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19 September 2021 Diletta Leotta vs Sabrina Lynn

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Posted by BenLegend443 on September 19, 2021, 11:43 am


Diletta Leotta vs Sabrina Lynn

The final and deciding match in IBB vs Revolution has Diletta Leota going up against Sabrina Lynn. Both girls have vowed to take home victory.

R1: From the get-go, it seems that Diletta would be the obvious winner tonight. She forces Sabrina to go on the defensive and give up ground. Once at the ropes, she punches Sabrina so hard that she is sent into the ropes and bounces back, only for Diletta to hit her again. Rinse and repeat. It's a wonder Sabrina survived round one.

R2: Sabrina's more careful this round. She doesn't let Diletta have any openings, and it pays off. Diletta is unable to hit her where it counts while she is able to land blows.

R3: Diletta is angry going into round three, and the wildness allows Sabrina to gain the upper hand. Diletta's punches often go wide while Sabrina's hit their mark. The round goes to Sabrina by a wide margin.

R4: Diletta reins in her anger, and Sabrina, who had been expecting a continuation of last round, finds herself unable to break through. Diletta défends all of Sabrina's attacks and manages to land a few of her own.

R5: The round starts with an exchange of blows, and it continues until Sabrina sees a hole appear in her opponent's guard. She throws a powerful uppercut at Diletta's chin, and it takes her down. The Italian flops to the mat, lies there for three seconds, then gradually begins to climb to her feet. She is up at 8, and the match continues. However, Sabrina catches her with a right hook to the head soon after and it takes her down again, this time out cold. She collapses into the ropes, her body slung across the top rope. The ref sees that Diletta is out cold, and declares Sabrina's victory despite Diletta not touching the ground for a full KO.

Winner: Sabrina Lynn via KO5!

Post-Match: The girls of Revolution Boxing immediately swarm the ring to hug Sabrina while Diletta is quietly carried away. Revolution's owner grabs a mic:

"Reigning champions, we come!"



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