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24 September 2021 Taylor Swift vs Adrianne Palicki

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 24, 2021, 11:29 pm



Taylor Swift vs. Adrianne Palicki

Taylor Swift: 31 years old, 5’11”, 62-29 since 2009, Fates Boxing

Adrianne Palicki: 38 years old, 5’11”, 43-37-1 since 2008, Sceej Boxing

Results: Lookout

Words: Fates



Tonight’s lightweight action sees a rubber match between two top fighters in Taylor Swift from Fates and Sceej’s Adrianne Palicki. The Chin Checker took the first meeting between the two in 2018 while Swift evened the series up in 2020. Both girls fight similarly, standing at 5’11” with plenty of reach and plenty of knockout power. Their prior fights have gone eight and nine rounds, so fans may well get a long one tonight.

“Tonight I’m going to send Adrianne crashing down the rankings.” Taylor tells the press, “She’s been at the top for too long. Her time is over.”

“I may have fought more fights than fights I have left, but I’m not going to let Taylor Swift tell me my time is up,” Palicki responds, “I just held the lightweight title earlier this year for my third reign. I held the welterweight title earlier this year. So don’t tell me my time is up.”

“Prove it.” Taylor fires back before leaving the press conference.

The crowd is loud as they know that the next fight will be a top tier fight. Swift is the first fighter to make her way to the ring, the singer making sure to show off her long legs as she removes her robe to reveal a black sports bra and matching trunks and gloves. Palicki makes her entrance once Taylor has settled in, the Chin Checker removing her robe to reveal a green bikini with yellow gloves. The two girls go face to face and the referee has to pull them apart before they thud their gloves together. The bell rings and here comes ten rounds of lightweight action!

Round 1:

Both tall girls come out of their corners wary of her foe as they both know the other has plenty of reach and plenty of power. They trade feints before Palicki commits to a jab that squeezes past Swift’s guard and pops the pop princess in her face, catching the blonde by surprise. Adrianne follows up with left that Taylor barely blocks, but the Chin Checker goes body with the right after that, forcing Swift to clinch. The ref separates the two fighters and they continue the fight after the break. Taylor lands a right that clips Adrianne’s right ear and the blonde finds a body blow follow up. Swift looks for another strike but Palicki clocks her with a right that forces her backwards. Taylor protects her head and weathers the storm that Adrianne throws at her to the bell. Palicki takes the first round on points, wide.

Round 2:

Swift and Palicki emerge from their corners and the two tally fighters start the second by circling each other, again trading feints. Palicki again is the first girl to commit to a jab, but this time Swift is ready for her, countering with a left to the Chin-Checker’s face. Adrianne backs off and Taylor chases, the blonde thumping blows into the brunette’s body. Adrianne plants her feet and shoots out a left that Taylor barely blocks in time, but it shifts the momentum to the brunette. Palicki works on Swift’s body, driving a right into her ribs and a left across her chest. Taylor retreats and smashes a left into Adrianne’s ribs, drawing a slight groan from the top fighter. Palicki covers up as Swift works her over in the final seconds of the round before the bell. Taylor evens up the fight after the second round.

Round 3:

Swift quickly out of the Fates corner to start the round, and the singer starts with body blows to Palicki. Adrianne backpedals around the ring and Taylor chases after her, shooting out a right at the actress’ head. Palicki ducks the blow and slams a right into Swift’s mouth, busting the singer’s upper lip open. Taylor gets her guard up to block the follow up as a trickle of blood drips from her open lip, but Adrianne has already shifted her focus to Tay’s body, drawing groans out of the blonde as she pounds the singer’s body. Swift clinches to get a break, but Palicki goes right back after her after the break. Adrianne slips a right through that clips Taylor’s ear, and the singer responds with a left to Adrianne’s chin. The bell rings before Swift can make any follow ups, and Palicki takes the round as she dominated the middle minutes.

Round 4:

The two tall beauties bound out of their corners with plenty of energy and they start circling each other at a brisk pace, with Adrianne landing a left to Taylor’s face. Swift drops back and plants her feet as Palicki steps forward. Adrianne pounds a right into Taylor’s ribs, but the blonde answers with a crisp one-two punch combo to her foe’s head. Now Adrianne is the girl retreating as Taylor makes good contact with the actress’ body, slowly working her backwards. Palicki is quick on the clinch to stop Swift’s advance, and the referee gives the break. Swift looks to quickly get back in control of the round, but Palicki stops her with a right and the two girls go back to circling. Taylor catches Adrianne out with a left, but her right follow up misses the brunette as she bobs right and comes back with a left. The round comes to an end with both girls going to their corners, as Swift takes the fourth.

