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24 September 2021 Lorella Boccia vs Charlotte McKinney

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 24, 2021, 11:36 pm



Lorella Boccia 29yo 5'7 1/2 (3W-2L 3Ko's) vs Charlotte McKinney 28yo 5'7 1/2 (23W-13L 23Ko's) JMDD

Results: Lookout - Story: IBB


Lorella is really excited for this match, she is very confident, I am proud to be able to face a former champion, like Charlotte, I am sure that I will have the chance to win, for her part, Charlotte is very dismissive, I do not know who be this b*tch, but I'm sure I'll get rid of it in no time.

The Fight Night
The first to enter the ring is Lorella, she wears a plum colored bikini, and red gloves and boots her long dark hair is in a ponytail, then it's Charlotte's turn she wears a brindle bikini, with white gloves and boots, i his long blonde hair is in a ponytail, once in the ring the referee calls them to the center for the final instructions, before 10 rounds of Jmdd action.

The Fight
Round 1
At the gong, Lorella without fear immediately attacks Charlotte with her head down, unleashing powerful combinations to the body and ribs, which make Charlotte recoil, as well as moan in pain, so Lorella invigorated by the moans of her opponent insists by breaking into the big Juggs, with powerful and fast criss-cross hooks, which mercilessly deform Charlotte's Juggs, which ends wobbly on the ropes, where Lorella with ferocious uppercuts sweeps off her opponent's bikini, which desperately covers her boobs, allowing Lorella to run over her with furious hooks to the face until the end of the round.

Round 2
Charlotte appears furious more than in pain, so at the gong, she literally tackles Lorella, lifting her from the ground, and crushing the Italian with unprecedented violence against the corner, who screams in pain, but unfortunately for Lorella, Charlotte is a beast and begins a real massacre with ferocious hooks to the face swells Lorella like a balloon, then for two long minutes she inflicts an unspeakable punishment on her opponent's tits, which are savagely hit with dozens and dozens of blows, which squeeze, squeeze and milk them, however possible, only the bell saves Lorella.

Round 3
If the previous round was a massacre, this is carnage, Lorella practically can't stand, and it's all too easy for Charlotte to pulp her, first Lorella's face is reduced to a mask of blood, then it's her body to be smashed with punches, and finally her poor boobs suffer a real beating, her bikini is swept away, and Charlotte disentangles those tits with unimaginable malice, reducing Lorella to a human punchbag, still the bell comes to save her.

Round 4
Charlotte in this round slows down a bit, even if in the first minute she crushes Lorella's nose, which bleeds profusely, so in the second minute she resumes targeting her opponent's Juggs, but incredibly Lorella finds the strength to react, so in the last minute it passes with the two fighters who exchange ferocious combinations to their respective boobs.

Round 5
Lorella despite her face is almost unrecognizable, and her boobs are purple from the blows taken, in this rouna she goes to Charlotte's attack, as if there was no tomorrow, hitting over and over again the Juggs of her opponent, who appears dazed and unable to react, so for a minute and a half she suffers a hundred hooks at the Juggs before collapsing to the mat unable to move a muscle, the referee begins the count, which well taken reaches 10, so the referee interrupts the match by decreeing the victory by KO at minute 1:43 of the fifth round for Lorella Boccia.



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