24 September 2021 Elodie Di Patrizi vs Sasha Pieterse

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Elodie Di Patrizi 31yo 5'7 (7W-5L 7Ko's) vs Sasha Pieterse 25yo 5'6 (14W-16L 13Ko's)


Both boxers come from a losing streak, and they both show really nervous during the interviews, Elodie is the first to speak, I am sure I can beat Sasha, she is slower and more predictable, and I will punish her, aside. her Sasha is not impressed at all, this Italian b*tch is nothing special and I will destroy her without any problems.

The Fight Night
The first to enter the room is Elodie she wears a white bikini with gloves and white boots, then it is Sasha's turn she wears a red bikni with gloves and red boots, then the referee calls them to the center of the ring for the last instructions first of 10 rounds of Bantamweight action

The Match
Round 1
Elodie wastes no time and taking advantage of her greater reach, she begins to shower Sasha's face with jabs and two-handed hooks, who can barely defend herself, with Elodie inflicting numerous damage to the face of her opponent, who immediately begins to swell, in the second minute Elodie starts hitting Sasha's ribs and belly repeatedly as he tries to defend himself, but Elodie in compensation, hits his chin with numerous and powerful uppercuts, which leave Sasha demolished on the gong of the round.

Round 2
Elodie in the first minute is simply dominant, using her opponent's face as a training bag, hitting it with dozens of hooks to the cheeks, which are severely deformed, but from the second minute, Sasha finally starts reacting, repeatedly hitting from close range the Elodie's chin, which is slammed over and over, so in the third minute Elodie nails Sasha to the ropes, where she administers a hard dose of furious uppercuts to the belly and Juggs, only the bell ends the slaughter.

Round 3
Elodie after being beaten in the previous round, reacts by using Sasha's body like a human punchbag, with furious and violent uppercuts to the spleen and liver, which lift Sasha off the ground, who is impaled in her corner, where Elodie demolishes hook by hook. the face of the American, in the last seconds Elodie pulverizes the nose of her opponent, pulping it with dozens and dozens of hooks, which leave Sasha devastated on the bell of the round

Round 4
Sasha is shattered, and she barely gets to her feet, before being used as a target by the furious combinations of hooks and uppercuts, juggs face and stomach, which suck every inch of Sasha's face and body into pulp. , just when Sasha is now Ko on her feet, she manages to hit with a monster right uppercut to the chin Elodie, who collapses to the mat completely stunned, Elodie desperately manages to get up on 9, right on the bell of the round.

Round 5
Elodie hasn't recovered in the slightest, and it takes just 10 seconds, and a one-two to the jaw for Sasha to knock out the Italian, who bravely gets up, but Elodie is completely defenseless, so Sasha hits Elodie's chin with a ferocious combinations, right left right, which causes the referee to interrupt the match, decreeing the victory for Sasha Pieterse for TKO at 0: 32 in the fifth round.



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