Round 5:

Both top lightweights still have plenty of momentum heading into the halfway point in the match as they charge out of their corners and instantly start trading jabs. Adrianne gets the upper hand with a left hook that stuns Taylor and on comes the Chin-Checker! Palicki pounds two rights into Swift’s torso that draws a groan out of the blonde as she pounds the singer into the ropes. Taylor struggles to clinch as Adrianne absolutely hammers a left into her liver, but the younger fighter locks in the clinch to force a break. Adrianne keeps up the pressure once the action continues, working on Taylor’s body as Taylor struggles to find her footing to land a response until she gets a lucky punch to Adrianne’s jaw. Palicki retreats before Swift can take advantage of the blow. The bell rings and it’s Palicki’s round on points, wide.

Round 6:

The Chin Checker charges out of her corner to start the second half of the fight and instantly clobbers the pop music queen with a right, nearly one-punching the singer as her legs buckle! Swift barely is able to get her gloves in front of her face as Palicki slams a left into her guard. Taylor counterpunches with a weak right as she is still trying to get her footing solid and on comes Adrianne! The ref watching carefully as Palicki drives Swift into the ropes and unloads on the younger girl, but Taylor keeps herself up and connects with a desperation right into Adrianne’s chin. Palicki is stunned but it’s all Swift can do to clinch and get a break, the blonde’s body reddened from the blows and her chest heaving with deep breaths. Swift keeps her distance from Palicki as the brunette continues to chase after her to the bell, and the sixth goes to Adrianne on points by shutout.

Round 7:

Swift gets a talking to between rounds as she’s told to either pick it up or be knocked out while Palick is told to just keep it up. The two start by circling around each other as Taylor doesn’t want to let Adrianne body her and it works for the first minute as the two girls only trade blows from a distance. Palicki then feints right and goes left, but Swift reads the older girl’s move and pops two straights into the Chin Checker’s mouth and suddenly Swift is back in control. Taylor now the one driving lefts and rights into her foe’s body and the blonde works Adrianne back around the ring until the brunette plants her feet. Palicki finds a big right into Swift’s chest and draws a loud groan out of the blonde before the round ends. Swift takes the round, but she’s a bit slow getting to her corner, leading the crowd to wonder if Palicki has finally dealt enough damage to wear her down.

Round 8:

Palicki clearly has more energy leaving her corner as Swift is sluggish leaving hers, and Palicki seizes the opportunity to dance around Swift and hammer her body, landing two big rights into her chest. Taylor responds with a left that clips Adrianne’s jaw, but the Chin Checker stays up and absolutely drill’s Taylor’s mouth with a right, knocking the singer backwards. It’s all Palicki as she works Swift back. Taylor feels her back on the ropes and plants her feet before swinging at Adrianne, hitting a left into her body but missing the right and Adrianne responds with a right-left combo to Taylor’s chin and down goes Swift! Palicki gets the first knockdown of the fight and retreats to her corner while the ref counts. Swift grabs on to the ropes at four and gets herself up by the count of eight, her upper lip once again dripping blood. The ref checks in and satisfied that she can continue, waves in Palicki. Adrianne moves in and looks for the KO, but Taylor’s guard blocks the blows and she’s able to counterpunch, staying alive in the fight. The bell rings and the two go back to their corners, with the fight firmly in Palicki’s control.

Round 9:

Adrianne has a fierce look in her eyes as she looks to put away Taylor in the ninth. The brunette aggressively chases after the blonde, throwing rights and lefts at her head as she looks to wear down the blonde’s defenses. Palicki changes her tactics and lands a right to Swift’s midriff. Taylor drops back and plants her feet as Adrianne launches a right – but nobody’s home as Swift gets out of the way at the last second and she blasts Palicki with a right and Palicki’s staggered! Even then she has enough of her senses to get her gloves up as Taylor comes after her. Adrianne’s guard stays strong but Taylor shifts her focus to the brunette’s body and bends the actress over with a right to her solar plexus! Swift expertly snaps Palicki back up with an uppercut for a brief moment as Palicki’s legs give out and she’s down on the canvas! Swift breathing heavily as she heads to her corner, finding some last reserves on energy for her surge. Adrianne moves her limbs around on the canvas, but she can’t push herself up in time to beat the count! Your winner by KO9, Taylor Swift!


Taylor heaves a sigh of relief as Adrianne gave her all that she could handle tonight and the usually loud blonde takes a full minute before mounting the ringpost. Adrianne is helped up as the Sceej staff tries to get their fighter out of the ring before Taylor notices, but the blonde dismounts the ringpost much more quickly than usual and goes over to Adrianne.

Palicki defiantly picks her head up and stares Swift in her eyes – and Taylor gives a brief hug to Adrianne! The crowd is stunned as the blonde is famous for her post match antics, but somehow decided to grant Adrianne mercy. Swift lets go and Palicki is quickly ushered out of the ring with assistance from the Sceej trainers after giving it everything she had – and giving the younger Swift a run for her money in the process.

“The top level is all about winning tough fights,” Swift tells the press, “Palicki had a great match. There’s a reason she’s won the titles several times. Even I have to give her credit for that.”

Adrianne still has a exhausted expression plastered on her face when she talks to the press, and sums up the fight in few words, “I thought I fought well. She just fought better.”



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