's nose.

The response was immediate from Shona as she lifted her booted foot and smacked her heeled foot into Charlie's hurting abs.

Charlie loudly moaning as she clasped her midriff, her famed golden hair now asunder, and Shona keen to do further damage.

She yanked Charlie by her hair, and pulled her arms around her back as she placed a distort Charlie's face above the famous Vic bar.

Shona having no regard for her present state then smacked Charlie's skull into the hard wooden bar.

After the 3rd time Charlie's wobbly legs buckling, and she sank to her knees, cradling her head in her hands barely conscious.

Shona catching her breath before planning to end this vicious bytch fight.

And she hair hauled a weeping Charlie to the tips of her toes, before repaying her co-star with a bone crushing punch to Charlie's nose.

And then a solid blow to the gut of her rival, Charlie desperately retching as she felt like puking her guts out.

As she once again sank forlornly to her knees.

A grinning Shona eager to finish her, stepped behind her woozy nemesis, knelt down herself, and gripping Charlie's left arm in a vice like grip, forced it behind her back.

All the while taunting her embattled rival with trash talk.

Now having Charlie's left arm firmly secured, she wrapped her own muscular biceps around Charlie's neck, and slowly tightened the choke hold.

Charlie struggling with all her might, but it was a futile effort, and in her heart she knew this.

"Had enough bytch" queried a jubilant Shona.

"OOOOOFFFF" gasped a stunned Shona, as Charlie's right elbow dug into her ribs, a wriggling Charlie then repeating the dose to Shona's nose, which now dripped blood, as her grip loosened, allowing Charlie to drew in precious air.

The chaos paused briefly as both girls took stock.

Charlie fighting to regain her thoughts, and aches ravaging her entire body, well she still felt nauseous, not to maintain the cuts and bruises her bare legs had amassed during this fearsome battle.

Shona hardly in a better place, her nose streaming blood, and her forehead still feeling the effects of Charlie's cheap shot with the bottle, her own bare arms also sporting plenty of cuts and bruises.

However Shona had the advantage of being upright, while Charlie remained prostrate, and she fully intended to utilise it to the max.

Tottering on her jellied legs the drained brunette calling on her last vestiges of energy as she grimly approached Charlie's prone figure.

Her booted soles slamming into Charlie's torso, once, twice, three times, before Charlie lay still.

Shona again mounting a prone Charlie, but this time she wouldn't be so careless.

She positioned both Charlie's arms tightly behind her back, and straddling her bared all of her weight pinning Charlie firmly to the ground.

Now she yet again wrapped her own arms around Charlie's throat, and slowly squeezed.

"Had enough bytch" Shona asked again.

Charlie barely able to reply as Shona easily maintained her snakelike grip.

But she slowly nodded her throbbing head.

Eventually after what felt like an age a spent Shona released her tortured captive, and smirked as the normally proud Charlie meekly awaited her fate.

"Time for revenge" chirped Shona.

As she kicked Charlie over onto her back, she wanted to see her foe's eyes in defeat and shame.

And she whipped off her t shirt, easily swatted Charlie's limp arms away, and placed the bamboozled Welsh girl's face into her ample bosom.

"Nighty night Charlie" and Charlie's bloodied teary face was enveloped by Shona's famed assets.

It didn't take long for Shona to smother her rival out, and as a beaten Charlie fell droopily to the floor one last time, a contented smile crossed her happy lips.

A shattered Shona groggily raising to her feet, and for good measure she dealt a couple of kicks to Charlie's beaten body, ensuring the Welsh girl would have another couple of bruises to wake up to when she came around from her unwanted sleep.

Finally after 3 long years she had her long awaited vengeance.

But even in her moment of triumph Shona had a nagging feeling this feud was by no means over.



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