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24 September 2021 Ili Cheng vs Madison Beer

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 24, 2021, 6:09 pm



Ili Cheng challenges Madison Beer

Results by Lookout, story by BenLegend443

R1: Madison gives Ili a challenge, but Ili has the edge anyway. She overpowers Beer by enough for the round to go to her by a small margin.

R2: Madison's got the hang of it now and takes it to Ili, pushing her to the ropes and holding her there for the entire round.

R3: Ili fights back, and although she is unable to break out of the mire she puts the two mostly back in even footing.

R4 : The two fighters exchange punches. While maneuvering to obtain a better position, Madison walks right into an uppercut. It takes her down, but she is up at five. The round tilts more and more in Ili's favor after this.

R5: Round two plays itself over with the roles reversed.

R6: Ili hops in close for a strike at Madison's abdomen, but Madison takes advantage of that and slams an uppercut into her chin. She crumples and remains out at ten.

Winner: Madison Beer via KO6!



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