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2 April 2000 Title Ch Natalie Raitano vs Dani Fishel

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Posted by Simguy on Sunday, 02-Apr-2000 12:36:42


Before: Raitano with the ‘tude and physical advantages, but Dani with the experience, heart and intangibles makes this an intriguing match up. Nat fighting not just to avenge a startling loss previously to Dani, but to hold up the colours on a tough night for Club Beautiful. Black sports bra, red stretch shorts for Natalie, teal sports bra, grey stretch shorts for Dani.


During R1-3: Shoulder to shoulder trading as each round is simply a continuation of the one that goes before. Dani taking Nat’s legs out of the equation by crowding, and the brunette doesn’t object as each soaks up a constant bombardment to her waist and jawline. Close scoring, but Dani scoops the first and third on the strength of showy hooks that land with head-snapping force as Raitano fights with her hands at stomach level.


R4: Nat is leaning in, hands low and swabbing Dani’s belly—Fishel reads it, and walks Raitano into a tight right uppercut early to send Natalie stumbling sideways. Raitano hurt, ion the heels, pushes out punches and gets her face hammered as Dani jumps in with the hook—Nat up against the ropes, looking disheveled. Dani stepping with her and punching short, pounding blows to the face and chest. Raitano sucks it up, and trades effectively with her back to the ropes at the bell. Dani finally pounding out a clear round as Raitano looks disappointed in herself.


R5: Dani rolling, moving her head, coming out of her crouch and stepping in to land crunching left hooks on the right side of Raitano’s head, Natalie backing up, taking the punches well, but isn’t adept at fighting in reverse—Fishel applying pressure all around the ring, and using that underrated jab to set up the hook. After 5, right side of Raitano’s face is puffy and sore—Dani’s nickel and doming the brunette to death.


R6: Raitano finally with some jump in those legs, drives Fishel into her corner and shows furious handspeed I ripping combinations to the body and head, Dani defensing well enough to avoid getting knocked out, but she’s eating a lot of punches, getting torn up to the ribs as Raitano slugs with desperate energy. Fishel crossing her arms, bobbing and weaving in her corner, gets shutout as Raitano bellows in triumph at the bell.


R7: Dani returning the favour, charges the ring, backs Natalie up with a hail of lefts and rights, and works the brunette over in HER corner with spanking combinations from the hips to the head, Dani taking a little off the fastback just to make contact—Raitano not nearly as good defensively, stands covered up and takes shivering blows that could have been blunted or avoided all together. Still, late in the round, Raitano has her wits about her, and standing with a left hand dig to the liver and DANI IS HURT! Fishel stops punching, buckling forward, and Raitano welts her side with a series of hammering wide rights, leaving Dani trembling up against the ropes. Raitano grinning as she bashes away, over and over to the same part of the ribcage as Dani struggles to keep her feet. Bell sounds, Raitano keeps pounding until the ref jumps in, Dani on wobbly legs is helped to her corner.


R8: Raitano makes no mistake, jumping ion Dani and backing her girl to the topes for more punishment. Fishel favouring her ribs, crosses her arms and bends forward and back, trying to toll with the shock—Raitano getting off murderous lefts and rights, putting her shoulder into Dani to drape the victim onto the ropes, then plowing in again. Nat staying low on occasion, and using her shoulder liberally to butt Dani in the teeth—gives Fishel a nice going over this round.


R9: Big shutout Dani Fishel as she shakes off the damage, goes toe to toe at midring and beats Raitano to punches as the girls trade hooks. Nat on her heels, fades to the ropes, and Dani squares up, feet wide, little torso twisting back and forth as her fists crash against Raitano’s arms, sides and jaw. Natalie with her gloves at her temples, teeth bared, is getting ringjacked as Dani’s fists churn non stop bell to bell. At the break, Dani bodies up to let Raitano feel the weight, forcing eye contact as Natalie slumps into the ropes. Fight is close going into the 10th.


R10: Dani gets the early jump, and once again has her way mid ring, crouching, fading back just a bit under Natalie’s hook, then stepping in with the whipping hook on Raitano’s jaw that’s been there all night long. Natalie can’t weather these flush connects, and once again begins to step back, standing straight up—Dani obliged to step in and tag that chin as Raitano falters to the ropes. Fishel working her girl along the ropes as Raitano proves a warrior, trading rather than clinching—but Fishel the busier. And more savvy, able to time Raitano, punch with her, and park those shattering hooks onto the brunette’s chin. Final minute, Natalie responding like a champ, bending side to side to cuff Dani with hard lefts and rights, Raitano holding her elbows in and generating power with her body movement has Fishel a little groggy at the bell. Too little, too late. Dani is proclaimed the winner by close decision as Natalie can’t believe the verdict.


After: Fishel did it with power the first time, does it with tenacity this time as she hands out a professional drubbing to Raitano. Natalie on offensive terror, but Fishel able to exploit some weakness in style, making Raitano back up, and taking advantage of Natalie’s defensive flaws to get the decision. Very complete fight fro Fishel as she managed to stay composed, and although she got hit plenty, she made Raitano miss at crucial times, often winning important exchanges or close rounds as a result.


Reposted by Archer 1/11/10.

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